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Re: [learningfromeachother] Re: [socialagriculture] What next from MSLab experience

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  • David mutua
    Hi Ken, Thanks for the information and offer, really didnt know you had the books from Pam. Surely no problems if this guys at nafsi would like to continue
    Message 1 of 8 , May 23, 2008

      Hi Ken,

      Thanks for the information and offer, really didnt know you had the books from Pam. Surely no problems if this guys at nafsi would like to continue reading their copies and be part of the Reading club thats ok with me. there must be away of getting an online copy, Isn't? or Pam and i can work on more copies for other members like Emmanuel, Achami and TT members in Kangundo.

      Pam, i have just confirmed a TT meeting with the coordinators tomorrow in Kangundo, any suggestions or questions you would like to ask?


      Ken, will call you over the weekend, couldn't meet you in Nairobi with sam because of finances.



      --- On Fri, 5/23/08, Kennedy.O. Owino <nafsiafricaacro@...> wrote:

      From: Kennedy.O. Owino <nafsiafricaacro@...>
      Subject: [learningfromeachother] Re: [socialagriculture] What next from MSLab experience
      To: learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, May 23, 2008, 5:31 AM

      Hi David then all,

      Thanks for your pragmatic plans.
      We have not communicated since we were together at the seminar
      preliminary to the Peace Caravan.
      The Caravan was quite an eye opening and motivating journey full of
      positive challenges.

      I note your interest in having a copy of the Mohamed Yunus book "How
      to change the world".
      There has been growing interest for other quaters.
      Many others who have seen and peeped or brushed through the book have
      been equally impressed by the intellectual contents of the book.
      While in Lithuania I received six copies from Pam of which i
      distributed to Rachel, Sam, and the other four to Nafsi members
      (Kenneth, Regan, James and Job)
      My plan was to form a Readers group/team who would be meeting
      regularly in open face to face forums or virtually to discuss the topics.
      Unfortunately i have lately been overtaken by so much deadlines to
      beat and lack time enough to co-ordinate the group.

      I will request back three books from Nafsi members and distribute them
      to interested parties who are MSlab participants, who prove to be
      commtited in the discussions and putting into practice what we learn.
      Nafsi members will remain with one book which will be used in
      rotational basis.
      I hope to give David and Emmanuel the priority of having a book each.
      I request Pam to enable the possibility of getting and sending more
      books especially to commited MSl participants.

      My last request goes out to all those who got a copy of the Yunus book
      from me to make a point of being in the chat that Pam is organising
      for 5th June to share our impressions.
      Let's cultivate a reading culture that yields practical developments
      and further nourishes our thinkings.

      All the best,

      Ken Owino
      Nafsi Africa Acrobats.
      www.nafsiafrica. org

      --- In learningfromeachoth er@yahoogroups. com, David mutua
      <davenzainga@ ...> wrote:
      > Dear Pam,
      > Good to know you are back to MSL, have had a discussion with
      Lawrence Achami on establishing an ICT enabled Peace and development
      center in Kuresoi as a follow up efforts of the peace work that has
      been done by POP and others and tying peace work with ICT efforts,
      this is thought to be a pilot project that can be replicated to other
      areas, Achami suggested that ICT acitivity will engage the youths that
      have been used in any fight over years in the area and will get many
      people informed, ICT center with a radio station might be an ideal
      thing for Achami and others advocating for peace to spread the
      information and development broadcasts.
      > About the book how can i get a copy?
      > David
      > --- On Wed, 5/21/08, Pamela McLean pam54321@... wrote:
      > From: Pamela McLean pam54321@...
      > Subject: [learningfromeachot her] Re: [socialagriculture] What next
      from MSLab experience
      > To: socialagriculture@ yahoogroups. com
      > Cc: "Mendenyo Men-denyo" mendenyo@yahoogroup s.com,
      learningfromeachoth er@yahoogroups. com, "Holistic Helping"
      holistichelping@ yahoogroups. com
      > Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2008, 7:39 AM
      > HI Maria, Sam, Andrius and everyone
      > Thanks for your great letters on this thread. I am sorry I have not
      been so active on Minciu Sodas recently. I hope to be more active
      soon. By the way, my absence is no reflection on Minciu Sodas. I do
      want to get back again. It is just that when we were so active with
      PoP many other things got pushed aside - and so it has been necessary
      to give those things more time for a while. When I have "caught up
      with myself" I hope to be back here again.
      > I plan to be in the chat room "as usual" on the first Thursday
      in&nbsp; June&nbsp; - Thurs 5th. If anyone has a copy of the Yunus
      book (Creating a World Without Poverty) - please look at it again
      before the meeting so we can share our impressions with each other -
      and with people who have not seen it yet.
      > Pam

