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Re: A Holistic/Helping Vision Statement: We Are All POP Creators and Responsible

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  • fdkayiwa
    ... into mutual completion? ... Nation-States, but ultimately, I bring sovereignty at the personal ... and the capacity to implement these decisions with
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 10, 2008
      --- In learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com, Benoit Couture
      <benoitctr@...> wrote:
      > Salut Andrius, Janet, Pam, Charles and all,
      > When thinking of independent thinkers, I ask myself:
      > "Where and how do Sovereignty and Independent Thinkers connect
      into mutual completion?"
      > Usually, Sovereignty is used at the level of Monarchies and/or
      Nation-States, but ultimately, I bring sovereignty at the personal
      and communal level by defining it with:
      > "Soveriegnty is the ability to make decisions in serene maturity
      and the capacity to implement these decisions with complete wisdom and
      > Based on that definition, I hope to see the emergence of remedies
      that can be used globally, such as the Recovery Road from
      self-destruction to self-control and community self-government and The
      Faculty of Living where can be assembled all human experiences,
      knowledge, sciences and faculties into forming the common denominator
      of all
      > human expressions of sovereignty.
      > To go along with that definition, as an independent thinker who
      seeks out the Sovereign framework, I wrote:
      > "The nature of collectivist says: "It takes the village to raise a
      child". The nature of individualist says: "Who am I? I need to know!"
      The nature of knowledge says: "The culture of interdependence in
      serenity is the health of mutuality between the village and who we
      each are!"
      > "Currently, we are at a junction of history when the
      incompatibilities of the past collectivist ruling units, such as the
      various war machines and their specific contexts, are resisting the
      individualism that has taken on a corporate shape, and goes on acting
      as individuals, competing for survival in an unsustainable village.
      For both, the individual and the village, the genuine paradigm shift
      comes from discovering the passage from competing to completing, just
      like the village needs to do with great dedication when the child
      becomes a teen, in making room for the teen's deployment in the
      > "Failing to do so keeps the teen from getting to know who she/he is,
      therefore keeping her/him to take her/his place in the smooth running
      of the village. Our Western modern society is made of several
      generations in which the villages have been built to satisfy corporate
      individualism, supporting competition and forgetting about completion.
      As a result, the corporate agenda finds itself having to re-invent the
      wheel of life with artificial intelligence, leaving behind the
      cultivation needed for the village and the individual's continuity
      into maturing."
      > "The vacuum that this is creating is digging a groove which will
      collapse under the weight of indifference and ignorance merging in
      reply to injustice, as we see throughout human history. When the
      collapse becomes inevitable, all the war machines will be forced to
      merge into the corporate agenda, putting in place the artificial
      mechanisms to keep the masses of villages from interfering with the
      powers that be, who never had time to adjust to the assembling of
      going from competing to completing, but who suddenly, will have to
      behave according to the teens' uprise against the village."
      > "Instead of witnessing the beauty of a paradigm shift in serenity,
      the entity of terror-anti-terror is moving globalization with the
      forces of extreme tensions, which forces the governance of paradox
      rule upon humanity. The village and the teens have to learn quickly
      how to fill the vacuum caused from all that's been denied by the race
      to get to the top by competing, as opposed to completing. While
      learning quickly, we must be careful to avoid being hurried by the
      tyrrany of urgency, so as to defeat the stress of extreme tensions.
      > "My prayer and hope for Minciu Sodas and the culture of independent
      thinkers is to see the Web 2.0 to serve the coming of Web 3.0 in the
      release of serenity between the village and the child, where the
      freedom of thinking independently can be cultivated within the
      sovereignty of dignity and of sanctity of the spirit, soul and body
      ...amen to God's Yes in us all...
      > ...may all blessings be with us all...
      > BenoƮt Couture
      > Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      > Charles, Thank you for your wonderful reply. I will give
      heart to your
      > directions. Pamela, Thank you for your letter!
      > Janet, Thank you for your letter, your care, your vision and your
      > leadership.
      > I have taken full responsibility for the Pyramid of Peace - which
      > includes life and death decisions - so that others might not have to.
