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Community Impact Accountancy for our network? Samwel

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  • Samwel Kongere
    Hello to all, I had met all of you at one point physically and I know your works, don t we take another step backwards and mind our words. I told Sabrina and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 9, 2008
      Hello to all,
       I had met all of you at one point physically and I know your works, don't we take another step backwards and mind our words. I told Sabrina and Jacob to come to me for other reasons; they are working alone while claiming to know me. I talked with Jacob when I was in my house very sick and he never came back to me. Sarah came and Jacton Arija introduced us. I lost her contacts when a scammer invaded my former email which is well known to our forum. I do know Charles Aboge and We had one night at his house with Maria in 2006 August. We are living in a world where you cannot run away with accountability.
      Please! I ask you people to mind your dealings and be responsible for own community undertakings. It is good I am geting Sarah Elrich here again; we are still waiting to see her come back as she said before with her team From Help for Orphans international. I have all the information’s, I cannot be responsible to people who are bringing meaningless, responsibilities to community development by virtue of knowing Samwel Kongere. Be yourself and be clear as I always tell you. I am a preacher and cannot adhere to careless behaviors online to injure my community which I want to see developed.
      I told Sabrina in an email to come and plan with me. There are some questions I cannot answer online but physically when I meet you. You are the one who always avoid the right information’s. I met you in Mbita in 2007 at the DDO's office where we browsed together with you and later heard you are the director of a school in Mbita. Yes, You lived with Jacob Ogweno and now what is the matter? I am always there to help you with community information’s, people and their dealings. I work with government offices as well to spearhead community development in Mbita.
      It is a pity for me to get these misconceptions online. I am always available to help. I usual don't rush in making commitments and for your sake please think otherwise all of you come and talk to me and I will give the best way out. I have mixed myself working freelance, volunteer in Mbita community for more than 12 years and district Suba was started when I was already doing baseline surveys in Mbita. I went to School In Nyamuga, Primary School, and Kakiimba Secondary School later to Kampala High School in Uganda . I know the type of people here. : Cool down; go slow, "the world is small with information technology".
      Currently; I am the information coordinator for Suba Youth Resource Center At The Catholic Parish in Mbita. You are at liberty to contact me. In this Forum, I moderate Mendenyo@yahoogroups.com where our focus is right information to the community hence to the whole world. I am co-founder of Uyoga youth Org in Dar es Saalam Tanzania . Now I am in Nairobi .

      ms@... wrote:
      Peter Burgess has been writing about Community Impact Accountancy
      http://www.tr- ac-net.org http://www.ms. lt/news.php? thinker=Peter_ Burgess
      I have an idea how "accountancy" might be relevant for our Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt online network and perhaps on-the-ground as well. Peter,
      I am wondering how much the following relates to your ideas?

      As our activity grows, we get letters of concern, anonymous or not,
      regarding our participants. Generally, this comes up when people are
      raising money for projects. I don't encourage us to give to people simply
      because they ask, but rather to work with them so that they publicly show
      their values, their investigations, their endeavors, and that their
      work-in-progress is visible and transparent, and they are interested in
      getting to know us and our happy that we work-for-free alongside of them,
      and they are also interested in the projects of others, and how we might
      mesh our work together, and all grow as individuals. This practically
      guarantees that a project will be constructive.

      Our lab's activity is focused on individuals rather than organizations.
      We have very simple rules:
      - our work is in the Public Domain, except as noted
      - money can bring people together, but you can't pay people to care
      - we wish for everybody to succeed.

      So what do we do when one person has a concern about another person's
      activity? The simplest for us is if you write publicly to one of our
      groups. Even then, we still have to consider what to do, but it tends to
      put things in perspective. I do this myself when I have concerns.

      What to do if the concerns are personal and anonymous? It would be good
      to have a system of accountability that lets a person show that they do
      care about other's concerns. For example, we might publish an interview
      with them to address the concerns, or even sponsor a visit to inspect
      their project. We might also recommend actions that would position the
      projects within our laboratory's values as described above, which might
      simply mean at our lab, focusing on our own growth as independent
      thinkers, and our own questions that we don't know the answer to, and
      sharing our interest in other people's projects, rather than what we know
      or the merits or urgency of our projects.

      On the positive side, I imagine it would be very effective accountancy to
      make social maps of how we have come together, who has introduced who to
      whom, who has helped who with which endeavors? This would help us
      appreciate the people who are giving to our network, especially as "wealth
      is relationships" .

