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Re: A Cultured Structure or Structured culture?

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  • Kennedy.O. Owino
    Hi Kelechi, Thanks for your profound mind. All you have said is a compelling logic, it completes my thought by showing that independent thinkers should be like
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 10, 2008
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      Hi Kelechi,

      Thanks for your profound mind.
      All you have said is a compelling logic, it completes my thought by
      showing that independent thinkers should be like independent poles
      of the same selfless devotion.

      Ken Owino
      Nafsi Afrika Acrobats

      --- In learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com, "Kelechi"
      <kibgaconcepts@...> wrote:
      > Hello Kenny,
      > I recently joined the group learningfromeachother through PAM
      > who introduced me . I live in Nigeria, working with Fantsuam
      > Foundation on a great many projects..
      > Your address below, is indeed very touching, I've experience this
      > before. I must encourage us all to keep on moving and keep on doing
      > what we have to do. This is the only way we grow, as individuals,
      as a
      > people , as a contintent and the Human race. What we do is for
      > Humanity. If we look at it from that perspective knowing that we
      > are connected what we do to another gets to affect us one way or
      > Well we should try to focus more on action. That is point. On
      > I find it interesting that a lot of people tend to focus more on
      > grammer content than focus on achieving results. Action! But then
      > thats what makes the world go round, differences in opinion.
      > LEts not give up on our Noble quests, we must keep on keeping on. I
      > wish you all the best, I look forward to meeting you all someday
      and I
      > do look forward to being of Maximum service to this group, to the
      > poor peoples, and to Humanity at large.
      > Thanks .
      > Monitoring & Evaluation Unit
      > Kafanchan, Kaduna State
      > +234 8020918229
      > kelechimicheals@...
      > www.fantsuam.org
      > --- In learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com, Kennedy Owino
      > <nafsiafricaacro@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Janet and Andrius,
      > > "Do all the good you can, in all ways you can, in all the places
      > can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long
      > you ever can" this famous quote by John Wesley engulfs my mind as I
      > read the recent postings, regretfully wonder and feel sad at
      >  what is generating here.
      > > I feel disheartened that ideas that should in essence integrate
      > are actually disintegrating us.
      > > Most ideas we generate are usually great but the approaches we
      > employ to actualizing them kill the "meat" in them.
      > > We actually shared with Andrius briefly over the phone regarding
      > stretching our efforts to Zimbabwe which he chose to coin "The love
      > Command"
      > > In all honesty, I supported the idea hoping that once it is
      > in the forum most people would come round it with suggestions
      > implementation.
      > > Little did I know that it is still quite an issue regarding the
      > titles and the approaches we choose.
      > > I am and I have never been particular with the titles and the
      > structures we decide on but the actions we undertake.
      > > I just can't see where this is heading with so many people being
      > disgruntled by the approach we have made.
      > > I reckon we  require proper cultured models away from
      >  propagating "made to measure" cultures that in the
      > process and eventually only serve to deal us a blow.
      > > I am not arguable that the idea of Andrius " Love command"
      > wrong but I am concerned why people are walking away from it.
      > > Infact we shared it with Andrius over the phone and I found
      > idea positive but not the approach.
      > > My inner world isn't structures but independent actors coming
      > together to working harmoniously.
      > > Am up to building bridges and not walls, I feel sad when the
      > we have strived to build are cut by conflicting views.
      > > I am significantly waking up and thinking to myself that I need
      > re-focus my thinking and attention.
      > > I would not wish to break up my links (I mean working,
      > sharing thoughts and actions) with the people who have helped to
      > me, nurtured me into being productive and  an independent
      > creative  thinker.
      > > I am not happy that Janet is moving away, my deepest apologies to
      > you Janet for my negative thoughts that may have influenced you to
      > calling it quits.
      > > I hope that you will continue to accommodate me in the holistic
      > space that has hugely built my networking empire. I had built a
      > affinity with holistic helping that i would like to
      > > It is one of the social and interactive spaces that I had quite
      > deeply identified with besides my working group-
      > nafsiafrikasaana@yahoogroups.com
      > > This are spaces, I wish to continue using in propagating my ideas
      > into ideals.
      > >  
      > > I believe I have an obligation to use my mind freely.
      > > I wanted to, but could not remain adamant on this because for
      one, I
      > am guarding against anything that may injure my reputation and the
      > relationships I have so far benefited from.
      > > I would wish to continue being part and parcel of MSL in the
      > that has guided us from tyranny, racism, inequalities, injustices
      > conflicts.
      > > As usual, I will continue to contribute and share in this forum
      > which is a breeding ground for creative thinking mindset.
      > > But I wish and hope to remain focused on being creative generally
      > without specific boundaries that makes me more receptive.
      > >  
      > > I have known M.S.L  as an orchard where all are
      > independent  and not inhibited in thinking or sharing.
      > >  I like this traditional sense of a communal hub of sharing
      > information and exchanging ideas.
      > > To me the idea of structures and chain of commands is becoming
      > and more intricate and intriguing.
      > > I bet  and believe that we don't need commands and
      > to change the world, but a free willed spirit, energy, drive and a
      > team held together by a sense of believes that encourage
      > and development.
      > > What I see is what I usually get; I therefore would not wish to
      > into isolation from the main stream with counter cultures.
      > > In sincere conclusion i say: Am Sorry Andrius, I do not wish to
      > engaged and involved with any idea that drive people away, derail
      > bring set-backs instead of bringing us together.
      > > With due respect, I beg to be disassociated with anything that
      > people regard as being Authoritarian and egoistic in nature.
      > > I honestly love your idea but not the approach which resides in
      > thoughts, words and deeds and raise questions whether we are
      > up to doing all the good we can, in all the ways we can, in all the
      > places we can,  at all the times we can, to all the people we
      > , as long as we ever can???
      > >  
      > > Peace and Love forever,
      > >  
      > > Ken Owino
      > > Nafsi Afrika Acrobats
      > > www.nafsiafrica.org
      > > +254723568251
      > >  
      > >  
      > >  
      > >
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