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Re: [mendenyo] Appreciation

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  • Benoit Couture
    Hi Samwel,   You wrote: I need to do my last research on the middle age thinking! I am in the double thinking age (young and old).What do you think
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 16, 2008
      Hi Samwel,
      You wrote:
      " I need to do my last research on the middle age thinking! I am in the double thinking age (young and old).What do you think about the young and and old likewise? Before i retire from community work in the next two years or so, i have to see a clear vision and mission. When does one becomes wise and when does knowledge set you forthright?"
      A couple years ago, I took a chance and joined Taking It Global.  It is an educational site, dedicated to the youth, which is limited to 30 years old.
      I was 48 when I joined and I soon started a group along with a project called:
      "The Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth".
      Part of the project reads:
      "Opportunities for Youth:
      To take part in the connectivity of the trans-generational youth of all ages."
      I am sharing this with you to let you know how much I agree with your approach, research and thoughts, while at the same time, we must learn to temper our need for technology and communication so as to serve the needs of health, food and survival.
      Youth, wisdom and maturity do not need to be seperate from one another.  One reason for youth and wisdom to be increasingly apart from each other, comes from the great degenerational divide we are causing under the guise of progress, science and evolution. 
      Hurry and worry steals adult attention and mood from the caring focus that feeds maturity and wisdom into the connectivity between all ages.
      As a small but significant scale proof of the possibility for such connectivity, The Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth has connected me with Fred Kaiwa and Helen Mahoo. 
      I also view all families who go on living in harmony from grand parents to grand children, to be the building block of  the organic eco-system for The Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth to be heard and to blossom across the earth.
      ...may all blessings be with us all...

      --- On Thu, 10/16/08, Samwel Kongere <jambita1@...> wrote:
      From: Samwel Kongere <jambita1@...>
      Subject: [mendenyo] Appreciation
      To: learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com, "holistic" <holistichelping@yahoogroups.com>, "Mendenyo Men-denyo" <mendenyo@yahoogroups.com>, "Social Agriculture" <socialagriculture@yahoogroups.com>, "Global Villages" <globalvillages@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008, 2:00 AM

      I salute You Ken,
       Big brains 'fear tinny issues' and having ourselves in escalating thoughts is not the essence of cohesiveness in a society. I have always, said and need to repeat it here again, 'think loud but not to the extreme'. When you are having a torn cloth; without a tailor and tailoring machine you can not mend or repair it; Someone; once said "better see something once than hear about it hundred times". To others and me is not change.
      Kenya as a society need a process of reconciliation which cannot take (a day, Week, and months) but years. I am not surprised to see the world as it is today but signs of change are deeds not utterances. I was chatting with some friend who told me that "the South needs the North as the West needs the East to come to re-unification" . you can't make it alone because History will definitely repeat itself somewhere and you will need the support of another person. Even Climate, Worship, Trade and everything in entirety need the right and the Left.
      Technology and communications need to be supplemented by health, food and survival. If the old cannot join the young in developing their focus, then think otherwise. I appreciate all that is said and done. I am trying to study now; what the old want from the young, and this is to any of us! what i can do for you?.
      As i am not very wise enough i need your vision to combine it to the technology mind we have been discussing for several years in Mendenyo. You need your protection and needs to keep you going; yes, but the question is, what does tomorrow hold for you?. I need to do my last research on the middle age thinking! I am in the double thinking age (young and old).What do you think about the young and and old likewise? Before i retire from community work in the next two years or so, i have to see a clear vision and mission. When does one becomes wise and when does knowledge set you forthright?. If you are always Kitty and gritty in your appeals and endeavors then you are selfish and self centered.
      Please extend your able hands to the leaders of tomorrow; for when you grow old you'll have friends and a home. I thank all the most inspiring independent thinkers, who have made the Lab what it is today and what we hope to achieve from it.Most able hands across the five continents of the world has shown a change in my 13 years as community worker. There is one thought which came to my mind, what are you leaving behind when you die? Is it Nobel, history or empowerment.
      Don't just sit there, do something! people need your able mind and hand.
      Stay blessed,
      Kennedy Owino <nafsiafricaacro@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Dear all,
      Allow me to apologise first for my long absence from active participation here.
      I have been surronunded by so much to achieve since i arrived back home from Europe.
      I wish to appreciate all the support we received from the forum.
      I especially thank Maria Agnese Giraudo for having hosted all of us in her house during the moments we were in Rome.
      Also for organising and coordinating performances and meeting forums where we presented our work, ideas experiences and intended Projects.
      I appreciate also the great hospitality and warm accomodation that we were accorded by the Kenyan Community in Lecce and Milan courtesy of Chris Ouma.
      The overal purpose of our tour was met and our knowledge expanded after the sharing interactions, experiences and learning (most of which Sam had reported in a previous posting).
      We have been able to expand our networks in Italy and Denmark and hope that our focuss and goals for next years activities (which Chris will share out at some point later) will be maintained.
      At the moment i am busy preparing to add my participation in one of the greatest races in the world.
      I will be running for the "seeing is believing" marathon which has been organised by the Standard chartered Bank in Nairobi slated for 26th October 2008.
      I will take part in the 42 km category for the cause of the Blind in Kenya.
      For any interested Kenyans, registration is still open in all standered Chartered branches and selected shopping malls dotted around Nairobi.
      Lastly, to my dear Brothers, we are proud of the healthy discussions we receive from the forum.
      I learn alot  from the contributions and brainstorming done here.
      However, i am utterly dismayed by the magnitude of argument emanating between some independent thinkers on what Pyramid of Peace did and did not accomplish.
      We may be divided in thoughts and perceptions, but our arguments should not escalate to bitterness and be used as a platform of trading a barrage of negative critisms.
      Making war by discussing Peace in this Peaceful forum, display and comparisons of our personal and economic status, wisdom and age is not in good taste for the base in which the forum is built.
      We look upon each other as role models and we aid each other grow intellectually, socially,economical ly, morally, spiritually which gravitates to our wider communities- nobody is more equal.
      Peace is not a one time thing but a process and the only way to resolve the social challenges that the sad Kenyan ethnic cleansings left, is by advanving, supporting, and emulating Great people like Rachel Wambui, Dennis Kimambo and Lawrence Achami.
      They have not stopped at volunteering and working diligently to see that good neighbourliness is restored and the woes of the IDPs in Kenya addressed.
      I laud the efforts of the Peace Caravans organised by Voluntary Youth Pilanthropists which actually continues even after the Peace deal was reached. 
      My brothers, let us forget our differences and concentrate on rubbing minds, and fighting against the threats to a peaceful co-existance.
      Positive Light,
      Ken Owino,
      Nafsi Africa Acrobats

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