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Thank you, Janet

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    Andrius and All, I was in the process of composing a response to your last note, and now I see that I am pre-empted. So I will say that I wish you all well. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2008
      Andrius and All,

      I was in the process of composing a response to your last note, and now I
      see that I am pre-empted. So I will say that I wish you all well. I see that
      it is time now for me to move into other settings and give my energy and
      spirit to others.

      With blessings and best wishes always, Janet



      I am very grateful for all that you have done for me and for many, many
      others. And for our Minciu Sodas laboratory as well. You've written more
      than 1700 letters to us, you've attracted and inspired many participants
      and helped to make our projects large and small successful.

      You are always welcome to participate at our Minciu Sodas laboratory, and
      even if you don't, your influence is real, both in the past and in the
      future. I wish you to foster a haven for the culture that reflects your
      values. I wish to see that alternative and learn from that, and if I may,
      participate in that.

      You lead our Holistic Helping working group and it is our laboratory's
      most vibrant group, the first example I give of a group with real
      accomplishments. This group belongs to you and you may choose to take it
      out of the Minciu Sodas laboratory and continue separately, even rename
      it, or not, as you like. Your group is an enormous asset and 130 people
      have invested themselves in your group, and for good reason, because they
      are included and get response and can help others. Why not make Holistic
      Helping a haven for the culture you seek?

      I have organized the Minciu Sodas laboratory to serve independent thinkers
      of the widest variety. We have managed to be together keeping to three
      * Our work is in the Public Domain, except as noted.
      * We acknowledge that money can bring people together, but you can't pay
      people to care.
      * We want everybody to succeed.

      For example, we have participants for whom God is central - we even allow
      for God's participation - and we have participants for whom God is a
      dangerous nonsense. Yet we are able to stay together by keeping God - or
      the concept of God - in perspective, as only relevant where the issue has

      Similarly, you and I disagree, perhaps completely, on the merits of a
      "command" structure and a "consensus" structure, although part of this is
      about how and why we choose words. I have started Love Command as one
      project among many at our laboratory. I agree that there can and should
      be places such as your Holistic Helping working group where such a command
      structure is not welcome or off-limits. Yet I think that so long as it is
      based on ever voluntary participation, there should be room within Minciu
      Sodas to have a Love Command, if there is somebody who wants to lead one.
      That falls within the rule "We want everybody to succeed", both those who
      prefer consensus, and those who prefer command. In a sense, that is the
      spirit of consensus, that we try to integrate everybody in larger or
      smaller ways so that they can be true to themselves and allow others

      Janet, I support you. I wish that our work together is simply a
      beginning, perhaps with interruptions or collisions, yet one where we
      benefit from each other's culture and seek a culture that can include and
      love everybody. I also think that the world is growing too small for us
      to not know of each other and the times are growing too serious for us to
      not work together. We have learned much from each other and I think we
      should learn more. So I don't rush to write more, but I hope that you and
      I might discover a way to keep working together as well as we have and
      even better.

      Thank you, Janet, for your life of service.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +1 312 618 3345
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