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Re: Ethical Public Domain --> call for chapters in "Free Knowledge" book

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Daryl Hepting, Thank you for alerting us to your call for 20 double-spaced page essays for your Free Knowledge Book . I alert the participants of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2008
      Daryl Hepting,

      Thank you for alerting us to your call for "20 double-spaced page"
      essays for your "Free Knowledge Book". I alert the participants of the
      COMMUNIA network http://www.communia-project.eu, the Union for the
      Public Domain http://www.public-domain.org, and also the Minciu Sodas
      laboratory http://www.ms.lt

      Thank you also for alerting us to the link at the GRAIN website to our
      Ethical Public Domain workshop. We are posting videos from that event
      at http://www.internettv.lt Also, I invite you to join our website
      http://www.ethicalpublicdomain.org as we will be continuing our
      activity! and you can work there to encourage participation in your book.

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      Daryl Hepting wrote:
      > Hello;
      > I saw a notice of your work, of the Ethical Public Domain workshop in particular, on
      > the GRAIN website: http://www.grain.org/bio-ipr/?id=536 (that has a ad for my
      > book project, below as well). I would very much like if you'd consider writing something
      > and/or sending the following announcement along to those who you think might be interested.
      > Best regards,
      > Daryl
      > --
      > Hello;
      > I am putting together a book based on "Free Knowledge" event
      > held at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in
      > November, 2005. Although the book will certainly have a
      > Saskatchewan flavour, I am also seeking contributions from
      > outside of Saskatchewan.
      > I would also be very grateful if you would consider forwarding this
      > call to those who you think might be interested in participating.
      > I also have a blog about this project at:
      > http://knowledgecommons.blogspot.com
      > All the best,
      > Daryl Hepting
      > --
      >> Spread the Word: Essays Wanted
      >> Free Knowledge Book
      >> The increasing privatization of knowledge is changing our society
      >> in important ways, but for the benefit of very few.
      >> Of interest are essays that deal with current challenges,
      >> and promising alternatives, in specific sectors such as (but not
      >> limited to) farming and food, computer software, medicine, media,
      >> arts, and libraries. Essays dealing with, for example, traditional
      >> knowledge, economics, or the historical context of this issue are
      >> also welcome.
      >> The essays are being collected for a volume inspired by the
      >> “Free Knowledge” event held at the University of Regina on
      >> November 17 and 18, 2005. Contributions need not be
      >> Saskatchewan-specific. The finished manuscript will be available
      >> on the web, through a creative commons license, and it is also
      >> hoped to have it published in print.
      >> Interested authors should contact Daryl Hepting, c/o Department of
      >> Computer Science, University of Regina, Regina, SK, S4S 0A2, Canada
      >> (e-mail daryl.hepting@...) as soon as possible. Manuscripts
      >> should be approximately 20 double-spaced pages, not including
      >> references. One or more external referees will review each
      >> submission. Authors are invited to make suggestions about suitable
      >> referees. Deadline for manuscripts is September 1, 2008, with an
      >> expected publication date in the Fall of 2009.
      > --
      > Daryl H. Hepting, Ph.D.
      > Associate Professor * Computer Science Department * CW 308.22
      > University of Regina * Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4S 0A2
      > dhh@... * http://www.cs.uregina.ca/~hepting
      > tel: (306) 585-5210 * fax: (306) 585-4745 * cell: (306) 596-6312
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