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I am still travelling and now in Dar es salaam

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  • Samwel Kongere
    Hello Colleagues, Good time to thank, every body for the good postings. Oh!!! happy moments to hear from Peter Ongele, Kofi Thompson, Andrius, Janet, Pamela
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2008
      Hello Colleagues,
      Good time to thank, every body for the good postings. Oh!!! happy moments to hear from Peter Ongele, Kofi Thompson, Andrius, Janet, Pamela Maclean, Chris Macrae et el. I am in Dar es salaam and it was good to meet Josephat, William, Kims and Ramadhan and dinner together. This is fact finding mission with Maria , Fred, and me. We are having a meeting together with Uyoga this evening and see their office. Hellen is unwell but we communicated over the phone.
      I am rushing out of Dar on 25Th morning to Nairobi and will share my findings from Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania with those people who will join the rest of us at Suba youth Resource center at mbita on 1st July 2008. I know that for us to be clear we are to think and remove poverty out of us. There was a large billboard in our small town in Kenya which read "Kick polio out of Kenya" and another was about "Kick Child abuse amongst us" why don't people like Peter Ongele and other life changing agents " make one as "Make Poverty history in Kenya".
      1. We are rich with resources which we must tap and utilize. If we leave the trend of top to bottom to infiltrate again then we are cheating the populace. I have learnt that, 'with thinking and what you care about thinking
      will make you change your world. people write billboards 'colour your world' This has made me to know that, I am the one to make the world be without poverty.
      2.One time in bible, "God told Moses, 'I am, who Iam". Wonderful phrase, if we think as we are, then we are going to change our living standards, but if we are too much dependant on petty assistance then we are remaining poor. I know that most of our people will cry of opportunities, yes, you are right' but when you are given the opportunities why do you miss use it again on petty issues than? Than thinking big!!!.
      3. our Networking in MSL is the boat to the opportune world you dream of.....but how do you use your time in thinking and maintaining your networks, precious time? are these not opportunities? read the Yunus book and you will find that it is not education, large sum of money, big incentives but how do you upgrade your status. A boat can make you sail, cross mass water like, Lake Victoria, Indian Ocean et el..hahaha!!!! yes but it can not change your life if you stick to your mind of thinking, culture, traditions and many more.
      4. We have to intermingle our thinking and are going to make our ends meet. As i one time said that ' big brains fear tiny things'. The sky is our limit with the capacity of thinking space we have in MSL not a boat to make reap cash. Oh my dear what do care about thinking?.
      5. Bring your thinking to to the fore, implement, improve it, this is where there is hidden talent and in the second phase of development ideas, the West and the East are coming again for the merger resources we have in Africa. Instead we are giving them another room. I welcome you to join us, them and we will succeed.
      Andrius, i am still traveling but would wish we do something common to our foster goal. I will give simple ideas to those who meet me but not show people my empty hand.I know it empty' Because Job of the ancient world said' He came empty and will return empty.
      Have blessed day and receive greetings from Tanzania.

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