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  • Samwel Kongere
    Fine Prince, We thought you are somewhere near Accra; all the Same we are still in Ghana. Samwel Prince Obiri-Mainoo wrote: Hello
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2008
      Fine Prince,
      We thought you are somewhere near Accra; all the Same we are still in Ghana.

      Prince Obiri-Mainoo <nationalafrica@...> wrote:
      Hello Samwel,

      Sorry to miss you at the just-ended e-Learning conference in Accra. I led two workshops on Teacher education and e-learning in Ghana. I am now back in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti region where I have my offices set up to promote elearning and computer literacy among others. I hope to be here for several months as I have plans to reach out to  other countries in the sub-region as well. If any of you have contacts in these countries, I will welcome them. Until then, have a safe trip back to Kenya and wish you all the best in  your assignments!
      Prince M. Obiri-Mainoo
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      In Africa, Ghana

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      E-mail: nationalafrica@ yahoo.com

      Your gifts and abilities could become lasting legacy for generations to come. Use them now to bless humanity!

      “Only the best is good enough for Africa” Rev. Dr. James E. Kwegyir Aggrey (1875-1927) -An eminent Ghanaian clergy, missionary, educationist and visionary!

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      Subject: [holistichelping] Travellers Notebook

      Dear Colleagues,
      I am making it clear here again for, I am still in Accra-Ghana for a few days. Tomorrow i go to Winneba West Coast to see Kafui Prebie and the Digital village there and come back on 5Th June To Fly out on 6Th June to Nairobi.
      On 7Th June I will be in Nairobi up to 9Th June. We are leaving Nairobi together with Maria Agnese on 10Th June to sleep in Kisumu; where we will join Fred and Tom Ochuka. On 11Th June we will Travel to Mbita-Rusinga Island with Maria and Fred, visit my family, see the Resource Center between 12Th-15Th June.
      On 16Th Morning we will leave  Mbita to Nakuru to meet Denis Kimambo and Lawrence Achami. One night with Achami will fine having dinner and sharing together. The 17Th June- up to 20Th June Travel to Nairobi to get ready for Dar es Salaam. During this time we will have time to meet Rachael and Ken Owino.
      On 21st June Hopefully travel to Arusha meet Kims and stop one night. On 22ND June we are hoping reach Dar es salaam during the day. As i started earlier I won't several days in Dar due other commitments. I leave on 25Th June to Nairobi-Kisumu- Mbita-Rusinga Island.To prepare myself for the community activity from 28Th to 30Th.
      The ICT meeting at Suba Youth Resource Center is on 1st July and I am waiting to get the confirmation from Dan Otedo, Ronald Omondi, Tom Ochuka, Ken Chelimo, David Mutua etc to be sure of their attendance. Dan will Chair the meeting and I (SAMWEL) facilitate information on how we can handle ICT matters around our region, we will come up with a real plan which cover one year.
      Until then Cheers,

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