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Let's make plans

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Edwine, Charles, Lawrence, Fred and all, Thank you for your letters that continue to move us to be concerned about the troubles in Kenya, Uganda and all the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2008
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      Edwine, Charles, Lawrence, Fred and all,

      Thank you for your letters that continue to move us to be concerned
      about the troubles in Kenya, Uganda and all the world.

      I encourage all of us to be bold as leaders. I myself am catching up
      with lots of paperwork, including my tax papers, because I leave for a
      long journey to the United States. I fly to Dublin, Ireland on Sunday,
      April 20, then to Chicago on Tuesday, April 22, to San Jose, California
      on Tuesday, April 29, and to San Diego on Saturday, May 3. I don't plan
      to return home to Lithuania until the fall.

      I urge us to consider the cycle "take a stand, follow through, reflect,
      take a stand, follow through, reflect, ....". We have dedicated several
      months to intense action in Kenya. Now, as much as possible, I
      encourage us to reflect, to consider what we care and what we think, and
      bring from within ourselves a new stand, what do we believe?

      I am keen to listen to us, what do we care about? how do we wish to
      grow? what questions would we like to explore? what would we like to
      achieve? We have lists of our values, our questions, and a diagram of
      our endeavors:
      I will be working with our answers and will try to organize them so that
      we can know how we might best invest in ourselves so that we dedicate
      ourselves fully even as we serve others.

      I encourage us to think openly and write honestly about our personal
      dreams. This is what makes us interesting to others. And this will let
      us reach out to those who have resources. We can ask, what can Africa
      do for others? and I think that will be much more helpful than asking,
      what can they do for Africa?

      I will be traveling to various events where I can include new people who
      might share their dreams and work with us, too. April 30 to May 3 I
      will be in San Jose for News Tools 2008 http://www.newstools2008.org for
      the future of journalism. I invite all of our online activists to join
      me there and sign up at their social networking site
      http://newstools2008.ning.com and try to get to know the people there
      http://newstools2008.ning.com/profiles/friend/list I am glad that
      Kiyavilo Msekwa, Fred Kayiwa and Sasha Mrkailo are all there. By
      interacting there we can make clear the value of our global team and our
      ability to organize hundreds of citizen journalists. We can find people
      who are interested in the Includer http://www.includer.org and other
      projects and we can help them get a sense of what is the reality
      on-the-ground around the world. We can help them think broader, think
      inclusively, and think about the big picture. This makes us valuable
      and helps us find work. The key is to know ourselves personally, what
      do each of us want to be and to do and to think? and that is what makes
      it meaningful for people that we engage them.

      With your help, in three to six months we might find more work (just as
      we did with My Food Story) and be able to provide paid work for our
      global team.

      This is what I can offer now. I will also offer more explicit
      leadership as we sort out where and how we'd like to pursue command
      structure and consensus structure. My priority is that we work on our
      personal wishes, then come together for local projects (as in Kibera)
      and also reach out to include others (especially in our online work) and
      develop the roots of our work so that we are ready should we get funding
      for a larger project for our global team.

      Ediwne, Fred and all, I am sure it is frustrating if you see opportunity
      but don't have resources to act. I encourage you to reach out to
      people, even one or two, and help them participate in our online
      community. If they have emails, then get their permission and we will
      sign them up to one of our groups, be sure to write about their
      interests so we know which group might be best. If they don't have
      emails, then help them set up an email account, and likewise if they
      don't have Internet, help them get connected. It may be just one
      person, but they are a seed and they will give many more seeds in the
      future. We don't have to do everything ourselves - we can leave plenty
      for others to do - but we want to keep doing something. And as we work
      for the long term we will be well prepared to help with profound change
      when our time comes!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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