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As I am preparing to leave Dar!!!!

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  • Samwel Kongere
    Good Idea Franz, People tend to be moving to the cities and education should be done in the rural areas not the the urban shanties; nicknamed slums , I believe
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2008
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      Good Idea Franz,
      People tend to be moving to the cities and education should be done in the rural areas not the the urban shanties; nicknamed slums', I believe much on the rural than the cities. We have to make the rural a better place, than improving the life of those who don't live here peramanently. Most of those people who leave in Kibera has ancestral homes/land and should change their living standards. But something interesting is here, this where you get the super star sportmen and women, there are hidden tallents which while tapped give country income. The politicians will also use them for political gains and will not mind doing away with them as; you think. You should think, while reading  a book the is, inbetween the lines????? Answer your thinking!!
      Anyway, I am leaving Dar tomorrow morning to Nairobi to rush to mbita for other community activities involved in my capacity. We had a wonderful meeting with Uyoga members and hope they come out with their structure of management, soon to see them create a difference. I have having the two year visit and this time, I want to try or compare the walking or running style among the Ugandan youths. Are we walking? or are we stagnant? I pity our own understanding.
      I find people misunderstanding poverty in their own concept and et el. If you can not have food a midst fertile land to produce food, you classify yourself under poverty, hahahaha!!! do you want to colour your world? Smear it? or throw it? because you feel, you are poor?. If you travel and see how people think and the concept they have in thinking, the real meaning of powerty is not ironed out. One Joshua from my own community cried 'why he was born in my village home area' where could not be taken to school, helped to get employment, taken to university because he was bright'.  When, he was dying, he said 'oh could have been the Kofi Annan or Bill Clinton and prommoted the community to higher heights, I pity us and how tradition/culture had taught us on the wrong way. Why do you say you wish? it is now. nor never.
      Until we meet in meet in Mbita.

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