    • Josephat Ndibalema
      Dear Andrius, Maria and all,i m so interested with the discussion goingon about new ways of thinking towards establishing a decentralised organisation of
      Message 2 of 8 , May 24, 2008
        Dear Andrius, Maria and all,i'm so interested with the discussion goingon about new ways of thinking towards establishing a decentralised organisation of our projects..Ms Lab has achieved a lot within a very short period thinking in a positive way and our thoughts have brought impacts to world community,we need to think about new ways of leading,organising our activities in Ms Lab.I believe everyone of us knows and appriciates Andrius's efforts in Ms Labs and is involving us in bulding a network of independence thinkers.I trust our commitments and expect all of us to participate in a new discussion about a new space where freedom is cultivated defining clearly our destined culture and positive livity...developing strategic online critical thinking is much desired for the new space.Thanks to all who contribute towards raising awareness among Ms Lab member participants...we can organising more chats for our discussion..This is what i have for
        today...Josephat Thobias Ndibalema.

        Maria Agnese Giraudo wrote:
        > Dear all, I'm in hurry for my departure to Ghana but I would like to share with all of you  my thought, not only in private communication. I suppose that many of us, as Samwel has written, are missing the opportunities  of sharing ideas together as we were used to  in MSLab.  Andrius has  attracted so many good and active people,  and  we have shared as old time friends. Then we got also moments of very good collaboration, sharing creative ideas and encouraging each other. I consider that experience a good experience, although with limits and mistakes, as many other  human experiences.  Now I see MSLab collaboration as an experience  of the past, to pass through to create a new space of discussion. I would like to share this vision with more people... I see the new space as a network, no owned by anyone, very free and open...but working by a common agreement of all members. The network should  have, 
        > instead of a  centralized structure, a  decentralized one,  in which people are working in a dynamic way, joining together for  specific purpose, organizing conferences and putting together content or   working in small groups or  as individual, depending on the cases. The  collaboration should also  provide assistance and encouragement to all members in developing  projects and entrepreneurship in a very effective way. I emphasize  the fact that  collaboration should be  finalized to reach specific goals in life, not  a simply theoretical thinking! I would like to contribute to some common and natural effort in this direction , no drived by me or somebody else but COMMON, not in competition with MSlab  or other forum,such of OVF....Anyway now I have to focus on my personal goals and on  collaboration with some Kenyans  and Uyoga. I miss  you! Stay in peace! Maria
        > Agnese Samwel Kongere <jambita1@yahoo. com> ha scritto: Hello All,   I have taken sometime out of the forum but happy to be here, great, i am in Nairobi now getting prepared to move to e-learning conference in Ghana. I am leaving on 24Th May Friday 9.00 am Nairobi time by Kenya Airways and will return on the 6Th June. I will take shorter visit and stay in Dar this time due to other Community Commitments at Mbita. Possibly I'll stay for only two days in Nairobi before traveling to
        > Dar es Salaam to meet Uyoga. On 7Th June or 8Th June we will have a meeting with other members in Nairobi. On 9Th June Will travel to Moshi and meet Kims for a night and on 10Th June reach Dar.    I will leave for Nairobi on 15Th June one or two nights in Nairobi and reach Mbita 18Th June to check on ground community work and other involvements. On 1st July hold an ICT meeting with Tom Ochuka, Ken Chelimo, Dan Otedo, David Mutua, Ronald Omondi, Azenath Mituh, a lady from Kisumu and Emmanuel at Suba Youth Resource Center; if others will come, then am to decide on this. It will be a one day meeting, I am going to consult with Ken Owino, Kims, Josephat, Fred and others to iron their next focus on Information Communication Technology Development through this network. In this meeting, we will draw a plan on how, we are going to work locally and globally connecting each of our , ideas, endeavors, strengths, values and
