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  • Pamela McLean
    Dear Ken, Andrius, Maria and everyone. I love this letter of Ken s included below about Whose truth is truth? (we all see things in so many different ways).
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2008
      Dear Ken, Andrius, Maria and everyone.

      I love this letter of Ken's included below about "Whose truth is truth?" (we all see things in so many different ways).
      I look forward to responding to it, but will have no opportunity to get properly active online again until probably the end of next week.

      Ken, you also asked elsewhere about the book club.  I look forward to  sorting that out with you properly as well. The London group has held its  first meeting, where it discussed the  first two chapters.  I don't know how easy it is for your club members to join together for discussions compared to the London group. Obviously the more scattered the members are, the less often they can meet, and therefore the more they are expected to read between the meetings. I hope that in Minciu Sodas we will do online follow-up as (perhaps through LFEO, perhas the chat room)  but not everyone in the Kenya F2F group will want to do F2F and online - my hope is that you will link the two.

      I suggest that there will be four main questions to bear in mind while reading the book (see below). The first question will always be relevant. Question 2 may not always be so relevant, but when it is then please go on to consider question 3 - and if 3 goes well then try 4 too.
      1. What does this mean? (i.e. Are we all clear what is being said? What do we remember of the ideas expressed? etc)
      2. What does this mean to us? (i.e. Does this section of the book have any relevance to Kenya? If so does it have relevance nationally, or does it have relevance locally?)
      3. If it has relevance locally what does that mean in theory and in practice (i.e. Are there any projects that we are doing, or could do , that are relevant to the section in the book?)
      4. If it does have practical relevance what could we do to apply the ideas in the book?
      I look forward to deciding how we will move on with the book club and sharing ideas that it generates. I hope in the long term it will lead to other things
      • More learning together
      • More practical projects related to education, training, job creation, and other steps towards building a better future.
      I think that the structures developed to tackle the post-election turmoil could be used as a foundation to cascade anything we do which is worth sharing.

      Through PoP we developed human networks, and trust, and developed ways of communicating effectively. These ways of communicating should get even better thanks to the Includer work and also greater use of phones linked to the Internet.

      I believe that developing some shared ideas though book clubs is a good way to start thinking about ways to build a better future.


      On 10/04/2008, Kennedy Owino <nafsiafricaacro@...> wrote:

      But Whose Truth is the Truth
      It is fortunate that this topic is being generated here again but unfortunate that it is generating emotional flares.
      I would like to parlay a good mood and initiate an understanding of the bottom of the matter as Maria has asked.
      In my line of sight it is just confusion, a big confusion, I am confused too, and my thoughts that determined my path disillusioned.
      I bet and agree that a clarification is necessary
      From Maria's concern it is evident that our thoughts, or works are starting off in a potentially negative direction, a control in the direction of this subject matter is important.
      In the recent past the forum has been bombarded by a rampage of ideas  trickling in and out, top bottom and vice versa. And expectations regarding PoP and the issue of structures revisited now and again.
      A number of organizational structure have been suggested and the current command structure is not taken kindly by the whole, while others still don't  fully comprehend it.
      I belief this is the time to make matters clear, harmonize and sort the clutter of thoughts for clarity.
      Yes it is true Maria, we had a discussion with Pamela , and Andrius, and unfortunate that you were not present to discuss with you too.
      My deepest intention was to understand your perspectives on PoP as people at the helm and how you are connected organization wise at the top.
      I remember a social enterprise model for PoP emerging from our discussion and I even intimated my reservations about it and concern particularly because of the questions that arise regarding the legality of PoP.
      People ask what is PoP ? is it an N.G.O? Trust? Or what? It is difficult for us to get people to understand all about it.
      My understanding is that it has been an initiative conceptualized to respond to the violence that rocked Kenya.
      It comprised a loose network of independent thinkers who are guided by a command structure in place.
      The command structure has a chief commander and grass root commanders sharing authority.
      I had no misgivings about this until I learnt what level or next step that PoP would graduate to.
      A  registered social enterprise that respond to the hazards/threats to peace in a society, enemies of a society that is.
      Were we talking about M.S.L or PoP? I don't know, must be confused?
      I suggested then that this should be clear to all stakeholders to enable everyone know how they fit in.
      Some of the enemies of a society include ignorance, poverty, under development, marginalization e.t.c
      I completely concurred with Andrius on this point but had to consult to help make an individual decision whether I would give my self in playing a lead role (as a champion, commander or leader) of a social enterprise.
      I offered my concern about how difficult it would be for us at the grass root to go about seeking for funds under a social enterprise title rather than a charity title and even offered that it is really difficult for such an approach in Kenya.
      I also raised a question of now that peace is slowly returning to Kenya , should we redirect our focuss? and Andrius suggested that we should identify other priorities such as the threats to a peaceful society.
      So my question is, is PoP a Social registered enterprise or how would we define it?
      This will help me as an individual know how well I fit in and determine what actions to make.
      The value of my perspective enables me to make valuable personal preference.
      I would like to understand from a deeper level, and broader perspective.
      I fully subscribe to the principle under which M.S.L is built, that is developing around independent thinkers and helping each other grow by cultivating relationships that embody love and trust.
      An orchard of ideas that produce bountiful harvest, Our harvests should produce more seeds that we can sow again and again.
      I honestly appreciate Andrius efforts in harnessing ideas and creating room for diverse thoughts and experiences.
      I however hold qualms especially regarding the definition of PoP.
      At the moment I am content and at home with how we have been managing it (command structure) but a little adjustment is necessary.
      A model with a vision that is equally shared by all with or without structures, hierarchy but a simple basis of understanding makes it all fit together.
      I asked questions and responded to questions to know how all of this fits together.
      That's all about what we discussed unless I missed some points or misinterpreted some of the issues.
      Now I give my thoughts, I can't determine what I want but my life experiences does.
      Through my personal experiences and interactions, i gain knowledge and knowledge only comes when i clearly understand.
      I believe that we all co-created PoP, our initial gentle small thoughts generated to make powerful beliefs, the longer we thought the thoughts, the stronger we became.
      I have been in a virtual society where I have had immediate access to almost all information, that is happening around the planet, a space bombarded by thoughts that, at times feel invasive to my personal experiences. And so the idea of controlling my thoughts when there are so many other thoughts coming fourth seems impossible. It seems, instead, rather normal to give my attention to whatever is in front of me.
      But at times Unwanted must be allowed for the wanted to be received.
      Would it be nicer if we would improve the way we relate?
      Would it be nicer if we bring ourselves into alignment with our desires, preference, vision and interests that we launched at both consciousness and unconsciousness level?
      Would it be nicer if we declare our visions and interests that guide our contributions in PoP?
      Would it be nicer if we decide a structure for PoP that would be accommodated and acceptable by  all not making people pull out but attracting more participants?
      Would it be nicer thinking about registering PoP and considering grassroot ownership?Would it be nicer if we help each other grow, and consider support and credit for people who dedicate their entire time molding our thoughts into reality at the expense of their comfort zones, people like Andrius? 
      A built in easy to understand guidance system with indicators that would help us understand the path we take is necessary.
      I conclude by saying am eager to fly on the flag of PoP, there is so much to do, so much that I want to do, and am looking forward to smiling and meaning it and laughing and really feeling it.
      Ken Owino
      Nafsi Africa Acrobats

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