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Mbita Meeting Conclusions

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  • Samwel Kongere
    Greetings, Since the start of May 23 rd I have been traveling and meeting different people at different African states. I was in Ghana , Tanzania and Kenya .
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2008
      Since the start of May 23 rd I have been traveling and meeting different people at different African states. I was in Ghana , Tanzania and Kenya . I hope to visit Europe in August to compare our Socio-economic potentiality.
      On 1st July, I had a crucial meeting at SUBA YOUTH RESOURCE CENTER at Mbita-Kenya to iron out some issues affecting our own mode of communication, information and growth in this region. This meeting was planned by me. Some of our members promised to come but nevertheless, others did not turn up. I wanted to marry traditions and culture in terms of ICT4D. Those who attended had the broader surface of my direction of thought.
      I am going to give details here today for the specific talents I found out at the meeting. I now know those people who are for our own development. Others are for online discussions and individual benefits, others are those who does not care where we are going, others are sailing their own boats for individual gains.  
      We have a focused mind now for all who attended;
      1. Ken Chelimo and Dan Otedo (Administrator) will be responsible for our digital literacy approaches, whereby they will address issues for ICT development in combination with entrepreneurship development among the children, youth and women in district, nationally and globally.
      2. Lillian Okech, Esther Akech, will address issues concerning entrepreneurship development to ignorant housewives with handwork talents to improve their standard of living through tailoring, basket making and hawking. Connecting other groups and organizations and reporting the administrator and information coordinator.
      3. Azenath Mituh and Caroline Atieno will see how the above women can include ICT locally; in their everyday life, they are both benefited/graduated from the ICT digital literacy training we are doing at our Center in Mbita to extend this to the Access points in Rusinga Island . To help other people access information, share and develop from it. Will combine with George Otieno Owino at the small shop for front counter computer tasks to earn some subsidy, this will help us get some income or token to the hard working Volunteers.
      4. Caroline Omollo, Tom Ochuka and Linet Uhuru will be concerned with Primary health care Issues/public health matters affecting the regional communities. All of them are extensive social health workers with local experience from to door to door interviews. They are not employed but volunteers through our Center. They are both Malaria Surveillance Team members in Rusinga Island and did several child survival surveys with Rusinga Island Child and family programme, Nagasaki University Public health Assessments going on in Suba District-Kenya.
      5. Daniel Otieno Nyamuthe and Bob Pundo will be trained on how to use the Community Radio Local announcements and news castings. Do youth Talent search and orientation.
      6. Nelson Obwanga Okoth, Steve Wera Ouma and John Calvin will need assistance to attend Electrical/Electronics at Kenya Technical Teachers Training College in Nairobi , whereby they will do computer repairs, refurbishing after the training. The first two are from school and are interested youths in Electrical/Electronics; they have good passes from ordinary level exams. They should be professionals in this field.
      7. Abisalom Odhiambo Odira is a fisherman with much interest in connecting fishing with ICT; he has started taking lessons at the Center to incorporate the two. He had lived in Nairobi and has diverse exposure in communication. He will connect us with other fishermen, farmers and hawkers etc.
      8. Samuel Muga is the trainer at the center; and takes multimedia as his favorite field. He will need more in service courses to up grade his skills, Dan Otedo, Ken Chelimo and David Mutua (Networking) will help him with in this field.
      9. Dan Otedo (Administrator), Samwel Kongere (Information Coordinator/Networking) and Beatrice Ayalo (Administrative Assistant) will for the time being; manage funds as we prepare our organogram and expansion of activities.
      NOTE: We are still looking for other volunteers to take these positions of Youth and gender Issues, Security and librarian to handle the children who come to the center to study and read.
      Feel welcome to assist this Centre!!!
      Samwel Kongere,
      Information Coordinator/Networking

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