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Investigatory Questions

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I m trying to step back and think about the big picture in my own life and at our lab. I made a page for my priorities:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
      I'm trying to step back and think about the big picture in my own life
      and at our lab. I made a page for my priorities:

      I want to focus my life - and my search for work - around the
      investigatory questions that I pursue. And I want to focus our lab
      around our many questions as well. We're a laboratory, after all.

      I have redone our Minciu Sodas website http://www.ms.lt so that we could
      focus on our participants, our values and our questions. For example,
      you can see my own investigatory questions here:
      And I maintain that list at my wiki page:
      We're all invited to edit and create such pages. Thank you to Helmut
      Leitner http://www.prowiki.org for adapting ProWiki so that we could
      present data from the wiki at our website in this way. Thank you also
      to George Christian Jeyaraj for help with PHP programming!

      We have collected more than 100 investigatory questions:
      They are quite profound! These are questions that we don't know the
      answer to, but intend to answer. They show the directions in which we
      wish to grow. They can help us help each other stay focused on what's
      most profound. Or at least to keep these questions on our mind
      throughout our activities.

      In leading our lab, I will focus on helping us engage our questions, and
      encouraging us to likewise help each other. I will ask for help with my
      questions, too. We can make a wiki page for each question. We can also
      make an investigatory plan. What information do we need to answer our
      question? Often it is a matter of collecting examples which can serve
      us all as a public asset.

      One question that I'm working on is: Is there a way to organize our
      investigatory questions which shows how they are related to each other
      and helps us work together on them?

      I have made a tentative grouping of the investigatory questions we have
      so far:
      - Truth
      - Interaction
      - Leadership
      - God
      - Economics
      - Personal Growth
      - Organizing Society
      As I'm playing around with how to group them, I'm noticing that each
      question perhaps involves two vantage points (perhaps out of four in
      all). For example, some of the questions involve a personal angle.
      Others involve an angle of absolute truth. Others involve a social
      angle. Others involve the angle of a fellow human being. Perhaps there
      is one vantage point from which we're raising our question, and another
      from which we expect an answer. This would yield a set of pairs of
      vantage points that would share a similar mindset.

      I invite us to look at the questions below and see how we might help
      each other make progress!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania


      AlfredMorhammer What is reality? Is it real and true or just an
      illusionary concept?

      AnnetteSchlemm What are the methods of thinking about the essence of
      the world?

      ClemensTheobertSchedler What is your truth?

      JohnLewis Why is it that we are the only animal that demands answers?

      JosephGoguen What are values? How do you discern them in objects and

      MartinWurzinger What kind of functionalities are there that drive our

      MonikaGoodenough What is the nature of consciousness?

      AndriusKulikauskas How does knowledge of everything unfold?

      StankoBlatnik How does the brain work?

      ThomasKalka How do you raise your consciousness? How to organize /
      store information to keep it accessible? How can I tell people the truth
      without hurting them?

      WilliamWagner How is everything related?


      AlgisCibulskis Ką aš turiu daryti, kad panaudočiau savo savybes, kad
      bendravimas būtų vaisingas? What must I do to apply my talents for
      fruitful interaction?

      AnneStallybrass How to get a forum that holds the energy that we
      experience at BeTheChange conferences to work?

      BrettZaccardi How to connect with others?

      ElunedHurn How can we get people in conflict to sit around the table?

      AndreaMills Is there any universal truth in physiognomy, any real
      connection between the character and temperament/personality of a person
      and their outward appearance? Is there a finite or infinite number of
      "physiognomic archetypes", with reference to human beings?

      HelmutLeitner How can people with differing world views collaborate
      toward common goals?

      KatieThomas What's this people thing all about?

      KerrySanto Why are people's perceptions so f-d up?

      KingsleyEvans Why do people avoid admitting they have been conned or

      MarkusPetz How can I explore a point of view that I and others don't
      agree with without arguing with them? How can we get people to not live
      in fear? How can you get people to be self-reliant so they are
      independent but still want to work with you as an equal?

      RytisUmbrasas How polite is it for me to demand others to behave as
      is convenient to me? Kiek yra mandagu reikalauti iš kitų elgtis taip
      kaip man patogu?

      EdJonas What is EffectiveCaring ?

      SauliusSakalas What kind of speaking is effective in achieving a goal?
      Koks ir į kur kalbėjimas yra veiksmingas siekiant tikslo?