      > My stand is inclusive rather than exclusive. I welcome others who wish
      > to take full responsibility. There are very few people who wish to take
      > responsibility beyond their own person, interests, location, tribe,
      > group and I have acknowledged Dennis, Kennedy, Rachel as consistently
      > exercising such responsibility. Taking full responsibility means the
      > ability to command oneself, and consequently, to take commands and to
      > give commands, by applying one's authority rather than one's power, so
      > that each participant is truly free.
      > Kennedy, Thank you for your letter. I clarify that Minciu Sodas is a
      > registered business and I have no plans to organize Pyramid of Peace in
      > any formal way, as an enterprise or organization or otherwise.
      > Kenneth, What is your dissatisfaction?
      > Janet, I wish to separate our two projects, the consensus structure and
      > command structure. I myself don't want to participate in a consensus
      > structure at this time, except to be supportive as I would with any
      > project undertaken by independent thinkers at our Minciu Sodas
      > laboratory. I hear the words but I haven't yet tasted the fruit.
      > With every letter I have brought out the contributions of hundreds of
      > people who have participated and I have also made them available by
      > sharing their phone numbers. I have not had purpose to highlight my own
      > role because my goal is to include others. However, in my
      > understanding, I am the one who has pulled together the Pyramid of
      > so that it is more than the sum of its parts. I have:
      > * organized the online environment Minciu Sodas
      > * proposed the emergency response network
      > * January 2, 2:00 am: proposed a leader - and when this was not
      > sufficient - promptly took responsibility as the leader
      > * January 2, 11:00 am: set the initiative in motion by sending money
      > instructions to Uganda and Tanzania during the media blackout
      > * January 2: expanded the scope beyond our acquaintances by reaching
      > to help and include those in greater need, such as Muyela and Amos
      > * January 2: organized the creation of wiki pages and a team of online
      > assistants at our chat room (thank you to Sasha Mrkailo and all who
      > * January 2: collected and distributed the money that represented a
      > group effort (and personally donated or raised about half of that
      > being the giver of first and last resort for strategic projects)
      > * January 4: organized with Sasha the comments to bloggers which led
      > them to highlight the work of Dennis and REPACTED and Kennedy and Nafsi
      > Afrika and their pyramids, we're responsible for about 75% of the links
      > to our work and the Pyramid of Peace.
      > * January 5, 6:00 am: identified Dennis in Nakuru as the person who was
      > able to receive money
      > * January 5, 6:00 am: in conversation with Dennis, and in response to
      > Jackton's family's plight, designed the distribution mechanism of 1)
      > sending money to Dennis 2) so he could buy phone credits 3) so he could
      > send them to Jackton 4) so Jackton could trade them for food.
      > * January 6, 4:00 am: created a wiki page and encouraged the collection
      > and posting of phone numbers of people who we reach out to.
      > * January 6, 4:00 am: identified the need to reach out to the Kalenjin
      > to avert hunger and genocide by freeing the roads so that food can
      > * January 6: dedicated and sent thousands of dollars, made contact with
      > Wesley Chirchir Chebii and other Kalenjins through Kennedy's and
      > Dennis's networks, outlined the strategy of "love your enemy", the
      > principle of fighting peacefully, distributing the airtime as wide and
      > small as possible to embrace enemies, and requiring that phone numbers
      > be collected and posted publicly.
      > * January 9: I introduced the name "Pyramid of Peace" to refer to "our
      > system for halting genocide". I shared a plan for our long term work in
      > Kenya and the importance of not restricting ourselves to Kenya, but to
      > be responding to genocide around the world
      > * January 10: I purchased the domain www.pyramidofpeace.net
      > My letters are at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/
      > I did this with no support from any "consensus" but rather I showed
      > is possible by a single person taking action. I worked with people who
      > knew me, but also with total strangers. I included dozens of people who
      > were at a loss of what to do. Many people outside and inside our
      > laboratory were frustrated that "there is nothing we can do!"
