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Information Technology and Imagination

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  • Samwel Kongere
    Kind of you Colleagues, “Information is power” A world without poverty begins with Imagination, information technology can help to integrate the poor in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2008
      Kind of you Colleagues,
      “Information is power” A world without poverty begins with Imagination, information technology can help to integrate the poor in the process of globalization by expanding their markets through e-commerce, e-learning etc. Traditionally our people who are poor are victimized by middlemen, such as the fishing Industry who have controlled the markets, dictated business terms from the Lake shore to the processing plants; what a pity? And siphoned off the would be profits.
      Information technology can largely eliminate middlemen who always fail to add unique value, allowing the work directly with poor consumers in the developed world, creating job opportunities through electronically outsourcing.
      Information technology can create self employment among the poor liberating them from reliance on corporate employers or government make up progammes, unleashing their creativity, energy, and productivity. Let me take a fellow villager armed with a cell phone in Rusinga island with GPRS internet connection can serve tailors, farmers, fishermen, hawkers,  and give them first hand information of local economic fluctuations and prevailing market Conditions.
      Information technology can bring education, knowledge and skill training to the poor in a very friendly way. One huge barrier to economic advancement for developing isolated communities has been sheer difficulty, cost, and inconvenience of bringing teachers, consultants and other suppliers in to remote villages that that are separated by inadequate roads from capital cities. i.e I cannot register a children's clud innitaitive in Mbita because the DSDO imagines, it is a non governmental organization, which must be registerd in Nairobi, What a pity? going all the way to Nairobi, while i need to register a community based organization!!!! clearly read, read the signs of your  generation.
      Internet eliminates such barriers making possible, for example a fisherman from the remotest part of Lake Victoria to know the exact Hotel price for Fish in Kisumu or Nairobi , before sales in the morning. The best aspect of Information technology it cannot be controlled by a single owner or authority. It is an empowering tool that enhances options and brings the entire world’s knowledge to everyone’s door step. When Information technology enters a poor economy, it creates wider choices and new relationships replacing the traditional un-directional between the rich and the poor with a set of dimensional and global relationships in which the poor have equal footing.
      “Surely, A better world starts with Imagination”

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