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Reminder - next chatroom session Thursday June 5th at 13.00 GMT :

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  • Pamela McLean
    Plan for our book club discussion to be held in the chatroom http://www.worknets.org/chat/base/ on Thursday June 5th at 13.00 GMT : Chris posted some extracts
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2008

      Plan for our book club discussion to be held in the chatroom http://www.worknets.org/chat/base/ on Thursday June 5th  at 13.00 GMT :

      Chris posted some extracts from the Mohamed Yunus Book "Creating a World Without Poverty" so we can start with extracts and try to pull the whole thing together later on.

      Ideally we will all get a chance to read the book sometime, but do not worry if you have not seen it yet.

      The extracts below come from near the end of the book.  I  am going to  put some numbered headings/questions in italics. Then we can use the numbering system to help keep our discussion focussed. (We do not have to discuss them in order, and we can include other questions and topics too.) If you want to add other topic headings or questions to the list please try to send them to Learning From each Other before the chat. If they come early enough I can give them a number and add them to the list.

      I hope to e-meet you on Thursday. Please forward this information to anyone who you think would be interested.

      You do not have to come with answers - just come with an open mind - we can learn from each other just from the questions that we ask.


      Social Action Forum – will Yunus & You create a worldwide happening?

      Having a dream about a better world is fun. Why not interact to help make the reality closer too? My suggestion: create a small organisation we call a Social Action Forum. It can be as small as three people who band together to address a single, manageable local problem. If others want to join that's fine. But if you feel comfortable with three, don't try to expand that number

      1 - Sharing dreams about a better world.

      2 - Possible small steps towards these dreams of a better world

      3 - The idea of a Social Action Forum - what do we think of this idea?

      4 - Any people interested in banding together?

      5 - Ideas for single manageable local problems

      I am planning to create a website where you can register your social action forum. On the website, you can describe your plan for the year, record you thoughts, mention the frustrations and excitement of your work, show the progress you are making, and display pictures relating to your project. To start a Forum –all you need is the willingness and initiative to make a difference.

      6 - It seems (from Chris) that there has been a delay in creating the website but Ed Cherlin has ideas for overcoming the problem. Even if there is not a website straight away we can collect information in our chatroom archives, or elsewhere in Minciu Sodas.

      7 - Sharing plans and progress - including problems as well as successes - online.

      You might start a forum around a neighbourhood improvement. Or if you live in a developing country, the action forum might be built around helping a beggar find a job or self-employment. Some social action forums may remain small, operate for 2 or 3 years and then disband. Others may grow bigger and bigger, and some may become successful businesses.. An idea from one forum may inspire other forums to replicate the idea. A few forums may grow into major programs with the potential to transform societies.

      8 - finding a job or self employment

      9 - sharing and replicating ideas.


      I hope this is helpful. Let us get ready to launch our online bookclub.

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