      > I have created a system where hundreds of people were able to take
      > action that they dreamed of without having to get my permission, or
      > anybody else's, but simply following some basic principles of working
      > publicly and embracing enemies. We are blessed with inspiring accounts
      > that will someday make for an epic poem. I worked to make sure that we
      > took many small risks, but avoided big ones. I made sure that our
      > investments gave rise to a lasting structure, and I identified the
      > leaders who lived by principles that we could invest in. I actively
      > consulted with our leaders and formulated the plans for all of our
      > strategic operations. In particular, I convinced Rachel, over her
      > objections, that it was indeed possible to send peacemakers to Naivasha
      > to open the roads - so long as they were Kikuyus - and asked her to
      > the team, which led to our great victory, for which I gave Rachel and
      > her team great credit - they achieved with wonderful creativity more
      > than I could even imagine - yet clearly they would not have gone at all
      > without my leadership. Given the opportunity, and the support and
      > encouragement from our leaders in Kenya, I have formalized the command
      > structure so that we could continue in this way until today.
      > I write this to make clear the way that I have enjoyed participating,
      > without restriction and without consensus. I am happy to live in a
      > world where there are many many command structures and they overlap and
      > support each other. I don't have the interest or energy to work towards
      > consensus.
      > I have many other concerns now... but at this time, given our
      > differences, I will focus on organizing a clear command structure so
      > that there is no doubt about my authority or those leaders who
      > participate with me. I see some value in a consensus structure, but for
      > me that is secondary, and I wish to care about that later, and I
      > encourage those who provide leadership for the consensus structure
      to do
      > so.
      > I think that I have invested enormously in the use of the words
      > of Peace". Indeed, Janet, you have mentioned that it's not the name you
      > would choose. I am willing to let go of that name and move on with a
      > new name. I have encouraged us to support all of our organizations,
      > Rachel Wambui Kungu's Voluntary Youth Philanthropists being a key one
      > now, and also Dennis Kimambo and REPACTED and Kennedy Owino and Nafsi
      > Afrika Acrobats, rather than build a new legal entity. Janet, you are
      > active in ActALIVE, KAIPPG, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS. I have
      > encouraged us all to make best use of the name Pyramid of Peace. I
      > doubt the integrity of people who wish to "own" the name Pyramid of
      > Peace counter to my vision and leadership these last three months. I
      > would rather abandon the name and move on rather than invest myself in
      > them. I would prefer, though, that we not pervert that network as an
      > "organization" but rather let it be a part of our history. I think more
      > fair would be to honor my vision and my service and grant me use of
      > name as regards our "system of averting genocide". Janet, I esteem your
      > contribution and you are the person I look to regarding to what
      > you would prefer regarding the use of the name.
      > As for the command structure, I will probably start from scratch, so
      > there is no question of consensus. I want to focus my work with people
      > who wish to command themselves so they might feel free to freely take
      > and freely give commands - the command to love - as circumstances
      > warrant. I want to grow and I want to help others grow. I am delighted
      > at all the growth I have experienced in all of us and myself as well in
      > our peacemaking.
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...
      > +370 699 30003
      > Janet Feldman wrote:
      > > Dear All,
      > >
      > > Andrius, your letter of yesterday is wonderful and inspiring in many
      > > respects, and I thank you so much for giving us your vision of where
      > > you see Minciu Sodas heading into the future. I hope we will all be
      > > there together (as both "I" and "we" :)))!
      > >
      > > I have been waiting till you and everyone got a bit resettled
      > > post-Communia before following up on our discussion of
      > > command/consensus in POP, working together and a focus on the
      > > individual, listening, and the like. I think the issues are of
      > > importance, both for us as individuals and independent thinkers, for
      > > Minciu Sodas and the Pyramid of Peace, for our personal and
      > > future. I will hope to explore more on these questions and issues
      > >
      > > For today, there is one part of your letter--having to do with
      > > POP--which is of deep concern to me, and I feel the need to
      respond to
      > > that now. I have tossed and turned the whole night trying to figure
      > > out what to say, and how to work through and even resolve some of the
      > > "unpeaceful" feelings I have about the statement below:
      > >
      > > "Andrius Kulikauskas takes full responsibility for this project and
      > > may share responsibility with Dennis Kimambo, Kennedy Owino and
      > > Wambui Kungu, and may consult with others."
      > >
      > > Andrius, there are many of us who have given much time, energy, love,
      > > funding, ideas, feedback, and creativity to this project. I do not
      > > regard this project as belonging to any one person or a small
      group of
      > > people. This endeavor has been shared from the beginning by all of
      > > and I will not relinquish my own authority and sense of
      > > to anyone, for any reason. That includes you: there is no "may share"
      > > about it. This is a must.