      I'm responding to a personal letter to me expressing concern about Umesh
      Rashmi Rohatgi's possible connections to IRDF
      http://www.indiarur al.org/news. htm
      which is said to raise funds for RSS, a Hindu nationalist organization. I
      found the Wikipedia article on RSS:
      http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Rashtriya_ Swayamsevak_ Sangh
      Here is a story and report that is critical of IRDF and RSS
      http://www.hinduonn et.com/fline/ fl1925/stories/ 2002122000550270 0.htm
      http://www.stopfund inghate.org/ sacw/part1. html

      I have met Umesh Rashmi Rohatgi, they are actually two very sweet, caring,
      thoughtful people, husband and wife. http://www.rurohatg i.com They have
      written 80 letters to our Minciu Sodas laboratory and I hope they might be
      more active again.
      http://www.ms. lt/news.php? thinker=Umesh_ Rashmi_Rohatgi
      I appreciate their leadership and would be interested to work with them in
      India on small projects as we have in Africa. I think they should have a
      way to address any concerns and set straight the facts, whether or not
      others might choose to support them. I think that it's important that we
      respond vigilantly to any actions amongst ourselves that might violate our
      wish to include everybody and have them succeed. We are for a world with
      a full variety of thriving cultures and schools of thought.

      This came in today at our wiki about David Mutua,
      http://www.ms. lt/news.php? thinker=David_ Mutua
      who we do know well, and I hope this can be resolved, it is a matter of
      about $150:
      Tue, 08 Jul 2008 13:44:07 UTC Sr Pauline Ndeche: Please I am looking for
      David Mutua who organized a programme for the teachers in 2007 at Holy
      Rosary College Tala in Kangundo Kenya. He was suppose to pay the college
      Ksh.50,000 ($700)at that time. He paid only Ksh.40,000 and disappeared.
      What he said about our accommodation and internet is very wrong because
      the participants in the programme were coming from outside, they never
      stayed in the compound and we never fed. Mutua made arrangement for their
      feeding outside the college. It is a pity that he decided to spoil the
      name of the college. Please help me to get David to pay the college what
      he is owing.

      I am more concerned about letters or wiki posts about people I don't know.

      Jacob Ogweno is in the Mbita area and we know him because Sabrina Jung
      works with his school and also Samwel Kongere knows him.
      Tue, 24 Jun 2008 21:33:21 UTC apiyop@yahoo. com: Jacob ogweno is con man i
      have known him for some time
      It would be good if we had a way to address concerns.

      Below is a serious letter from Sarah Erlich of Help for Orphans
      International. She responded to a letter that Charles Aboge wrote about
      her organization, and also shared her bad experience with him. I share
      their letters. I must say that Charles has written some 60 letters to our
      laboratory but they are mostly requests for money and it's been a very
      slow process to have any other kind of participation from you, Charles.
      If you would like us to investigate your work, or if you would like to
      find a way to work together, please let us know. Sarah, I also invite you
      to participate at our lab's groups such as Janet Feldman's working group
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/holistiche lping/ send a blank message to
      holistichelping- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com we are very active in Kenya.

      Jesus has a general principle for such accountancy. It's not quite clear
      how to implement that, but I think it's helpful.
      Matthew 18:15
      If your brother sins against you, go, show him his fault between you and
      him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained back your brother. But
      if he doesn’t listen, take one or two more with you, that at the mouth of
      two or three witnesses every word may be established. If he refuses to
      listen to them, tell it to the assembly. If he refuses to hear the
      assembly also, let him be to you as a Gentile or a tax collector.

      I apologize for taking this all more openly then Jesus recommends, but
      perhaps we can all figure out a good system.

      Thank you to all who are concerned.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt
      +1 312 618 3345

      ------------ --------- ------

      Thank you for looking into this matter. I would rather my phone number not
      be posted. My email address is the best contact info.
      [sarahehrlich@ mac.com]


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      On May 8, 2008, at 1:48 PM, ms@... wrote:

      > Sarah Ehrlich,
      > Thank you for your very serious letter.
      > Do you have a telephone number which we might post on the Internet where
      > you might be reached? I would speak with you before posting your letter.
      > We do have participants in Kisumu who might check and verify your account.
      > Thank you for your concern.
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms. lt
      > ms@...
      > Re: Charles Aboge
      > Charles calls himself a Christian and a good man. However, I get tons
      > of emails from other organizations telling me that he was trying to
      > extort money from them in the same way he did to us. He tries to get
      > all money sent to his school put in his own bank account. When members
      > of his board found out about this they stepped down. The teachers at
      > the school informed me that any money I sent to him for the children
      > was never received by the teachers or the children. They requested
      > that we stop sending money to Charles. Luckily for Help for Orphans
      > International this mistake came from my pocket not the donors money.
      > We now thoroughly investigate all staff before donating money to any
      > already established orphanage school.
      > Since I stopped giving Charles money he has been using his credentials
      > as a reporter at the Kenya times to harm Help for Orphans
      > International by writing bad press. I am working with the top law firm
      > in Nairobi on this issue. It seems as though there is no problem
      > because everyone knows that Charles is CRAZY and an untrustworthy man
      > who continually tries to get money from foreigners.
      > I have put a tremendous amount of money into helping orphans and do
      > not take a salary from Help for Orphans International. I work hard at
      > this organization and have NEVER made one single cent. I do what I do
      > because I love helping children.
      > I personally gave "Charles' school" thousands of reading and phonics
      > books. I delivered most of them myself. He was supposed to pick up the
      > rest of the books from the printer in Kisumu. He doesn't care about
      > the orphaned children at all. He never picked up the books to deliver
      > to the children and teachers. We also had their plumbing system
      > cleaned out so the children would have working bathrooms and running
      > water. In addition we painted the school and put up a new wall to
      > create another usable classroom. Charles thinks that we should not
      > tell anyone this because I am not giving him, personally, any money.
      > Charles is upset about this, of course. However, I disagree. I feel
      > since we did all of that work we should be proud to show it.
      > At this point it doesn't matter. Since that time our organization grew
      > fantastically and we are helping so many orphaned children. I do feel
      > bad for the orphans in the orphanage school in Kisumu because Charles
      > is robbing them of a future. I hope one day Charles will lose control
      > of the school and the poor teachers there who REALLY care about the
      > children gain that control. When that occurs I would be more than
      > happy to help that school.
      > Below is the report I sent to the Kenya Gevernment. They wrote back
      > and he is "currently under investigation" .
      > Dear Sir,
      > I would like to report Charles Aboje of the Kisumu Childrens Centre in
      > Kisumu, Kenya. He has been writing bad things about us that are untrue.
      > We have spent thousands of US dollars on "his school". However after
      > getting reports from his teachers that he keeps the money for himself
      > we have decided to stop sending money.
      > I have received several letters from other people saying that Mr.
      > Aboje tries to get foreigners to send money into his personal account
      > rather than the schools account. He has done this to us as well.
      > I believe that Mr. Aboje is using the school to get personal funds.
      > Mr Aboje has demanded that we remove from our website pictures of "his
      > school". We will not do this because we have done a lot of work at his
      > school.
      > We have donated thousands of books to the children and teachers. Many
      > of which Mr. Aboje was supposed to pick up from the printer in Kisumu
      > and never has. This is just one example of how he really does not care
      > for the children.
      > I regret ever getting involved with Mr. Aboje and should have realized
      > that he was not of good character from the beginning of our
      > relationship. Mr. Aboje is a "Christian" married man and was
      > attempting to have sexual relations with one of my business associates.
      > This is True,
      > Sarah Ehrlich
      > --- In globalvillages@ yahoogroups. com, "charles_aboge"
      > <charles_aboge@ ...> wrote:
      >>> THE International donor community dealing with Aids Orphans in Africa
      >>> and beyond is hereby alerted by the Board of Trustees and Board of
      >>> Governors ,Project founder and Directors of Kisumu Children Centre
      >>> and School ,P.o. Box 19630-40123, kisumu City ,Kenya ,caring and
      >>> educating Aids Orphans that HELP FOR ORPHANS
      >>> INTERNATIONAL ,based in New York,USA ,www.helpfororphans .org
      >>> has no links with us.It is very important to note that Help for Orphans
      >>> International School kisumu does not exist on the ground and it is
      >>> totally unknown in kenya.The only real project known internationally
      >>> dealing with Aids orphans is KISUMU CHILDREN CENTRE AND
      >>> SCHOOL founded by Mr Charles Aboge, a veteran Journalist educated
      >>> through charity in his early childhood.The Government of Kenya is fully
      >>> behind the School operations as it is legally registered and Government
      >>> donated prime land for its expansion as it is run on charity.Be warned
      >>> that any continued donor assistance to Help for Orphans International
      >>> claiming in their web site is totally wrong and not real as the
      > funds do
      >>> not reach the intended purposes which are orphans.
      >>> Our School photographs taken by them during a recent visit and posted
      >>> in their web site should be removed and totally ignored by donor
      >>> community .We shall not condone any further taking of children
      >>> photographs by foreigners posing as "donors with many fake schools
      >>> which are unregistered schools and trying to introduce a new education
      >>> syllabus in Kenya secretly without the Government knowledge and
      >>> approval in Parliament .We welcome genuine donors to contact us
      >>> directly by e-mail charles_aboge@ ... or kisumuchild
      >>> @.... We also need fundraisers on 20 per cent commission
      >>> even a visit by those who have funded them to check the truth and see
      >>> and demand to see the alleged children being funded through HELP
      >>> We shall soon seek help from USA and Kenya Governments to expose
      >>> the suspected fraudsters or alleged famous "lords of abject
      > poverty in
      >>> Africa'. Call +254-0735-195- 156 -Director of the Project.

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