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Welcome from Participatory Design Conference!

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Vincent Omokafe Obasanmi: I like to be attarched to mintru soda as a member . Am a Nigerian and am ready for your ideas on how i can use my profession to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2008
      Vincent Omokafe Obasanmi: I like to be attarched to mintru soda as a
      member . Am a Nigerian and am ready for your ideas on how i can use my
      profession to contribute towords your program

      Vincent, greetings! I found your note at our wiki http://www.worknets.org
      and have signed you up for Pamela McLean's working group Learning From
      Each Other http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/ I'm
      excited that you are using wiki, emails, chat, digital photos and other
      means during Pamela's visit to Nigeria. I have included below your
      Thursday chat from our chat room archive http://www.worknets.org/archive/
      Thank you to Sasha Mrkailo of Serbia for participating!

      I also welcome many new people from the Participatory Design Conference
      http://www.pdc2008.org in Bloomington, Indiana. I have signed you up to
      one of our laboratory's working groups which include
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/globalvillages/ Global Villages led by
      Franz Nahrada of Austria
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/onereachinganother/ One Reaching Another led
      by Fred Kayiwa of Uganda
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learnhowtolearn/ Learn How To Learn led by
      Kiyavilo Msekwa of Tanzania
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mendenyo/ Mendenyo led by Samwel Kongere of
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/socialagriculture/ Social Agriculture led by
      Steve Bosserman of Ohio

      I have been quite encouraged by people I have met, but in particular, by
      Lars Albinsson of Sweden http://www.maestro.se/LARS_01.html who was
      recently in Lithuania. In the US, corporations keep separate their
      strategic research and their corporate social responsibility, which makes
      it difficult for our lab to participate, as we are "for profit" and "for
      good". Whereas in Scandinavia there might not be such a barrier.
      Companies like Ericsson and Nokia might be very interested to develop and
      sell small solar panels for recharging mobile phones
      http://biodesign.webeden.co.uk/ develop and sell Includers
      http://www.includer.org and hire us for a variety of projects, small and

      I have a new blog post about our Includer for the PBS website:
      I appreciate our comments there and at our groups. Pamela, I have found a
      picture of you and a cow in Nigeria! Please check for me that it is in the
      Public Domain - I will gladly credit the author - but otherwise I will
      take it down. I would use more pictures if they are in the Public Domain.
      Thank you to Wendi Losha Bernadette of Actwid Kongadzem! (And I have sent
      you 9 flash drives, new and used, with a declared value of 70 USD.)

      I invite us all to write and introduce ourselves!

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +1 312 618 3345


      Sasha: Hi all :: I am just cheking in to see if everything works here ::
      bye! :: thanks Andrius for repairing the web interface for yahoo email

      PamWithDadamacLearnersAtFantsuam: I am waiting to see if anyone joins me
      here :: I am using my laptop - the same on I use in Uk :: test

      Sasha: HI Pam and all! :: hi Pam

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: hi I am back :: and Hi victor

      Victor: Hi everyone

      Sasha: hi :: This is Sasha from Serbia :: exciting to hear you are in
      Nigeria Pam

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: sasha - it is great to chat with you again.
      i am sorry my connection is rather slow

      Sasha: understand :: Its a miracle that people there have also internet

      Victor: this is Victor from Nigeria - Pam's learning group (DadaMac Learners)

      Sasha: hi Victor, you have a nice name :: what are you learning about?

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: sasha how are you - it si a long time since
      we chatted

      Sasha: yep, today I read a email from you so wanted to drop in and hear
      more about you and things you are working on

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: we are learning to learn from each other -
      not just from teachers

      Sasha: great, I prefer that way :: I found out that its ver important to
      ask right question :: in the proces of learning :: somebody said: "if you
      can ask good question, you already know 95% of the answer"

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: we are learning to learn from our friends at
      Fanstuam and our new friends on the Internet

      Sasha: I always thought of umtost importance to ask questions that are not
      easily visible

      Victor: we are learning a whole lot; using the digital camera, snapping
      pics, creating blogs, interestingly we do a lot of "learning by doing"

      Sasha: those that are hidden

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: Ah sasha I agree with you - the best way to
      learn is to ask good questions