      > >
      > > You have been an often-inspiring leader and effective coordinator,
      > > I have been fine with the idea of calling you the "current
      > > international coordinator", this not to denote overall responsibility
      > > or ownership of the concept or the actions of POP, but to acknowledge
      > > your leading role during the first few months of this year in our
      > > collective approach to the crisis in Kenya.
      > >
      > > Because I wear many hats--including full-time caregiver, KAIPPG,
      > > ActALIVE, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, and others, among them
      > > HH and MS--and also have health challenges, I could not devote the
      > > same numbers of hours as yourself, Andrius. So I have been grateful
      > > that you could focus the bulk of your time, energy, and resources on
      > > our collective response.
      > >
      > > But I have been here almost every day for four months; I have worked
      > > both publicly and one-on-one with individuals and with the members of
      > > HH/LFEO/Mendenyo et al as a group or groups; I have donated large
      > > amounts (almost approaching your outlay, when all is added up) to
      > > "our" activities going, because I regard this as a collective
      > > endeavor. Just as I see Minciu Sodas as a "group" of people I care
      > > about, not just as a gathering of individuals.
      > >
      > > I am part of a 3-person team (including Rachel and Cathy Stubington,
      > > an ActALIVE member now in HH, who is a Canadian puppeteer, educator,
      > > and grantwriter) which has won two grants from the National Response
      > > Initiative (for POP-member arts activities related to peace and for
      > > VYP's Peace Caravan, which has been conceived this year to link to
      > > and its member activities). I plan to work on more grants, and to
      > > with other POP members on continuing peace initiatives in Kenya. And
      > > hopefully elsewhere!
      > >
      > > In my view, we have only just begun...both in Kenya, and also
      > >
      > > After everything I have done-learned-gained-imparted-shared, I feel a
      > > strong sense of stakeholding. I see this is as a project in which
      > > every one of us involved has a share, and shares in the
      > > for the overall initiative.
      > >
      > > What I have said about myself, I multipy 100 times with regard to
      > > others, who have given equally in various ways. POP would never have
      > > gotten off the ground--literally and figuratively--had it not been
      > > our members in Kenya. I believe that a number of us have been
      > > inspiring and effective leaders, and--moreover--that leadership in a
      > > situation like this is a shared responsibility, which might be
      > > both internationally and nationally, for example, or given to a group
      > > to manage.
      > >
      > > It is my strong view that no-one, and that includes no-"one", has the
      > > authority--the "right"--to own this project for themselves, to claim
      > > responsibililty, authorship, and authority to the exclusion of
      > > No-one has the right to give or take away "my" authority, "my" sense
      > > of responsibility, "my" authorship, nor to decide for
      "me"--without my
      > > consent--what will or will not happen with this project, to which I
      > > have given my all.
      > >
      > > No one individual, even in consultation (which may or may not happen)
      > > with a few other individuals, has the right to make decisions for
      > > and for the rest of us who are stakeholders, without a wider
      > > consultation, and without "my" input and acceptance of same.
      > >
      > > In fact, no-one should give over or give away their own authority and
      > > responsibility to anyone else, unless one assents to this for a
      > > of time, such as being in military service. And not when there is a
      > > choice in the matter, when we in fact have the ability to choose
      > > (which is sometimes or in some ways not available, at least not
      > > without great price).
      > >
      > > Some people--and "classes" of people, like women, young people, those
      > > with disabilities and health challenges--do often find themselves at
      > > the mercy of others who may claim greater authority or ability to
      > > do-be-act on behalf of others. And sometimes, as when we engage in a
      > > group enterprise, we may willingly give over a small part of our own
      > > viewpoints/responsibility/authority to whomever we "choose", this in
      > > and after consultation with us and assent by us (as individuals
      > > as groups).
