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Re: [holistichelping] Viva Obama!

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  • Benoit Couture
    I posted the following blog at: http://benoit17.tigblog.org/post/518241   and it reads:   Our Father Who art in heaven, please allow the following exortatin
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 5, 2008
      I posted the following blog at:
      and it reads:
      Our Father Who art in heaven, please allow the following exortatin to reach the new President and his team at the White House:

      Mr. Obama, you now stand on the threshold of the crossroad, where in the one direction, you will go on helping America and the market economy to fuel the fire of mortal appetites of the great prostitute, or, in the other direction, you can guide us to stand before God until He ignites us into His Presence by His Word and brings you to experience the New Covenant’s completion, namely, The Perpetual Celebration of Easter upon The Land of Emmanuel!
      There, His Spirit enables His children to know Him, His will and His instructions for any questions we might have. By such stand of His people, Yahweigh,His Son and Their Spirit gets to demonstrate His victory lane!
      US people and the entire world population need to follow the lead driven by the powerful Spirit of love and of wisdom, to show us how to overcome evil from the inner justice He gives, with the peace He grows from within and amongst each one and by His joy to strengthen us in our journey.
      The alpha and omega of decision making reside there.
      No human can love his enemy, bless those who curse them, to do good to those who hate them nor to pray for those who mistreat and persecute them, except for the individuals who live by the seed of eternal life that Jesus-Christ is all about, and for that, the Lord of Life of Justice and of Peace does not need our weapons, but rather, our obedience.
      The image you are projecting to the world from the start of your Presidency, Mr. Obama, is one great opportunity granted like never before by the Creator to you and to the entire Christianity on Earth, that we do bow to the Spirit of all prophecies…the testimony of Jesus-Christ amongst His creation!!!
      May God give the man you are, to grow into the janitor He and we need, to clean up the vision of the US Presidency, in view of
      the global freedom of individual liberty…amen to God's Yes in us all...

      ...may all blessings be with us all...
      Benoit Couture
      Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      --- On Wed, 11/5/08, Kennedy Owino <nafsiafricaacro@...> wrote:
      From: Kennedy Owino <nafsiafricaacro@...>
      Subject: [holistichelping] Viva Obama!
      To: "nafsi Afrika acrobats" <nafsiafrikasaana@yahoogroups.com>, "holistic helping" <holistichelping@yahoogroups.com>, mendenyo@yahoogroups.com, "learning from each other" <learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2008, 12:45 AM

      The words "YES WE CAN" have at long last come to disapprove the pessimists that anything is possible and anyone can.
      Creed, Colour, Race, Tribe, Physical Challenges, Gender, intelligence e.t.c are not the only recipes to achieving our ambitions or challenges against taking initiative or playing a role in Active Global Change. 
      Let us borrow a leaf from the heroic deeds of Obama who has come from so far displaying humility in humilation through out his life journey and campaign to finally clinch the highest seat in the World.
      Positive Global change is inevitable, Viva Obama!!
      Ken Owino
      Nafsi Africa Acrobats

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