      Sasha: yeah it works especially god with comuter knowledge

      Victor: sure sasha ur idea about asking the right question follows

      Sasha: yes, it sounds simplistic but I found out that sometimes I make
      mistakes by just not asking (myself) the right quetions

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: yes - and you are good at answering
      questions too sasha :-)

      Sasha: thanks Pam :: not really otherwise I would be better in problem
      solving :: am still a beginner

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: welsome Simon

      SimonDadamacLearrners: Simon Hi everyone

      Sasha: hi Simon, another nice name :: biblical if I am not wrong

      SimonDadamacLearrners: Simon Yes it is very Biblical

      Sasha: it means; To listen attentively; give heed. :: very nice indeed

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: /room English

      Sasha: Pam, did I understod that the chat is on WWP ?

      Fola: hi every body

      SimonDadamacLearrners: Simon Thank u I will remembering it

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: perry iand mercy are saying hi.

      Sasha: hi Fola

      Fola: iam fine

      Sasha: hi to perry and mercy

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: mercy hi sasha nice name

      Sasha: are you Folabi with the internet phone?

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: is pam out of the chat room ?

      Fola: yes

      Sasha: thanks, but your is more nice :) :: tell me do you use it for
      internet surfing?

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: sasha teh chat today is to welcome the new
      dadamac learners to the chat room and share our learning strories

      Sasha: ok, thanks

      Fola: i use my phone for browsing

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: I am sharing this laptop with Mercy Giwa and

      Sasha: fola what are your interests on internet? :: I use the net to learn

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: hi pam would youb please chat with us?

      Sasha: for example I learned about beekeeping and stove building

      Doris: /room English

      Sasha: are you all in the same place?

      Fola: i have interest in sharing ideas and knowledge

      Sasha: I learned english by using internet

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: sasha chatting with you for the first
      time is a plee

      Sasha: what kind of knowledge, Fola?

      Fola: i really wish to use the internet to let others knows what africa is

      Sasha: thanks perry and mercy! :: in what ways, do you have a blog? ::
      thats a good way to share experiences and ideas

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: sasha just trying to open a computer
      nursery/primary school

      Fola: i have a blog where i have the pictures of my school

      SimonDadamacLearrners: Sasha i wonder what your name means

      Sasha: ha nothing realy, its Russian form of Alexander :: Fola, URL?

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: It so much pleasure to teach children

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: i will like to learn something from you,do
      you have knowledge on geograph? mercy giwa

      Sasha: that si your main interest? :: what software do you use? I prefer
      open source, Linux

      Fola: firefox

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: sasha the children are eager to meet
      you on line so I hope to get the school into the internet

      Sasha: what kind of knowledge on geography? :: :) :: are you now with

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: fola i am finding this experience

      Sasha: fola, firefox is a browser, a good one, I use it now too but the
      next step is to use the whole operative system in a open source way

      Doosuur: hi everybody

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: simon how are you findinding the

      Fola: http://teachingintherurals.blogspot.com

      SimonDadamacLearrners: Doris lost her connection

      Sasha: instead of microsoft which is a for profit corporate product, I use
      linux which is a community made operative system

      PamAndDadamaPeopleAtFantsuam: not really but i teach geography,my main
      interest is to learn how to use the internet

      Fola: that is the blog

      Sasha: thanks Fola

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: Doris this is interesting

      Sasha: when I was a kid geography was my main interest

      Doosuur: that is doris other name

      Fola: it is a pleasure

      SimonDadamacLearrners: hi dooduur - are you Doris or somebody else?

      Doosuur: all of the above

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: victor how are you doing over there?

      Fola: you share same idea with Pam

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: sasha there is a thunderstorm comming
      and we migth loose our connection

      Doosuur: hi perry how is the group going

      Sasha: I understand :: Fola I se you are working in very hard conditions

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: doosuur the group is fantastic thanks.

      Fola: yeah

      SimonDadamacLearrners: perry i am ok and having a good time thank u

      Doosuur: hi victor how u finding the experience

      Fola: i really wish someday i would upload my video in the blog for you to

      Sasha: do you find it is a hard job? Do you see a future there for yourself?