      > >
      > > However, intrinsically we are all authors, we are all creators, we
      > > all responsible for--and/or should be acknowledged for--what we help
      > > to create or sustain. This is part of what "independent thinking" and
      > > actions are about, in my view, as much as whatever we do (say, think,
      > > feel) as individuals: to come together as individuals for a
      > > jointly-shared purpose, working in a spirit of equality and
      > > co-creativity on projects of mutual concern and interest, developing
      > > in the process something which reflects both the individual and also
      > > the collective in purpose and meaning, and perhaps creating something
      > > transcending both.
      > >
      > > There is surely a way to do this which is based on consultation,
      > > consensus, and joint decision-making. We started out doing that in
      > > November-December, when we were talking about an emergency response
      > > network. We all shared ideas, we all engaged in a process of
      > > creativity and building, and I believe we all felt excited and
      > > energized by the idea that we could work on such a project together,
      > > not just for all of the individuals we know, but for families,
      > > communities, and perhaps for the world, the largest collective of all.
      > >
      > > Myself and others do this daily in the Global Youth Coalition on
      > > HIV/AIDS. None of these young people would think for one minute about
      > > giving away their own responsibility or authorship, or be
      commanded by
      > > anyone to do anything, without consultation and assent. And even
      > > no one person would be allowed to claim responsibility for the
      > > coalition and its work as a whole, nor for deciding who would be
      > > consulted and when.
      > >
      > > Yet we do have decision-making capacities, strong enough to allow us
      > > to have built a coalition (not an organization, but a network for the
      > > moment, and perhaps "forever", this thought to better reflect and
      > > bolster our individual authority) of over 4000 members, who work
      > > individually, in small groups, and sometimes collectively on
      > > programming, admin, and life-saving initiatives.
      > >
      > > Of course decisions--even by the group of us taking them--are
      > > sometimes challenged, which keeps us ever-refining how we do things,
      > > and with what degree of inclusion, care, and sensitivity, yet also
      > > wisdom and "realism" related to what must be done to move our
      > > endeavors along.
      > >
      > > We work every day with an urgency just as great as that we in POP
      > > experienced in Kenya: 8000 people every day die from HIV/AIDS-related
      > > causes, and millions of young people are infected every year. That is
      > > genocide on a very large scale, if one chooses to put it that way.
      > > there is a consultational/consensual structure which functions very
      > > successfully overall.
      > >
      > >
      > > So here is my outline for the future of POP, at least at HH and with
      > > regard to my own work:
      > >
      > > -The Holistic Helping group will continue to work collectively and
      > > with mutual decision-making for Pyramid of Peace activities in Kenya.
      > > I would also like to expand this concept and these activities
      > >
      > > -Holistic Helping might serve as the (or one) setting for an
      > > exploration of how to link and hopefully integrate--at least to an
      > > extent, since both spheres also have their own important place--the
      > > focus on independent thinkers with the processes and practices of
      > > working collectively on projects of mutual interest.
      > >
      > > -The focus on independent thinkers, taking place within the
      context of
      > > Minciu Sodas, will also be encouraged, and individual peace champions
      > > supported, via the Pyramid of Peace and Minciu Sodas.
      > >
      > > -My focus is on "wholism"--which includes both the individual and the
      > > collective--and on holistic processes and outcomes. The Pyramid of
      > > Peace acrobatic act is a holistic way to look at how we might mesh
      > > individual and the collective: each team member is important for the
      > > act to be successful, but without the team as a whole, the Pyramid
      > > could not form in the first place, or--even if a few managed to do
      > > it--it would not remain standing for long.
      > >
      > > -Each member of the team, however, does have their own life, to which
      > > they return when not doing the act. This life is important, and
      > > self-development, fulfillment--as indeed "selfhood"
      > > itself--are crucial for the cohesion of the team, when it does
      meet to
      > > create, perform, and serve humanity (including all the individuals
      > > make our human collective :)).
      > >
      > > -The "pyramid"--created by each member of the team--is the primary
      > > goal of the act, however, certainly as it pertains to being performed
      > > in the world. Team members are getting together in this case--not
      as a
      > > loose group of individuals each pursuing their own goals and
      > > visions--but for a specific purpose and with a specific focus. It
      > > is the whole team working together which gives the act its name and
      > > its "meaning", as well as its power to move people who see and
      > > experience it.
