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Peace and Reconciliation - Kalenjin and Kikuyu elders meet in Eldoret/Ken C-Wesley-Felix-Joseph-John-Rachel

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Ken, Wesley, Felix, Joseph, John, and All, Hello and excellent report! World Vision has many invaluable programs, and it would be worth exploring how to
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2008
      Dear Ken, Wesley, Felix, Joseph, John, and All,

      Hello and excellent report! World Vision has many invaluable programs, and
      it would be worth exploring how to link and hopefully work with them more

      Can you give us a follow-up to this first meeting now? It sounds as though
      there has been another meeting to harmonize individual activities in that
      area into a joint approach--which is so important--so hopefully you can give
      us an idea of what has been discussed and proposed as the way forward, and
      how we as POP can be involved and help.

      You mention airtime and funds for travel, in particular to engage women and
      youth in the peace-building process, and I wonder what you envision you will
      need? Funds are short for all of us, but airtime is do-able for me, so
      please let us know particulars.

      I wonder about a proposal to the NRI? Would this be worthwhile? Rachel,
      what do you think (I ask Rachel because she is connected directly to this

      We will surely help to encourage and support you in any way we can, and
      greatest thanks and blessings for this wonderful work for peace! We raise
      our glass of tea in toast to thee, and pray that partners in peace we will
      always be! Janet

      Today Wesley Chirchir Chebii and myself attended a very crucial mediation
      meeting beween Kikuyu and
      Kalenjin elders at Asis Hotel in Eldoret. The meeting was convened by World
      Vision with Moses Masinde as the lead person. The meeting was called to work
      out on modalities of healing and reconciliation among the two communities
      which were engaged in the post election violence in the area.

      The immediate plan is to have those in IDP camps resettled in their original

      The two teams agreed to promote peaceful coexistence between the two
      communities. However some elders drawn from the IDP camps feared going back
      to their farms due to what they termed "unforgetable" experiences associated
      with post-election violence.

      The two teams agreed that the mediation teams should be expanded to include
      more women and youth. It was also agreed that since there were many peace
      initiatives in the area, there was need to harmonize the activities. A
      meeting to harmonize the initiatives will be held tomorrow and POP team will

      The Eldoret Catholic Diocese, Anglican Church of Kenya, SDV and POP were
      mandated to mobilize women and youth in the peace initiatives in the area so
      that all and sundry are brought on board the peace building team in the
      area. Use of media was recommended in the mobilization exercise so that a
      wide area is reached.

      Given the task, Wesley and I need to reach out widely. I have also called
      John Kihara who is a POP member in Eldoret to join our efforts and explained
      to him about today's meeting. We may therefore need adequate airtime and
      funds to travel to rural areas to meet women and youth and encourage them to
      join the peace building and reconciliation initiative.

      During the meeting, it was encouraging to hear that some IDPs in some areas
      in Cherangany (Geta) have
      returned to their farms to continue with their daily chores. The aim of the
      Eldoret meeting is to have IDPs in the area emulate the Geta scenario. Felix
      Kipruto who is our POP pointman in Cherangany should be in a position to
      give us more details on this.

      Joseph Chumba who is another POP member in Eldoret should also come on board
      as we enter this crucial stage of bringing different communities to a
      negotiating table to chart the way forward.

      I am sure you will appreciate the factor that elders from the two
      communities can now share a table and even a cup of tea and chat together
      inorder to resolve the post election violence impasse. We anticipate
      positive outcomes as discussions progress. We will keep updating you of the
      progress. Stay in Peace.

      Ken Chelimo
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