      GuillermoCerceau In what sense do the tools we use (some of them
      built by we ourselves) and the way we write and communicate, express
      fully the new dimensions of social interactions, and if they do not,
      what would we have to do to be closer, at least, to the promises of the


      AnneroseMuehlmann Is there a universal method to bring a vision down
      to earth to make it practical?

      BalaPillai How can we exponentially increase the osmosis rate on new
      ideas like mind colonies?

      DagoVlasits How can we apply wisdom practically?

      ChrisMacrae What context would excite powerful people to get together
      all at the same time to openly look at what good might be possible?

      EdgarCahn How do you push the realm of possibility further than you
      can grasp in terms of the limits of what you know, especially with
      regard to timebanks?

      ElisabetSahtouris Can we change the basic Western science story
      quickly to create a global integral science?

      JoyTang What is our collective destiny, if there is one?

      AndréBoeing How to use the mythic mind ecology of our Fun and Media
      Society to enhance the sense and passion for the Great Quest of Integral
      Sustainable Development ?

      NinaGeroldinger How to help people open up to understand new ideas?

      KyleShannon How do we go beyond the people who live to volunteer and
      get to the people who are just living?

      GeorgeChristianJeyaraj How can we help others?

      JanetFeldman How can I help those individuals who are coming to me,
      while also taking care myself, and generate a ripple effect into a wider

      StankoBlatnik How can we help older people to make them more comfortable?


      BenoitCouture Within the experience of unity with God and one
      another, there is only one voice. How do we tune in on the web and from
      here to our living space?

      BiancaZvorc Is there a definite argument for me to believe in God?

      MindaugasKubilius How will darkness be overcome? Kaip tamsa bus įveikta?

      PetrasVaitiekūnas Is it possible to believe in God? ''(Ar galima
      tikėti Dievu?)

      How does the Sacred Heart live within our midst into the full force of
      the Personal Sacred Fire?


      BernardLietaer Why the suffering?

      BernhardHarrer How can I finance an institute that transfers
      extraordinary knowledge?

      DavidGorini How to change the approach of economics to be less
      financial and more focused on human work?

      JohnRogers How can we create sustainable community currencies?

      ChristineAx As producers, we want to earn money, as consumers we
      don't want to buy o

      ItaMaranitsch How do we combine our indigenous quality and high tech
      to overcome the problem of our struggling world

      JeffBuderer How do we integrate ICT into our lives so that it
      supports a holistic approach and local indigenous cultures?
      ur products because they are too expensive; as citizens we want all from
      the government, and as citizens we try to pay as little taxes as
      possible, etc. How could we heal our madness of contradictions and
      integrate our roles and heal ourselves? What is a method, a place, a
      strategy to do this?

      GaryAlexander What are the first steps to creating a collaborative,
      sustainable economy?

      GeoffThomas How do you give mutuality a currency?

      GregWolff What's the best political economy for information exchange?

      HenryMigingo How to explore the implications of looking at economies
      from a network perspective?

      JohnWaters How can society be organized to minimize the waste of
      precious resources? How to engage the majority who don't seem to imagine
      that there are potential solutions?

      Millinga Why are we poor?

      Mamading How do you build and maintain a just and sustainable global

      PaulAllen How do we increase the quality of life whilest decreasing
      energy intensity?

      PaulBenham How to make the Primrose Earth Awareness Trust financially

      PeterGabor Is there a different system possible for most people to be

      ReinhardPaulesich In what sense are regional capital flows essential
      for humanizing the economy, going beyond the maximization of profit in
      terms of money?

      SamwelKongere How I can find for Myself and live Comfortably while
      helping others?

      ShannonClark How to explore the implications of looking at economies
      from a network perspective?

      SteveBosserman What can I do with others to advance social justice in
      the world by experimenting with social system rules that distribute
      influence more equitably among members and offer them a wider range of
      choices? The metric for me is food security and safety. If people don't
      have a steady supply of affordable, healthy food, then there is no
      social justice. How to advance community currency as a way to fairly
      compensate people for their value add?

      StevenKnight How to get everybody around the world to use a money
      system that contributes to positive human and environmental development?
      How do we rapidly replicate successful projects? What would it take for
      the community and voluntary sector to cooperate instead of compete?

      SuryaraoMaturu What can we do to help the poor? (please confirm!)