      > >
      > > -I hope that we at HH will be giving attention to the individuals on
      > > the team, to the team as a whole, and to the acts (projects) we are
      > > creating and performing--or will create and perform--together. Self
      > > and other, each part (individual) and the whole (group, collective),
      > > thought and emotion, doing and being: all have a place here, and we
      > > will hopefully explore each part, the one as it exists in the other
      > > (like the bit of Yang in Yin, and vice-versa), and the whole itself,
      > > composed of all of these parts.
      > >
      > >
      > > The Native peoples of the "First Nations" (USA term) have developed
      > > their goverance structures, constitutions, and all processes related
      > > to social life (among each other) with the "tribe" (the
      collective) as
      > > of wider or larger meaning--even importance--than the individual, the
      > > Great Spirit being the goal ultimately to be served.
      > >
      > > Individuals have a place of importance in this "systemic"
      > > (interconnected) view of our human and universal connections and
      > > linkages, but there is also the idea that individuals are part of
      > > something larger than themselves, unfolding in wider circles of
      > > inclusion and meaning. Nothing and no-one stands apart or outside of
      > > the widest circle--that of Spirit--and no individual truly exists
      > > generis" either (ie "no wo/man is an island"!), even if they live or
      > > work or somehow see or find themselves apart or outside of the human
      > > collective.
      > >
      > > This is a holistic view: to see-know-feel oneself as an
      > > individual, and also as a living being linked to larger and wider
      > > circles making up the whole. And that larger whole expanding to
      > > encompass not just this particular world, but all worlds, and the
      > > universe--or universes (if quantum theory is right)--itself or
      > > themselves.
      > >
      > > Whether we think of this ultimate expansion and inclusion as "The
      > > Universe", God, the Great Spirit, a Higher Power, Embedded Energy,
      > > Nature Unfolding, or The Collective Consciousness of Being, there
      is a
      > > place for the "one" in the whole, the "whole" in the one (Yin and
      > > Yang), and for the "One" (however defined, but transcendent of human
      > > life and what we experience as "reality" on this plane of existence),
      > > which encompasses the diversity of each and all parts of the whole.
      > >
      > > This may seem to have taken us pretty far afield of our POP
      > > discussion, but in truth how we define, view, and envision our
      > > individual and collective work on this project does relate to how we
      > > view ourselves and others as individuals and as a group, which itself
      > > links to how we view the world, let alone any transcendence of it, or
      > > life/"being" beyond it.
      > >
      > > This would make for a fascinating and highly pertinent exploration,
      > > both as individuals and as a group, which would bring the questions
      > > Andrius would like us to ask into our discussions, and hopefully also
      > > some answers (which may and probably will, over a course of time,
      > > change and develop, and bring with that more questions).
      > >
      > > I will close on that note, with love and greatest blessings to
      all! Janet
      > >
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    • fdkayiwa
      -Thank you all, For the Vision Statement Of the POP it has been very hard for me to understand it but am happy i can now Understand what it is though have not
      Message 2 of 6 , Apr 10, 2008
        -Thank you all,
        For the Vision Statement Of the POP
        it has been very hard for me to understand it but am happy i can now
        Understand what it is though have not much to talk about it
      • fdkayiwa
        The interest and vision that BGA has for computer literacy motivated me and i decided to join them as volunteering there and do the internet teaching Its not
        Message 3 of 6 , Apr 10, 2008
          The interest and vision that BGA has for computer literacy motivated
          me and i decided to join them as volunteering there
          and do the internet teaching
          Its not so easy for me but with your help i will have to mature
          we need help of course for computers now and other tools equipments to

          I will be glad to answer all your questions

          Kayiwa Fred
        • Samwel Kongere
          Hi Fred, Did you get my text message introducing caroline Atieno Okelo who is travelling to kampala. Samwel. ...
          Message 4 of 6 , Apr 10, 2008
            Hi Fred, Did you get my text message introducing caroline Atieno Okelo who is travelling to kampala. Samwel.

            fdkayiwa wrote:
            > The interest and vision that BGA has for computer literacy motivated
            > me and i decided to join them as volunteering there
            > and do the internet teaching
            > Its not so easy for me but with your help i will have to mature
            > we need help of course for computers now and other tools equipments to
            > proceed.
            > I will be glad to answer all your questions
            > Kayiwa Fred

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