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Mathematics for Global Villagers

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  • ms@ms.lt
    I m sharing a letter I wrote to our Minciu Sodas working group Learn How To Learn. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learnhowtolearn/ Hi Ricardo, Jacob, Mihal, Ed,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2008
      I'm sharing a letter I wrote to our Minciu Sodas working group Learn How
      To Learn. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learnhowtolearn/

      Hi Ricardo, Jacob, Mihal, Ed, greetings from Vermont! Yesterday I spoke
      for two minutes with Stephen Wolfram about my proposal
      We agreed that a good next step would be for me to write a proposal for a
      smallest bit of work, which would be $2000, that is $1,000 for me as an
      Investigator Coach and $200 each for 5 Investigators, for one or two
      months of part-time work. And then if that was approved and went well it
      would make sense to write a proposal for $15,000, which is $5,000 for me
      as a Social Newtorker leading our work on a Challenge, and $10,000 for
      five teams.

      The next two weeks I encourage us to think through how mathematics might
      relate to our endeavors and our interests. I think that Stephen is most
      interested in work that might show the value of our global team. He is
      skeptical that such a team can do high quality work, yet he is very
      interested in the possibility. So we should offer a project which we know
      that we truly want to do and which we are interested to commit to in the
      future and be a reliable source of mathematical information such as
      numerical data, word problems, etc. The Includer project involves many
      such design decisions that we do have an interest to collect data for.
      And more generally, I think the project of "design for global villagers"
      which would include Marcin Jakubowski's work, Mark Roest's vision, Ben de
      Vries work, Peter Burgess's community impact accountancy, etc. would be
      good to flesh out, start work on, and suggest. I ask for our ideas.

      Ricardo, I will be traveling in Boston next week so its difficult for me
      to schedule a call but much easier simply to try to call you when I am
      online. The following week I should arrive in Chicago at David
      Ellison-Bey's house and then it will be straightforward to schedule a
      call. I think your ideas are great and we can set up our website
      http://www.includer.org to organize the information. I think it's great
      to have clearly defined, competing versions of the Includer idea and
      document the progress being made on each one. Data relevant to design
      including reports from the field on people's personal situations such as
      the cost of Internet access, the bandwidths, all the variables including
      personal income and expenses would be very relevant and a good
      mathematical project to propose to Stephen Wolfram.

      I hope next week to meet with Walter Bender of Sugar Labs (the novel
      interface for One Laptop Per Child) thanks to Edward Cherlin and discuss
      working together.

      Thank you to all who gave answers at our survey
      http://www.worknets.org/survey/ This was a very impressive part of my
      presentation to Stephen Wolfram and all at the NKS Summer School!

      Ricardo, I suggest that we design a survey of our participants in Africa,
      India etc. regarding their access to the Internet and the computers. And
      then based on that we consider the variants so that is driven more by our
      participants situations rather than the technology. And then find leaders
      for each situation and consider the technology that they might help us try


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +1 312 618 3345

      Hi Andrius

      Is it possible for us to have a phone call some time this week about the
      way forward for Includer development? I can call you. If so, when is a
      good day and time for you? The UK is 8 hours ahead of San Francisco at the

      My diary is free nearly all this week, except for a chat with William
      Wambura from Uyoga from 9 to 11 UK time on Monday.

      You may have seen a few recent postings I made in learnhowtolearn, saying
      I've been working on PDA-based Includers.

      I've also added these updates to Worknets. Could you look at them before
      we chat please? They are works in progress. I still need to add some info
      to them. :-

      PDA Inlcuder based on a Palm Z22 + Targus Infrared keyboard...


      USB SyncBox flash drive copier, useful for Sneakernets and local File


      I'd like to discuss which types of Includer to concenrate on,
      team-building and setting up some online working area or website.

      It could show the development-status of each design, with 'Reviews' in a
      consistant style, like a magazine review or user-feedback :-


      List of parts


      Good/Bad points


      What you can/can't do with it

      What sort of 'ecosystem' each design needs to work in

      Alternative products i.e. cost/benefit versus buying something else/a
      different Includer


      This acts like a check-list, so we do the same analysis for each potential
      design. We could fill in pages for Includer designs we have thought of so
      far. Then we stand back and see which designs we want to pursue first. We
      can chat about whether to work on a single design for a start or work on 2
      or 3 in parallel. Working on a single design at a time a) Keeps the labour
      and cost down, and b) Reduces confusion by only talking about one variant
      at a time. We can discuss whether there are any advantages to doing 2 or 3
      in parallel.

      The main thing to discuss is who does the work and how it's organised.

      Let me know a good day and time for you please.

      Bye for now.

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