      ThomasDiener How can knowledge of inner personal growth connect
      unemployed people so they might start businesses together?

      TomWayburn Can human behavior be changed? especially regarding the
      idea of resource domination?

      ValdasKavaliauskas Can people live without money? (For money destroys
      society). Ar gali žmonės gyventi be pinigų? (Nes pinigai griauna visuomenę).

      EdJonas ArePeopleCurrency ?

      ThereseWeel How do we create a social entrepreneurship venture where
      people contribute and benefit? Lets find out at The Virtual Toolshed

      JeffBuderer What are smart investments that communities can make in
      each other?


      PamelaMcLean How do we use ICT to enable an educational system that
      lets self-directed learners be agents of their own learning?

      HansGeorgPestka Was ist dir wichtig im Leben? Why, in our cultures,
      do so many people not reflect on things and just passively consume?

      JoyTang: Who is I? What are the 100 ways to be happy?

      GrahamStewart How serious are you? Until you take yourself seriously
      no-one else will

      JosesSanga How will people react to my performance?

      LeonBenjamin How do I become zero?

      LuciaRamsonius How to be eternally happy?

      MariaAgneseGiraudo How can people stuck in the Western work system
      apply themselves creatively for the education of youth?

      MudisSalkauskas Who am I and why am I here? Kas aš ir kodėl aš gyvenu?

      NancyCailleteau How do I blend life and work seemlessly? where I do
      what I love all the time.

      StacyAuma If one is not fully Qualified can one get the competition
      at a level?

      PamelaMcLean How do we use ICT to enable an educational system that
      lets self-directed learners be agents of their own learning?

      RaimundasVaitkevicius Kaip valdyti savo laiką? How to manage one's time?

      UllaGawlik Why don't we use the knowledge that we have as human beings?

      StefanGnescio How can you effectively and quickly teach people to
      think critically, analytically, rationally, scientifically?

      LucasGonzalezSantaCruz How can I learn to help people (especially
      proactive and generous people) in their intention of finding better ways
      (on their own and also together)?

      GrahamDouglas Could integration, meaning, power, love, excellence,
      animalism, sensualism, existence and dependence be regarded as a summary
      of basic human needs?

      DavidEllison-Bey How to get people to know their real self?

      VictoriaGascon How do you break the cycle for your child, from a
      fatherless life?

      VictoriaGascon How to develop and keep a healthy, mature and safe
      environment for families to grow together?

      ***Organizing Society***

      FranzNahrada How can we live autonomously as communities and yet use
      the power of global cooperation at its best?

      KaiEhlers How can we make a transition with as little violence as
      possible to a new society with direct connections among people and

      LaurentStraskraba Where is the money to finance research for and
      setting up of knowledge portals for development projects? What are the
      places where information flows into the village? What are the new
      abilities of people in Global Villages? What are the opportunities which
      foster the emergence of Global Villages? Which organisations are the
      most interesting for Global Villages?

      Magius How to extend in the general society the mode of production of
      GPL software?

      MiguelYasuyukiHirota How is another world possible?

      NikosASalingaros How do human beings interact with the environment,
      and how might we create a really human evironment that people can
      connect to, and apply that to a whole city?

      JadvygaBieliauskienė Will the Brotherhood of January 13th become an
      example of harmony and brotherhood for all of Lithuania? Ar sausio
      13-osios brolija taps santarvės ir broliškumo pavyzdžiu visai Lietuvai?

      RichardNelson How can I (we) use our communities (the SolaRoof
      Community for one) and networks to TransformTheMainstream based on the
      results of pioneers who work invisibly on the fringes?

      LucienSteil How do we clarify the definition of pattern language for
      the broadest applicability? How can we market pattern languages in a
      variety of contexts efficiently even to people who don't know anything
      about them?

      StefanMeretz How can we organize a society which is based on
      self-unfolding rather than economic value?

      TomSalfield How can people collaborate in large groups?

      ChristophHinderfeld How can we bring best practices together in one

      FlemmingFunch What are the generative patterns that would allow the
      global brain to wire itself?

      NikosSalingaros How to convert the whole world to our point of view
      that it's important to be better connected with the universe?

      EdCherlin What could the economic and social structures of the world
      turn into when there is no more need for poverty, when everybody will
      have access to education and economic opportunity?

      Dante-GabryellMonson What system makes for the most opportunity?
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