        > plans. At the Mbita meeting; will come out with a brochure elaborating our respective fields, interests, groupings,  projects etc. to guide our work up to July 2009.    I know, we all know how far Mbita-Rusinga Island is: we have to arrange for our own time because this is just a plan out of discussion with Chelimo,  Mutua et el. I am only trying to create a focus where we started with the Includer, information Sharing, Partnerships and general mobilization of Sustainable development in ICT4D at the grassroot levels.   Previously Andrius/Chris, We discussed the office/house next to Kibera, good although Ken Owino found one house in Kibera but it is not at a safer place for doing includer work. We are still looking for a better house, which can accommodate Ken Owino, our Members and visitors but not far from Kibera. The Exchange, training for the includer work is our priority here, Where members
        > can come Train and share experiences.   I thank all of us for taking this forum this far and need to return our cohesiveness; harmony of understanding each of us as independent thinkers, leaders, with values not idlers who wait to see what happens in one another backyard and customs in it. Presumably; all the groupings are good because it makes things come to the surface, I love this forum hahaha!!!!!,  I would love to say, that, this MS Lab is a networking place, where you meet and think independently as leaders, disagree to agree not donor place for your projects. In some cases you can think loud but not to the extreme.   Bye!! Bye!!! My Mentors, great people. Samwel   ricardoolpc <ricardoolpc@ yahoo.co. uk> wrote: Hi Andrius Congratulations! !! That's great news, after all your effort. Blogging should really raise the profile, and the grant should help a lot. We'll have to have a chat sometime about the way forward for the
        Includer idea. As well as the Includer device, I see that the summary also mentions blogging about physically transporting data (Sneakernets) . That's something Samwel will hopefully be doing a presentation on at the eLearning conference in Accra, Ghana. Well done! Ricardo --- In mendenyo@yahoogroup s.com , "Andrius Kulikauskas" <ms@...> wrote: > > Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada! I have secretly arrived here but today > I can share the secret. Do you remember our application for the Knight > News Challenge last October? We are one of 16 winners out of 3,000 >
        > applicants. > > I asked for about $300,000 for us to build 200 Includers. Instead, they > decided to grant me $15,000 to blog for one year at the PBS website > http://www.pbs org/mediashift/ about our efforts. This will be very great > exposure for all of our projects. And our lab and our Includer will be > alive for one year and surely we will accomplish much! especially to reach > out and include the hard to reach. > > Congratulations and thank you to Ricardo, Samwel Kongere, Kennedy Owino, > Janet Feldman, Sasha Mrkailo, Maria Agnese Giraudo and all who helped with > our proposal, and more importantly, who have helped to make our dreams > real. I leave on Thursday for San Francisco and I will be in the Bay Area > for a couple of weeks and hope to catch up with our projects. > > Peace, Andrius
        > Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms lt, ms@..., +1 > 312 618 3345. > > ------------ --- > The Includer > $15,000 > Blogger > > Andrius Kulikauskas will blog about different methods of getting digital > information to rural areas that don’t have Internet access. He will > discuss using a “reader,� or a device for writing and reviewing text files > stored on any USB flash drive. The device is meant for people in rural > areas with marginal online access so that messages can be physically > transported to and from places connected to the Internet. In this system, > an individual would load a USB drive at an Internet café, then travel to a > village where the information could be read with another device. This > method will be discussed in contrast to the pros and cons of using