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: sasha cant hear from you any problem?

      Victor: doris I'm good

      Sasha: yep I am here, listening to you people

      Fola: it is not a hard job

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: sasha you are welcome back.

      Fola: i i know their is a future

      Sasha: thanks

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: pleease be informed that is lunch time

      Fola: in the job for me

      Victor: doris I'm finding it hard to keep up the pace of the chat as I see
      a good number of people are involved :: doris I think the best thing to do
      is pick up a discussion with one person at a time

      SimonDadamacLearrners: It is lunch time Sasha

      Doosuur: hi simon how u finding the group

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: i mean junch time in Nigeria for
      dadamac learners

      Sasha: ok, have a nice lunch :: what do you eat for lunch today?

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: mercy is in charge of the lunch for
      dadamac learners

      Fola: the problem is getting my informations passed accross through the net

      SimonDadamacLearrners: It is fine but we have to go for lunch now

      Sasha: why Fola? :: hi Prosper

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: sasha wqe are taking pounded yam with
      vegetable soup

      ProsperMbwambo: Hi everyone

      Sasha: I see you are writing on the blog so everyone can read and learn
      about you and the village

      Fola: hi prosper

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: Hi prosper

      Fola: yes

      ProsperMbwambo: Hi Sasha

      Sasha: Mercy that sounds delicious, I never tasted jam :: yam that is

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: prosper how is kenya

      Sasha: Prosper is from tanzania I think

      ProsperMbwambo: Prosper,member of Uyoga in Dar es salam,Tanzania

      SimonDadamacLearrners: Hi everyone - this is not Simon here now it is Pam

      PerryAndMercyDadamacLearnersNigeria: prosper like to know more of you in
      the near future

      Fola: hi pam

      SimonDadamacLearrners: Hello Prosper :: I am so happy you can join us

      Sasha: fola are there beekeepers in your village?

      ProsperMbwambo: I i can share with you friends and exchange our
      understanding in different things

      Fola: nope

      SimonDadamacLearrners: How is everyone from Uyoga?

      ProsperMbwambo: They are fine

      Sasha: why?

      SimonDadamacLearrners: sasha - there is good honey in teh market at
      Ago-Are (I met Fola at Ago-Are)

      Fola: i did bee keeping in my higher studies but not deep aspect of it

      Sasha: any pecial reason, what kind of area and climate is there?

      SimonDadamacLearrners: sasha simon has gone for lunch - but this computer
      screen is not the usual layout

      Sasha: Simon, I am more interested in things people do to earn some money
      and improwe their life

      Doosuur: hi everyone this mercy Giwa

      SimonDadamacLearrners: there are not the usual choices on the LHS of ther

      Fola: that is great

      Sasha: Fola, interesting to hear, in old times here, mainly teachers and
      priests vere beekeepers

      SimonDadamacLearrners: it is not possible to change colours and it is not
      possible to click on "leave the room"

      Sasha: do you think beekeeping could be done in your village?

      Fola: yes for sure

      Sasha: Pam the problem is in settings I think

      Fola: but the enviroment is not safe

      ProsperMbwambo: Sorry for being late,but i hope to get even a summery of
      what have been discussed with you friends :: Just to catch up

      Sasha: you have to accept cookies or something like that, I think you can
      choose some option on the welcoe screen of the chat :: why fola?

      Fola: after putting a whole lot of energy in that some other people might
      come in and "steal" or harvest it behind you

      Sasha: Prosper we are just talking

      SimonDadamacLearrners: Prosper, we have been meeting sasha and
      experiencing chat

      Sasha: same here Fola, nowhere is totaly safe

      ProsperMbwambo: Sasha will you do that favour for me pls

      Fola: ok

      Sasha: but bes can be kept close, in backyard

      SimonDadamacLearrners: It has been sasha and people in the Dadamac
      learning group at Fantsuam

      Fola: really

      Sasha: Prosper cant do that, you need to do it yourself

      SimonDadamacLearrners: sasha - we hope to start a beekeeping project a

      Fola: do you have a blog showing your bee keeping skills?

      Sasha: thats interesting, Pam?

