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Re: Fred and Davis chat about Minciu Sodas in Uganda

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  • ricardoolpc
    Hi Fred and Davis it s interesting that you mention SMS-based services, using Kannel and Zorilla. I was looking into a similar program the other day with Peter
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2008
      Hi Fred and Davis
      it's interesting that you mention SMS-based
      services, using Kannel and Zorilla. I was looking into a similar
      program the other day with Peter Burgess (USA) from Tracnet, called
      FrontlineSMS. It looks very easy to setup SMS based services, to
      auto-respond to requests for information by SMS or send SMS to
      groups of people. It runs on Windows, Linux or Mac, using a
      PC/Laptop and a wide variety of phones connected to the PC/Laptop to
      send/receive SMS. It's free, but limited to Non-Profit Organizations.

      See http://www.frontlinesms.com/

      I found the Kannel program you mentioned, at...

      http://www.kannel.org/ (Home page)

      http://www.kannel.org/overview.shtml (description and picture)


      I couldn't find a website for Zorilla. Is that the right name and
      spelling, Davis?

      I agree with both of you that SMS services could have a lot of uses
      in Uganda etc. Dan Otedo in Mbita/Rusinga Island, Kenya, may use SMS
      services, in conjunction with his Community Radio Station, or SMS
      could be used to provide information on farm-produce and fish prices
      in various towns, for people that want to buy/sell them.


      --- In learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com, ms@... wrote:
      > We have a chat room http://www.worknets.org/chat/ and also a chat
      > http://www.worknets.org/archive/ I share below a chat by Fred
      Kayiwa and
      > Davis Weddi, both in Uganda. They chat about soccer, Google
      search on
      > mobiles, and expanding our Minciu Sodas network.
      > We also have scheduled chats. Pamela McLean leads one this
      Thursday, June
      > 5, at 13:00 London time, 16:00 Kenya time, 5:00 California time.
      We'll be
      > discussing Muhammed Yunus's book about social business "Creating a
      > without Poverty" and actions we can take. Please join us at
      > http://www.worknets.org/chat/ Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@..., +1
      312 618
      > 3345.
      > ------------------------------
      > Fred: hi
      > Davis: Hello Fred!
      > Fred: hi Davis :: today is public holiday you should be at
      Namugongo by now
      > Davis: Am not well enough to travel, seems I will have to go for
      > treatment :: In leu of that, ofcourse am watching from my desk as
      > developments unfold on TV abou tthe prayers at Namugongo shrines
      where it
      > is said one person has been trampled to death
      > Fred: oh thats bad news again :: i guess there are to many people
      there ::
      > I wish Andrius is here you meet him but he will have to read
      through our
      > chat of course
      > Davis: Yes so many people cramme dinto a very small area - they
      are now
      > even taking fire trucks, it seems there has been a fire outbreak
      > Fred: is it :: i fear crowded ares :: u hard what happened in
      Seraleon ::
      > 8 people died in match btn namibia and silaroen
      > Davis: Soccer ??/ I do not like watching soccer from astadium, I
      > died one time :: Better watched on TV :: Or even monitoring on
      mobile ::
      > But do you know what? we need platforms for delivering such
      services in
      > Uganda and they are easy to acquire platforms :: It seesm Google is
      > planning to bring 'Mobile' search services to Uganda.
      > Fred: is it?
      > Davis: Now Mobile is really a big area because it is an ultimate
      > tool for communication
      > Fred: i ned to know how to do it :: am curently working as a
      > manager for the Kampala Junior Team
      > Davis: Just need to have an sms/mms platform and then you start
      > services in agreement with service providers
      > Fred: but of course for free since its an ophanage stuff :: well
      Davis we
      > need to draw up some plans for how we can make Miniciu sodas stron
      bas ein
      > Uganda :: perhaps in Southern sudan too
      > Davis: If you have a site, I could provide you with a free script
      so you
      > can send sms to any number on MTN. MANGO, WARID TELECOM AND EVEN
      > Fred: what is all about MOBILE SERCH SERVISES :: we can Include
      > people like Ricardo and Andrius :: we are making asite
      > Davis: Mobile search will have to do with creation of vital
      > and moapping, plus item pricing and location of vital public and
      > institutions :: Now these are the things that can keep us employed
      > harder.
      > Fred: go ahead my boss
      > Davis: You know the mobile subscription in Uganda is increasing at
      > unbelievable rate :: just with two years suddenly we had an
      additional 3
      > million users up from 1.5 million that took about six year to
      > :: But never mind, one needs support to purchase a short-code,
      host an
      > sms/mobile site and to configure FOSS for mobile like Kannel and
      > then we can go public :: Fred, I think we can chat more later.
      There are
      > so many ideas to make come true but this can only be possible when
      we put
      > some resources to work - these may be both material and financial.
      > that can actually transform communities like Free health
      information on
      > Mobile phones --- Just what we actually need to take off - You know
      > Ugandans love free things
      > Fred: yes :: Thanks Devis
      > Davis: So let me check out for now, but when you get time, please
      send me
      > a mail. I wish I could be chacking here every two hours. For now,
      I wa
      > sjust very lucky to get you online
      > Fred: can i please re have your number
      > Davis: 0752697575
      > Fred: and can u send me an email about these ideas :: i see what
      you mean
      > exactly :: i have to public it :: and we get people who can help ::
      > fdkayiwa AT yahoo.com
      > Davis: Fine I can always send you a kind of a proposal am trying
      to put
      > together. I will try to get time and send it to that e-mail
      address :: bye
      > Fred: see u am on here for a while :: hello
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