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Re: [learningfromeachother] Re Includer & Kjt www.onehelpinganother.co

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  • Edward Cherlin
    ... We know the technology to solve this. What we need now is funding. ... You can ask these people. http://www.gdrc.org/icm/network/uganda-list.html Directory
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 19, 2008
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      On Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 1:56 PM, kayiwa fred <fdkayiwa@...> wrote:
      > Hi Ricardo and all,
      > I welcome your I dear of Include with Andrius
      > To me i think its nice.
      > However i still have challenge that the people i work with and the team i
      > work with cannot write here on forum at the moment due to lack of computer
      > knowledge.
      > This means that when am not around there will be no much reporting of what
      > we do but we are trying much hard to teach them.
      > And i believe if God wishes the problem of Internet problem will be solved
      > and we can see these kids have computers and use internet too together with
      > their teachers.

      We know the technology to solve this. What we need now is funding.

      > Most of the time now am spending much knowledge thinking for our young group
      > Kampala junior team www.onehelpinganother.com
      > because i feel that this is were i find joy. so start to think how the
      > Include can be benefiting these people am involved in.
      > thanks you Andrius and Edward Cherin for the great agreement you have made.
      > Andrius to on my way home from church i met Kabugo one of the director of
      > Kampala JUNIOR TEAM Wetalked about the side project which can bring some
      > income to feed these kids as he sleeps with 21 orphans in his home small
      > home in Mengo slums.
      > He identified water demand in this slum were people have got need and demand
      > for clean water and this water is TAP WATER
      > so he was telling me that they can get some loan and they allocate Taps in
      > different areas
      > so my minds came to the person you mentioned one time i cant locate his name
      > now who hard small loan to Africa then it would be nice to loan to this
      > people my work will be to monitor the payments of this loan.
      > Not sure if this makes sense but i think it makes.

      You can ask these people.

      Directory of Microfinance Institutions in Uganda

      For other areas, readers might look into installing playpumps for
      orphans or schoolchildren, and selling clean water.

      > Cant forget to thank you and Barbara for your good sharing you hard together
      > with Janet whom you meet tomorrow your Trip looks so important and fruitful
      > for the MS LAB.
      > Andrius and I have been discussing the way for ward for the Includer
      > project. For our latest plans for the Includer project and an opportunity to
      > comment on them, please see the message in learnhowtolearn Yahoo group
      > at...
      > http://tech. groups.yahoo. com/group/ learnhowtolearn/ message/259
      > Ricardo (England)

      Edward Cherlin
      End Poverty at a Profit by teaching children business
      "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."--Alan Kay
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