      SimonDadamacLearrners: but first we need to source the materails and we do
      not have funds for that yet

      Sasha: not yet but started a blog and will include beekeeping in it

      SimonDadamacLearrners: it si one of our future plans.

      Fola: URL

      Sasha: nothing there yet Fola :: not even a sentence, when I start I will
      write and send you

      SimonDadamacLearrners: we have started to discover what knowledge we have
      and how much it will cost and how much we could sell honey for.

      Fola: I have some lovely pictures to put on my blog soon

      Sasha: that is important "Simon"

      SimonDadamacLearrners: probably the honey would be sold in very small

      Fola: i would love to see that

      Sasha: most things you could make in DIY fashion :: cheep beehives, cheap
      equipment :: you can make a beehive from few planks

      Fola: DIY?

      LotPamAndMercy: Hi sasha i'm lot i live in nigeria and i will like to know
      more about your cultural activities and with time i will tell you
      mine,thanks have a nice day

      Sasha: its not so good as a industrially made beehive, but you can start
      with them and later buy better ones :: hi lot, thank you, you too!

      LotPamAndMercy: sasha - lot has gone for lunch so now i can chat to you here

      Sasha: ok

      LotPamAndMercy: DIY is Do It Youself

      Sasha: I am interested in free culture, DIY, cooperation between people
      and such :: yes

      Fola: do you have any idea of village set up

      Sasha: its very liberating I think :: what do you mean Fola?

      LotPamAndMercy: sasha perhaps next time fansuam people start to discuss
      beekeeping we could invite you to chat with us

      Fola: have you ever being to any village

      Sasha: i would be glad Pam :: my father lives in a village, and i spent my
      childhood there

      LotPamAndMercy: :-)

      Sasha: but probably a village in a africa looks differently

      Fola: how do you mean

      Sasha: I mean the architecture, houses , yards and so :: in my fahters
      village there are houses, everyone has a big yard with a garden, animal
      pens, usually few fruit trees and such :: lot of space to put beehives

      LotPamAndMercy: I am just showing Fola how to see you phots by clicking

      Sasha: ok

      Fola: sure you are right

      LotPamAndMercy: here in fantuam there are trees with fuits and nuts and
      also vegetables :: but they are not encoles in yards

      Fola: you sure can know how africa set up is when i upload those lovely
      pics in my blog

      LotPamAndMercy: there are some walls to enclose the compounds

      Fola: i have to go for my lunch as well

      Sasha: have a nice lunch fola :: greetings toyour village :)

      Fola: thanks

      Sasha: Pam does everybody there keep a garden and such? :: are people good

      LotPamAndMercy: My visitors hut is at the fish farm compound there are
      several houses and also trees with oranges, cashew nuts, mangos and other
      things :: people are farmers, not gardeners, but some of the farms are
      very small, more like a smallholding

      Sasha: are the people poor?And are there any posibilities to improve their
      life? Small business and such?

      LotPamAndMercy: Sasha I am being toldI shoud go and eat.

      Sasha: ok everybody went to lunch :)

      LotPamAndMercy: I will log off and look forward to seeing you next month
      in teh chat room, or sooner

      Sasha: must be that I am boring to talk to :) :: OK :: enjoy!

      LotPamAndMercy: Fantsuam foundation is here to help people improve theri
      lives :: they stayed a long time after the lunch was ready ;)

      Doosuur: hi prosper

      LotPamAndMercy: fantsuam foundation started as a micor crediti bank

      Sasha: I must admit lunch is more important :)

      Doosuur: are u still in the chat room

      Sasha: like Grameen :: yes but I must leave soon too

      LotPamAndMercy: Kazanka Comfort was taught by Mohammed Yunus in Bangledesh
      and then adapted the ideas for Nigeria - the culture here is very
      different :: sasha people are coming back and hope to cathc you again, but
      I know you have to go soon

      Sasha: yep, need to work a little bit too :)

      LotPamAndMercy: Thank you for joining us in the chat room today, and
      porsper thank you for joining us (Are you still here?)

      Sasha: anyway thank you all for the chat

      LotPamAndMercy: bfn sasha from Pam

      Sasha: many greetings to beautifull Africa and its nice and friendly
      people, bye!

      LotPamAndMercy: good bye
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