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Visual thinking for our Includer presentations

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  • ms@ms.lt
    I am creating a presentation for the Includer which involves some of visual thinking so I share also with our Working-in-Parallel working group (where we
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2008
      I am creating a presentation for the Includer which involves some of
      "visual thinking" so I share also with our Working-in-Parallel working
      group (where we have several leaders in visual thinking) and also John
      Roger's working group Cyfranogi (on community currency and participatory
      society) because of John's interest in visual thinking (he introduced me
      to Robert Horn). Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@...


      Thank you for your help with our presentation to Google.org:

      I think it would be great if you made one or more diagrams of what the
      Includer would look like. Most importantly, it would help us communicate
      amongst ourselves, but also with other people.

      I think that I will keep the hand drawn diagram in the presentation for
      now for a few reasons:
      * As a drawing, it suggests that the device does not yet exist, and so
      avoids confusion.
      * For the same reason, it suggests that the design is not yet set and
      there is freedom to change.
      * It suggests a preference for a hand crafted approach.
      * It shows a novel positioning of the hands and keyboard behind the screen.
      * The drawing shows unusual features such as a tripod and ornamentation
      which might be difficult to do with a photo editor.
      * A drawing has more warmth than a photo.
      * It shows a self-acceptance and fostering of our own (my own) talents and
      limitations - of course, this may be a fault, may be a virtue, or may
      simply be a filter.

      I admit it's not a perfect drawing! And perhaps your picture will make me
      see the light. But certainly it's useful to have more than one picture.

      Ricardo, Thank you for your help. You ever elevate our work. I hope you
      see your ideas are making their way in, consciously and unconsciously.

      When I send out the presentation I will also upload it to our website
      http://www.includer.org I am also thinking of setting up WordPress there
      and start blogging there. I would give you and others the ability to blog
      there, too. Perhaps we should have blogs and blogging teams for our
      endeavor ecosystems (includer, poverty, global villages, fighting

      Thank you for alerting me that the size of the pictures is a problem. On
      the http://www.includer.org website they will be up without a sidebar,
      will you be able to see them then? Right now the widest is 1075 pixels
      and the tallest is about 830 pixels. What would be optimal? I think that
      the google.org people have screens no smaller than mine. I can also make
      smaller versions when I upload. I will also check what would fit in a
      Power Point presentation.

      Ricardo, I will make six slides, but we could have more such for our
      Includer and for other projects as well. Then we could pull them together
      whenever we needed to make a presentation. I think six is enough (perhaps
      more than enough) for this one. But it would be good to have extra slides
      for the Sneakernet, for the components and their prices, for the team, and
      so on. I could then bring them with me, link to them or print them out if
      I get to have a meeting. It's not a burning need, but perhaps something
      that would be good to be doing and encouraging others on our team
      likewise. It's also "visual thinking" and there's a lot that we could do
      to engage Robert Horn http://www.stanford.edu/~rhorn/ , David Gray
      http://www.xplane.com and others in that important field.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +1 312 618 3345


      Hi Andrius
      I was looking at the slide called 'Includers are the Ideal
      Offline Device' and I think we really need a diagram that's
      a bit slicker than the hand-drawn diagram. I can knock one
      together in a photo editor today if you like, if you're not
      sending the presentation to anyone just yet.



      Hi Andrius

      I saw your message in Mendenyo about proposals to companies. It includes a
      link to http://www.includer.org/

      While I remember, I've been meaning to say for a while that the web-page
      at http://www.includer.org/ could do with some changes, so that companies
      get a good first impression of Minciu Sodas and the Includer.

      Your hand drawn picture of the Includer concept is lovely of course! But,
      companies may be expecting something a bit more conventional, such as a
      photo mock-up of an Includer, or a perspective diagram. If you want to do
      that, I've done photo editing for years and could mock up something, if
      you let me know your latest thoughts on how an Includer might look.

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