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WWP and/or TT - next chat Thursday August 7th

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  • Pamela McLean
    Thursday, August 7th is our next regular First Thursday of the Month chat at 12.00 GMT, 13.00 BST, 15.00 EAT see
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2008
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      Thursday, August 7th is our next regular 'First Thursday of the Month' chat at 12.00 GMT, 13.00 BST, 15.00 EAT see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html for you local time.
      Depending who turns up we will discuss World Without Poverty (WWP) or Teachers Talking (TT ).  If you know you hope to attend please say beforehand if there is anything you would like us to be talking about.  The suggestions I am making are the only options, but I think it helps to have soem idea beforehand as it encourages a purposeful meeting.
      Possible agenda WWP - first personal and local, then general ideas from the book.
      1. Feedback from anyone who has books
      2. Feedback from anyone who has had discussions offline
      3. Feedback from anyone who has any ideas for positive action
      4. Reminder of chapter 11 encouragement for action on a small local scale
      5. Introducing the idea of a social business instead of a normal commercial business
      6. How social businesses could measure their success
      7. Investors in social business
      Possible agenda about TT would depend who plans to attend.  For instance if Dan arrives it might be good to include some TT discussions as well as WWP.  In fact WWP and TT are not completely separate.  Both could have a strong and useful connection to local information centres - but that is an idea to explore later.
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