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Re: [lovingGod] Congratulations from the Knight News Challenge!

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  • Benoit Couture
    Salut Andrius, Great news for all! When I read: Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada! and then what followed, I had a spontanious thought that could perhaps
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2008
      Salut Andrius,
      Great news for all! 
      When I read:
      "Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada!"  and then what followed, 
      I had a spontanious thought  that could perhaps become part of your blogging aims, in this world capital of gambling.
      Because of the nature of Las Vegas and because of your gift for mathematic, perhaps that John Rogers, Chris Macrae and yourself could get familiar with The Prediction Markets Industry. 
      Together, you could maybe engineer a step by step process to generate the financial input needed to support the development of various initiatives. 
      The image offered through The Prediction Market Industry could evolve from a frame by frame development, generating interest with the foresight of various trends, anticipating the demands by which the "Produces" of Minciu Sodas could supply the leads from concept to distribution, like a complete global farmers market. 
      In so doing, your blogging could become a year of consolidation for the passage in which everything gets to be applied usefully.
      You can explore The Prediction Market at:
      John Delaney of  
      is one the main person to contact for indepth exploration of this new industry.
      ...may all blessings be with us all...

      Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada! I have secretly arrived here but today
      I can share the secret. Do you remember our application for the Knight
      News Challenge last October? We are one of 16 winners out of 3,000

      I asked for about $300,000 for us to build 200 Includers. Instead, they
      decided to grant me $15,000 to blog for one year at the PBS website
      http://www.pbs. org/mediashift/ about our efforts. This will be very great
      exposure for all of our projects. And our lab and our Includer will be
      alive for one year and surely we will accomplish much! especially to reach
      out and include the hard to reach.

      Congratulations and thank you to Ricardo, Samwel Kongere, Kennedy Owino,
      Janet Feldman, Sasha Mrkailo, Maria Agnese Giraudo and all who helped with
      our proposal, and more importantly, who have helped to make our dreams
      real. I leave on Thursday for San Francisco and I will be in the Bay Area
      for a couple of weeks and hope to catch up with our projects.

      Peace, Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms. lt, ms@..., +1
      312 618 3345.

      ------------ ---
      The Includer

      Andrius Kulikauskas will blog about different methods of getting digital
      information to rural areas that don’t have Internet access. He will
      discuss using a “reader,” or a device for writing and reviewing text files
      stored on any USB flash drive. The device is meant for people in rural
      areas with marginal online access so that messages can be physically
      transported to and from places connected to the Internet. In this system,
      an individual would load a USB drive at an Internet café, then travel to a
      village where the information could be read with another device. This
      method will be discussed in contrast to the pros and cons of using the
      $100 wireless laptop.

      Winner Andrius Kulikauskas is a dual citizen of Lithuania and the United
      States. In 1998, he founded Minciu Sodas, an online laboratory for serving
      independent thinkers around the world. He wants to organize 100,000 of
      them, enough for a vibrant culture. He organizes them by asking: What is
      your deepest value in life? What is a question that you don’t know the
      answer to, but wish to answer? What would you like to achieve? His own
      deepest value is “living by truth.”


      Knight News Challenge
      2008 Winners Announced Today
      At E&P/Mediaweek Interactive Media Conference
      Award recipients include World Wide Web
      Inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee
      LAS VEGAS — Sixteen ideas to fund innovative digital projects around the
      world were awarded $5.5 million dollars today from the John S. and James
      L. Knight Foundation. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide
      Web, accepted one of the awards for a project that will create a
      technology to give users more information about the origins and sourcing
      of digital content.

      Berners-Lee' s project is a partnership between the Media Standards Trust
      and the UK-based Web Science Research Initiative, of which he is a

      This is the second year of the $25 million Knight News Challenge, which
      funds digital information innovations that transform community life.

      Announced at the Interactive Media Conference in Las Vegas, this year's
      projects will touch people in rural India, the townships of South Africa
      and on college campuses across the United States, among other places. The
      winners' ideas include:

      Using the Web to solicit funding from the public to pay for investigative
      journalism projects
      Creating software that allows a computer to become a digital radio
      transmitter, significantly reducing the cost of setting up community news
      stations in India
      Blogging to discuss the idea of interactive games where students measure
      and track their personal demand on natural resources.
      The prizes ranged from $15,000 to $876,000, and were given to individuals,
      philanthropic organizations and for-profit businesses, including the
      Bakersfield Californian newspaper. Ten winners were from the United
      States, and six were from Canada, England, Lithuania, South Africa,
      Zimbabwe and Russia.

      "Just as the Knight brothers used their newspapers to help create the
      conversations about improving life in their communities, we look forward
      to these projects that use new information tools to inform and inspire
      community," said Alberto Ibargüen, president and CEO of Knight Foundation.

      In 2007, the Knight News Challenge awarded $12 million to 25 digital

      This year, several projects focus on bridging the digital divide, such as
      one to deliver news by text message to inexpensive cell phones used in
      developing countries. Often these mobile phones are the only modern
      communications devices in a community.

      Other projects sought to develop tools that make it easy for anyone, not
      just technology specialists, to join the digital conversation.

      "More and more, if you're not in the digital conversation about your
      community, you're not in a conversation that matters," Ibargüen said.

      The number of applicants for Knight News Challenge increased 82 percent in
      its second year, to 3,000. The percentage of foreign applicants increased
      to 40 percent from 15 percent in 2007. The contest was advertised in 10
      languages. It also featured a special "Young Creators" category to reward
      the ideas of those who are 25 and younger.

      Six of this year's winners were "Young Creators."

      "We're excited that young people want to use their ideas and skills to
      help inform people in new ways and help those people create stronger
      communities, " said Eric Newton, vice president of Knight Foundation's
      journalism program.


      Media Resources:

      Knight News Challenge Web site: http://www.newschal lenge.org
      Hi-res photos of the winners: http://www.kflinks. com/knc-photos
      Winner bios and project descriptions: http://www.kflinks. com/knc-bios
      Winners contact information: http://www.kflinks. com/winners- contact
      Knight Foundation factsheet: http://www.kflinks. com/kf-factsheet
      Knight News Challenge factsheet: http://www.kflinks. com/knc-factshee t
      This document: http://www.kflinks. com/knc-release
      General media contact: Marc Fest, Knight Foundation vice president for
      Communications, 305-908-2677, fest@knightfoundati on.org

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