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Re: Yunusu Book and My lectures

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  • kayiwa fred
    Today i have given 2 books to my lectures to read through afterwords they will give them to me for others i have invited them to Join learning from each other
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 10, 2008
      Today i have given 2 books to my lectures to read through afterwords they will give them to me for others
      i have invited them to Join learning from each other
      to share what they have with others
      one is my Christian belief 1 lectural called Pr. Bwami
      another is the university regestra called Maddam Vick
      soon hope to seen them here thanks Chris

      --- On Tue, 9/9/08, Samwel Kongere <jambita1@...> wrote:
      From: Samwel Kongere <jambita1@...>
      Subject: [learningfromeachother] Re: [mendenyo] Proposal: African Innovation Farm
      To: mendenyo@yahoogroups.com, learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com, "Social Agriculture" <socialagriculture@yahoogroups.com>
      Cc: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 11:42 PM

      Thanks Andrius,

      I am grateful we are doing well and hope to do more further contacts, I will definitely do the proposal to international standards. I am happy this travel is an eye of exposure to me and the rest of our team. I have to work very hard while back in Kenya.

      I thank all in our groups for their enormous support and letters, i have been writing through my phone but hope to expound mostly on my Eco-tourism and agriculture to combine with the on already going on activities on ICT.


      Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:

      Hola Andrius: Just want you to know that your work and the Global
      Villages conversations are inspiring me on a daily basis. -- Pat

      Thank you, Patrick! and Welcome to John Wassenaar at our Social
      Agriculture working group! Thank you for the links to the Asus computer.

      Samwel Kongere in Italy asks for my (and our) ideas for a proposal:

      Dear Andrius,
      I have met the Kenyan Ambassador in Italy. And the discusion is
      impressive. I need you to send me any proposal based on my own background
      as an independent thinker, combining Ict, art culture,social
      networking,women training. Eco-tourism and Agriculture.
      I can add the budget and later this week send it to Embassy for posting in
      their website. I need your support and later define our gains, divide and
      I am writing through my phone.
      Have a good day.!

      ------------ ---

      Samwel, you wrote recently:

      I am a community ICT educator and deal with information sharing, transfer
      and advocacy. I thank MS LAB for previous support and connection. I am
      member of MS LAB my success from here, i can feed my children through
      selling raw cereals.

      Am planning to work with two women groups Kawala and Kawa on sustainable
      local tourism and agriculture, where they can be trained on responsible
      indigenious tourism.

      I need also to fence the farm next to the lake shore, where fishermen can
      aswell use as a landing bay, take visitors on lake ride, bird watching and
      other social activities. This will create local jobs to minimize local and
      international migrations.

      Andrew is a good artist and can use wood to curve artifacts. He is
      developing good skills. My expectation is to invest 12,000 USD Dollars to
      embark on this innovative, i have bought the land and need 2,000 USD
      Dollars to fence the land and buy a boat.

      My main focus is to make sure that women are fully committed at the farm
      growing kales, beans, potato, water melon, onions, cabbages etc. I need
      another laptop for using with a mobile modem which can be shared among the
      women and older men at the farm.

      I will then have a regional consortium every July to up date on
      Sustainable local tourism and agriculture. You further check my website
      www.friendsofrusing aisland.org

      Do you know i am using solar pannel for power at home? and when i go back
      home i will start working on the third access point Nyamuga primary
      school. Traveling has openned my understanding, given me exposure.

      I need to market Kenyan arts, culture,traditions, language, food and
      shelter etc, we can have a tourist agricultural camp at my farm in Rusinga
      Island. Ok Andrius have a good stay in chicago. From, Samwel Okech Kongere
      information coordinator- Suba Youth Resource center. Nyamuga primary school
      P.O. Box 191, Mbita 40305-Kenya

      ------------ ----

      Here are my ideas for your proposal:

      Samwel Kongere organized in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania the most vibrant
      regional network of Minciu Sodas http://www.ms. lt , a laboratory for
      serving and organizing independent thinkers around the world. The time has
      come for a headquarters, a rural base at Rusinga Island, to embolden
      African independent thinkers to develop "global villages".

      Samwel has purchased land for such a base which includes a farm, access to
      Lake Victoria, and has great potential for ecotourism, arts, social
      activities and fishing. He is a leader in providing ICT and Internet
      access and training, especially to women. We want to reach out to local
      fishermen and farmers, and work together with visitors from around the
      world to make an inviting and inspiring center.

      In particular, we want to encourage and showcase many small innovative
      projects that might evolve and be shared further. We want to present the
      innovators and document their projects on the Internet. We want to link
      with other rural innovators around the world, such as Marcin Jakubowski
      and the Factor E Farm in Missouri, USA http://openfarmtech .org/weblog/ and
      Zenonas Anusauskas in Eiciunai, Lithuania, European Union
      http://www.internet tv.lt and Anil Gupta's Honeybee Network based in India
      http://www.sristi. org/cms/

      We know this is a lifelong work. We ask for support for this next year so
      that we might rally around Samwel Kongere and his inspired leadership.

      Budget for One Year = 15,000 euros

      5,000 euros for the center, of which:
      2,500 euros is one year's salary and expenses for Samwel Kongere
      2,500 euros is for improvements on the farm and center (specify!)

      5,000 euros for organizers
      1,000 euros for software developer (like me)
      1,000 euros for local online leader (lives locally,speaks local
      1,000 euros for global online facilitator (like Sasha)
      1,000 euros for local agricultural investigator
      1,000 euros for other local investigator

      5,000 euros for innovators (25 projects at 200 euros)
      10 projects x 200 euros for local innovators (100 euros for expenses
      and 100 euros for their work)
      5 projects x 200 euros for ICT, software, hardware, social media
      innovative projects
      10 projects x 200 euros for technical consultations, media editing,
      promotion of results, grant writing, around the world

      In other words, roughly:
      5,000 euros would go to Samwel
      5,000 euros to local participants
      5,000 euros to global participants
      This would be very good for our worldwide network to support you further!

      This is just a sketch of what I think would be very useful for our lab.
      Samwel, thank you for your leadership.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt
      +1 312 618 3345

      http://www.surveymo nkey.com/ s.aspx?sm= 5VvLrzLaXHc0i_ 2bh5XdOTxA_ 3d_3d

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