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Andrius travels to California with proposal

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi! I am getting ready to travel on April 20 to Dublin, Ireland, then April 22 to Chicago, Illinois, and then on April 29 to Silicon Valley in California
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2008
      Hi! I am getting ready to travel on April 20 to Dublin, Ireland, then
      April 22 to Chicago, Illinois, and then on April 29 to Silicon Valley in
      California where I will attend the News Tools 2008 conference
      http://www.newstools2008.org and look for clients for our Includer
      http://www.includer.org but especially for our network of independent
      thinkers who participate even with marginal Internet access.

      I share below a proposal for $500,000 which I wrote for Yahoo but could
      be adapted for other companies as well. We have a very profound network
      and we can apply ourselves vigorously to be true to our concerns even as
      we reach out to engage others. I appreciate our thoughts.

      I am also looking for a place to stay not far from public transport by
      which I could get to the Yahoo conference center in Sunnyvale,
      California. I will stay in the Bay Area until May 5 or so, and then fly
      to San Diego. Please let me know if you would like to meet! Andrius


      I have been thinking about how our Minciu Sodas lab might relevant to
      Yahoo groups and online community. Our lab is good at organizing people
      around the world and helping them grow in consciousness as self-directed
      independent thinkers. I think of two possibilities:

      A) Inward economy with Friends. We have our own internal economy which
      is a strong gift economy to support each other's projects with air
      travel, computers, paid work, etc. We also do work for clients (like My
      Food Story http://www.myfoodstory.com) and on projects (like the Ethical
      Public Domain workshop for the EU http://www.ethicalpublicdomain.org)
      where we meet each other half-way, so that hundreds of self-directed
      workers are building momentum for the client's project while also
      furthering their own projects. We could encourage other Yahoo groups to
      participate in such an internal economy (with one or more community
      currencies) to encourage many small projects.

      B) Outward economy with Enemies. We do outreach and we could work to
      expand our network of independent thinkers into more regions and thus
      grow an asset of a human network that all can share. This human network
      can then be mobilized swiftly in the event of an emergency (such as
      pandemic flu) in the spirit of "love your enemy" which we exemplified in
      Kenya by engaging the youth who were blocking the roads (We organized
      100 peacemakers to avert genocide http://www.pyramidofpeace.net ). I
      think we could engage the stakeholders (employees, customers,
      shareholders) of a company (such as Yahoo, Microsoft or Google) and seek
      moral accountability for all aspects of work. A team of a few hundred
      activists and a few thousand supporters could seize moral control of a
      large corporation by reaching out towards enemies and inviting them into
      our network. Intense scrutiny of a corporation would sharpen its share
      price and thus increase its utility as an investment vehicle and thus
      attract more kinds of investment and thus raise the share price in the
      long term. This might be very relevant to Yahoo to make it less
      attractive to immoral people or to make Microsoft more attractive to
      moral people.

      I separate the two economies because the Inward economy is the key to
      our sustainability in the world we wish to create, whereas the Outward
      economy is effective in the world we find ourselves in. Our priority
      should be our inward economy.

      At this time an optimal size of project for us would be $500,000 for one
      year and would include work with both "friends" and "enemies". We would
      distribute that roughly:
      * $60,000 for me, Commander-in-Chief
      * 5 x $12,000, Commanders / Strategists
      * 24 x $2,500, Peacemakers / Coaches
      * 120 x $500, Peacemakers / Center Leaders
      * 600 x $100, Investigators / Project Leaders
      * 3000 x $20, Project Team Members
      * 15000 x $4, Project Team Members
      and leave the rest as a buffer or a profit for our lab.

      For a rather large global team, where the rewards for the lower levels
      would be not cash, but something useful such as free use of an Internet
      connection at a center. We would organize independent thinkers in
      cash-poor economies so that online they can engage people in the
      cash-rich world in meaningful ways, such as helping people find each
      other and build relationships, analyzing obscure but important issues,
      bringing in fresh perspectives and making the whole world relevant.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      skype: minciusodas
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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