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WWP and ACI Re: Schools

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  • Pamela McLean
    Peter. Thank you for sending this Accountancy for Community Impact informaion. In my mind it is the flyer to advertise a study group on Accountancy for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2008

      Thank you for sending this Accountancy for Community Impact informaion.

      In my mind it is the flyer to advertise a study group on "Accountancy for Community Impact (ACI)" for the Minciu Sodas School of Entrepreneurship.

      This school is the home of our LFEO study group on World Without Poverty (WWP)

      Does the idea of such a study group interest you? I hope we will discover and develop ideas for practical action and entrepreneurship through teh WWP study group. This means we will also need to learn practical things like accountancy and business planning.

      I know you are very busy, so I do not want to ask for too much of your time. I just want to flag up that your help and guidance, however minimal, at whatever level you can give it, would be much appreciated.


      2008/6/26 Peter Burgess <peterbNYC@...>:

      Dear Colleagues
      As some of you know, I met Dr. Yunus during the time he was doing his book tour in New York last January. One of the observations that he made was that there is something systemically wrong when people work very hard and are left socially and economically destitute.
      This resonated with me because of my own work in the past on corporate profit improvement ... it was often possible to get big profit improvement simply by making systemic changes so that people worked together rather than against each other!
      There was another observation by Dr. Yunus that resonated, and that was his recognition that there was a need for accountancy that embraced the whole of community or society and not just the corporate money profit piece. This is what Tr-Ac-Net's Accountancy for Community Impact (ACI) is all about. The attachment is a one-pager that posititons ACI ... and I would be happy to get other people's view.
      I should perhaps add that ACI is nothing more than accountancy ... a system for collecting, organizing and reporting data. Performance is nothing to do with data ... performance is a result of using resources, and using them well ... making good decisions that get good results. Accountancy merely helps keep score.
      Peter Burgess
      The Transparency and Accountability Network: Tr-Ac-Net in New York
      Accountancy for Community Impact
      Integrated Malaria Management Consortium (IMMC)
      The Tr-Ac-Net blogs ... start at http://tracnetvision.blogspot.com
      917 432 1191 or 212 772 6918 peterbnyc@...
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