        > the > $100 wireless laptop. > > Winner Andrius Kulikauskas is a dual citizen of Lithuania and the United > States. In 1998, he founded Minciu Sodas, an online laboratory for serving > independent thinkers around the world. He wants to organize 100,000 of > them, enough for a vibrant culture. He organizes them by asking: What is > your deepest value in life? What is a question that you don’t know the > answer to, but wish to answer? What would you like to achieve? His own > deepest value is “living by truth.â€� > > > -------- > > > Knight News Challenge > 2008 Winners Announced Today > At E&P/Mediaweek Interactive Media Conference > Award recipients include World Wide Web > Inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee > LAS VEGAS â€" Sixteen ideas to fund innovative digital projects around the > world were awarded $5.5
        > million dollars today from the John S. and James > L. Knight Foundation. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide > Web, accepted one of the awards for a project that will create a > technology to give users more information about the origins and sourcing > of digital content. > > Berners-Lee' s project is a partnership between the Media Standards Trust > and the UK-based Web Science Research Initiative, of which he is a > director. > > This is the second year of the $25 million Knight News Challenge, which > funds digital information innovations that transform community life. > > Announced at the Interactive Media Conference in Las Vegas, this year's > projects will touch people in rural India, the townships of South Africa > and on college campuses across the United States, among other places. The > winners' ideas
        > include: > > Using the Web to solicit funding from the public to pay for investigative > journalism projects > Creating software that allows a computer to become a digital radio > transmitter, significantly reducing the cost of setting up community news > stations in India > Blogging to discuss the idea of interactive games where students measure > and track their personal demand on natural resources. > The prizes ranged from $15,000 to $876,000, and were given to individuals, > philanthropic organizations and for-profit businesses, including the > Bakersfield Californian newspaper. Ten winners were from the United > States, and six were from Canada, England, Lithuania, South Africa, > Zimbabwe and Russia. > > "Just as the Knight brothers used their newspapers to help create the > conversations about improving life in their communities, we look
        > forward > to these projects that use new information tools to inform and inspire > community," said Alberto Ibargüen, president and CEO of Knight Foundation. > > In 2007, the Knight News Challenge awarded $12 million to 25 digital > innovators. > > This year, several projects focus on bridging the digital divide, such as > one to deliver news by text message to inexpensive cell phones used in > developing countries. Often these mobile phones are the only modern > communications devices in a community. > > Other projects sought to develop tools that make it easy for anyone, not > just technology specialists, to join the digital conversation. > > "More and more, if you're not in the digital conversation about your > community, you're not in a conversation that matters," Ibargüen said. > > The number of applicants for Knight
        > News Challenge increased 82 percent in > its second year, to 3,000. The percentage of foreign applicants increased > to 40 percent from 15 percent in 2007. The contest was advertised in 10 > languages. It also featured a special "Young Creators" category to reward > the ideas of those who are 25 and younger. > > Six of this year's winners were "Young Creators." > > "We're excited that young people want to use their ideas and skills to > help inform people in new ways and help those people create stronger > communities, " said Eric Newton, vice president of Knight Foundation's > journalism program. > > ### > > Media Resources: > > Knight News Challenge Web site: http://www.newschal lenge.org > Hi-res photos of the winners: http://www.kflinks com/knc-photos > Winner bios and project descriptions: http://www.kflinks com/knc- bios > Winners contact information: http://www.kflinks com/winners- contact > Knight Foundation factsheet: http://www.kflinks
        com/kf-factsheet > Knight News Challenge factsheet: http://www.kflinks com/knc- factsheet > This document: http://www.kflinks com/knc-release > General media contact: Marc Fest, Knight Foundation vice president for > Communications, 305-908-2677, fest@... > > > -- > Minciu Sodas > http://www.ms lt > ms@... >
        > +1 312 618 3345 >
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