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Back home and catching up

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  • Pamela McLean
    Hi everyone. I am back home, and trying to catch up, but it is impossible to read/reply to all the current emails and all my past emails. Please forgive me
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2008
      Hi everyone.

      I am back home, and trying to catch up, but  it is impossible to read/reply to all the current emails and all my past emails. Please forgive me for what I seem to ignore. I hope that what is really important will continue to surface, so I will gradually catch up.

      First, many thanks to everyone, whose company and/or help made my recent visit to Lithuania and Latvia such a rich experience. I do not have time to list everyone and everything - but if you were there and we talked and smiled.. well.. you are one of the people who are in my mind.  I would like to name everyone in my thanks list and tell other people what we were doing...  but it would take a lot of writing and we must look ahead now.

      I understand Dante was there but I did not get to meet him, I am sorry about that. I am very happy with the chances I did have to put names to faces, to meet new people, and to get to know previous friends and contacts better. Of course time was too short, but much was done.

      I congratulate Andrius on managing to bring so many of us together. I learned a lot about the public domain and a wide number of related issues at the workshop. I also got to understand more about Minciu Sodas and PoP. It was interesting to discover that my personal impressions of MS and of PoP are not necessarily the same as the impressions of other people.  I think this is ok.

      To me MS is a place to learn - but it is not as formal as a laboratory. It is more like the informal social part of my ideal university. It provides a place when I can meet people with overlapping ideas and discuss what I want to know with them. And this helps me to grow and to  develop what I am doing. Andrius helps me through all his work setting up and nurturing Minciu Sodas. As a result I want to spend time here. Because I appreciate MS and Andrius work in creating it, I also want to put in effort to help make MS the kind of place Andrius wants it to be for his purposes - even if those purposes are not exactly the same as mine. Andrius and I had some time to discuss these things. I will try to summarise how it seemed to me after our discussions. Andrius please tell me if I am wrong or not clear in my explanations. 

      Minciu Sodas values. Andrius knows I am not very comfortable with an emphasis on values - he is very clear on his values - but I am not so sure of mine.  For example I cannot claim to be driven by a value of loving my enemies. I can admire that value in someone else, and I can see it is a good approach - but I cannot claim it is something I do. However I can see that if someone (like Andrius) has that value I will probably like to work with them, because I admire that value (and I do like to work with Andrius). 

      MInciu Sodas and "questions we don't know the answer to". I am much more comfortable with an emphasis on my questions (rather than my values). I can explore the questions in my MS group (Learning From Each Other) and other groups.  I guess how I behave in the groups demonstrates some of my values. If it ever seems that my values are not in line with Andrius' values then I would expect him to challenge me about that. If we could not resolve the difference in values then I would expect to leave MS - because it is right that MS should be a group (a culture in fact) which reflects Andrius values.

      Mincui Sodas and endeavours - I think this is very wide ranging. Some of my endeavours (such as chat room meetings with TT-Kenya people) happen within Minciu Sodas and some endeavours are outside. (For example I guess that my endeavours include ways I earn money - my various day jobs which are not part of Minciu Sodas). That is ok too - my various endeavours may or may not be part of Minciu Sodas. It depends how things shape up, and what fits with what Andrius is doing and wants to do.

      PoP phase one - I have completely supported PoP during the post-election turmoil , and the threat of genocide, and I have great admiration for Andrius for his leadership and clear strategic thinking. Now that first phase of PoP is over - so what next. I was interested in PoP because I was concerned for people I knew in Kenya.

      PoP phase two - I am happy we have developed a strategy that could help in other conflict situations, but I am not really interested in being active in applying PoP in other situations. I encourage people who do have that interest and concern - but if that is what PoP phase two is about then it is not really my interest.

      Building on PoP - I woudl like to build on the great work of PoP in other ways (with further developments in the Kenyan network related to LFEO ) - but for now I have to hurry away to a "day job" - so I will write about those ideas another time.

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