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  • Kennedy Owino
    Hi all,   Below is a mail from an Arts Organisation (Ghetto Arts collectives) who are engaged in activities with profound effect on the society. Nafsi
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2008

      Hi all,


      Below is a mail from an Arts Organisation (Ghetto Arts collectives) who are engaged in activities with profound effect on the society.

      Nafsi Afrika Acrobats has collaborated with G.A.C in a number of Projects in the Kenyan Ghettos.

      We have also sold a number of our paintings and Art works through their  Fair Trade Market source.


      We have catalogued Art pieces done by us and slum youths with positive depictions of peace and sustainable livelihood in the slums.

      G.A.C has got an opportunity to present the Ghetto Artists in a number of exhibitions in Canada in September.

      G.A.C project is truly the vision of three Hearts and minds (Steve , Jamie and Joel), who are also independent thinkers in the Nafsiafrikasaana working group.

      They have strived to provide and find fair trade pricing for ghetto arts so artists can
      make a better living, and explore their potential.

      Together, we provide arts based outreach programming for ghetto youth.

      We have collaborated our  programmes runing in 3 zones and one IDP camp, that includes: fine arts, yoga, acro-yoga, acrobatics, sexual health education, theatre for social change, discussions of violence, peace, reconciliation, and generally providing resources and opportunity for youth.

      I am wondering whether M.S. Lab  would provide an online space where we would exhibit our works for sale.

      A space that would also allow us to reach a wider network of Arts enthusiasts eager to initiate positive change through Arts.


      I wish you an artistic day,


      Ken Owino

      Nafsi Afrika Acrobats




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      To: "ken" <nafsiafricaacro@...>
      Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2008, 9:29 PM

      The ghetto arts collective (GAC) is a budding initiative from the slums of Nairobi , Kenya , that aims to create a collective structure for ghetto artists.  There are two main goals of GAC, fueled by many smaller dreams.  The first is to provide a livable, sustainable price for slum art, and the second is to provide arts outreach training for ghetto youth. The ghetto arts collective is a brand new initiative. It was created only in October 2007.

      It's a youth organization. Non-governmental, politically independent and non-profit organizations open to kids, youths and people from different backgrounds. Other G.A.C aims are to remove the psychological barriers between different cultures, give a chance to mutual conversation, encourage youth participation and confirm strength in youth to express their opinions freely. It encourages respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms without distinction as to race, gender, language, religion or social status. The member of G.A.C Community welcomes people from different countries, religions, gender and ethnic backgrounds.

      G.A.C Community helps to create a space where young people are able to work together having common aims, to show solidarity, to learn from each other, to accept and respect political, gender, age, financial, religion and cultural differences, empowering young people to be more autonomous and to have more responsibility in the social and economical development of our communities (slums to begin with).        

      For more information visit our website

       www.ghettoartscollective.com or www.ghettoartscollective.webs.com

      We are planning to do some exhibitions in Canada, one with SKETCH (An artistic program in Toronto for people to expand their artistic values), S.W.B (school without borders) an NGO empowering youths in the streets and reaching out for undeveloped countries, also we Have got an offer( our biggest offer ever ) to exhibit our paintings in Kootney, Nelson B.C. and open forum to fundraise and give exchanges in different venues through JAMIE.

      We depend entirely in small fundraisings from JAMIE (our Canadian link and one of the GAC founders) and on our arts sales to sustain our programs which in return empower the young artists and help us improve our FAIR TRADE campaign, these cuts down to a lot of idleness and immorality in within the slums. It’s also our biggest way of reaching out to discuss, teach each other and promote the ethnic reconciliation. The CANADIAN Exhibition TRIP might  gives us a chance to improve our relationship with many groups doing artistic outreaches and links to the CANADIAN SOCIETY, all the open invitation are evidence to people’s attention and touch to what we do. We do hope that we would be able to help one of us represent us( Kenyan society ) and improve this big link of empowering the youth in the slums and promote peace. We are proud of the little affection, touch, reach and empowerment that we provide, also we are learning and hoping that this small thing will be able to uplift as many artists from our societies in the future.               


      Hello all,

      Am Joel Kirambo from Nairobi Kenya , Am writing on behalf of GHETTO ARTS COLLECTIVE (GAC) A FAIR TRADE INNITIATIVE.

      GAC is a youth initiative operating in within the NAIROBI slums, purposely to empower the youths and kids through ARTS, running informal schools and aiming to give, share and improve the artistic value in the slums.

      We fight so strongly to support a fair trade in within the slums due to exploitation of the artists by the middle men. We consider arts to be a powerful tool for the youths in slums to voice out and also a source of social and financial gateway which bridges a lot to our bright future. We are small and depend on our ARTS sales for sustainability and little donations/ fundraisers from one Jamie McBeth, a Canadian.

      This year programs run a long PEACE motto in the slums (were the mostly affected in the period of political crisis in our country).

      We have got an opportunity to exhibit our works (Paintings, crafts and photography) and exchanges in Canada . We have to present one person in the exhibition, at the moment we are trying to raise the air ticket through giving and receiving, we have some painting we are selling to help us hit a target of $3000 before August 1st 2008.

      Through Jamie McBeth there is a big free offer for accommodation, transport and meals to the one person who will represent the GAC in TORONTO and NELSON B.C, CANADA during the exhibition and exchanges.

      We believe success to this exhibition will be a big empowerment to the artists in the slums and also will be a very virtual exchange with many youth groups which have already invited the GAC for an exchange in artistic values and resources: yoga, acrobatics, paintings, fabric decorations, drama, sexual education programs and photography.

      The success of this trip could be an eye opener not only to GAC but to the entire slum artists at large.

      For any interest in the paintings check the below link:


      We are welcoming any person or group ready to link, network, advice or support us in anyway.


      Our web link is




      Or contact:




      Thanks a lot for your time and for setting up this great exchange forum.





      N/B We are working on opening the link to these 12 AMAZING PAINTINGS very soon.

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