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Re: [holistichelping] Re: [learningfromeachother] Infrastructure Issues: Ideas to Initiatives (Maria Agnese, Ricardo, All)

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  • David mutua
    Dear Pam, I very much appreciate your response on shared interests, please advise when you are available that we share our plans and see what fits in each
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 24, 2008
      Dear Pam,

      I very much appreciate your response on shared interests, please advise when you are available that we share our plans and see what fits in each other's.

      About the office in the hse, i don't know if i can hold it any longer because i cant afford it at the moment as i explained last month, my land lady is given me a warning to move out if i wont be able to pay for the next months, i really wish i could do something coz the place and accommodation is ideal and convenient when in Nairobi, very near Kibera, city center, Kawangware (where Ken stays), a bit quite from city hassles and no problem with transport or shopping.

      Krishna wrote me last week, they are working hard in securing us sponsorship for the PCF5 in London, lets keep our fingers crossed.


      David Mutua

      Pamela McLean <pam54321@...> wrote:

      Just a quick  public acknowledgement that we have a lot of shared interests regarding ICT and implementation in rural communities, and it would be good to find ways to help each other move things forward.

      Also, from my experience of staying at your flat, and the work I did there, and the way we met there with Sam and Ken, I think the idea of renting your living room as an office has a lot to recommend it.

      I can't do anything new about TT follow up until I get back from Lithuania. TT is back in my mind because,  before I travel, I have to prepare my paper for PCF5 (Pan Commonwealth Forum - organised by COL and Univerisy of London) l. We don't know if we will get sponsorship to attend. If we do attend that  might provide some useful opportunities for future collaboration. We will discuss it further, off list, when I get back. We will be drawing the present COL TT Kenya project to a conclusion anyhow, so it will be a good time to review things and look forward.



      On 21/03/2008, David mutua <davenzainga@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Dear Janet, Maria, Ricardo and All,
      I really appreciate that the infrastructure idea is coming up and discussed, well done guys, count me in! I think we are over due and propose that we share our interests and focus like Ricardo. May be the M S Lab list of interests can be a guide and others can volunteer to activities they believe can support other groups.

      My interests are ICT4D and Volunteering - this applies across many activities, the main activities will be research on ICT's and implementation in rural communities facilitating different community needs, resource mobilisation and fundarising, developing volunteering programmes or activities and building networks and collaborations.

      With kind regards,

      David Mutua

      Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink. net> wrote:
      Dear Maria Agnese, Ricardo, All,
      I enthusiastically endorse these ideas of yours, Maria Agnese :)))!  And I will ask you and anyone who has ideas:  how do you see us going about these new collaborations, obtaining skills, and improving capacity-building?  Can we develop some goals, some plans for getting there, and some ideas about who will work on what tasks?
      Do we start by organizing around some individuals and/or individual groups, or the subject matters (ie ICTs, income-generation, agriculture. ..understanding that these are interlinked too), or tasks (ie grants, research, mobilization of resources).  Some or a lot of what we do for one can be applied to other approaches as well (ie we could say: "let's help Actwid Kongadzem with ICTs capacity-building, focusing on income-generation, via grantwriting and outreach to orgs re resources... and what we learn we can apply to Uyoga, Udogo, Deaf Impact Ministry, etc").
      Thanks much for all thinking and acting which applies to the task at hand. And happiest Spring, Easter, and natural regeneration! Love and blessings, Janet
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      Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2008 11:31 AM
      Subject: [holistichelping] Re: [mendenyo] Minciu Sodas Communication Infrastructure plan.

      Dear Ricardo, Andrius, Janet, Samwel, Kims and all
      I don't want simply to echo Janet in her enthusiastic appreciation of Ricardo ideas. I wish that we develop new ways of collaboration together both creative and  organized.
       Minciu Sodas Laboratory is a wonderful place to share ideas and experiences together, to learn  together and Andrius has encouraged all of us and created opportunities of sharing and of positive collaboration. I think that now it's the right time  to proceed in defining  clear objectives and to organize the path and means to reach them. Ricardo contribution is  very welcome. I like creativity of free ideas, suggestions and initiatives from everybody inside and outside Mincu Sodas Laboratory, as well I desire to participate in a organized effort of  work to  connect education with sustainability and capacity building, to generate income. I wish as well that we  help people, organizations (and ourselves) to get visibility and get recognized.    I consider that this is the way to empower everybody, so that everybody action can generate a strong impact.
      How now we face the requests of support from our Kenyan friends? 
      I think that is urgent to think how to create conditions of  acquisition of competences, social committment  together with business! 
      I want to send you my best wishes for Eastern,  that  for Christians means "Resurrection" and  Seasonal wishes that means "Spring, nature regeneration"!
      Maria Agnese

      ricardoolpc <ricardoolpc@ yahoo.co. uk> ha scritto:
      Dear Andrius and all

      This is just to keep you up-to-date on things that I'm doing related to
      the Minciu Sodas Communication Infrastructure, now and in the future.

      I've been thinking through the things I've been doing over the last few
      months, such as providing old refurbished laptops to key members/groups
      within Minciu Sodas and helping people get GPRS Internet-Access. After
      some analysis, I think we can 'reverse-engineer' that into a 'strategy'
      or 'roadmap for the future', as if I'd planned it in the first place.

      I think that what I'm doing is building up the Minciu Sodas
      Communication Infrastructure in 'layers', like the internet.

      Layer 1 - Hardware (laptops, phones, Bluetooth Adapters).

      Layer 2 - Communication Services.

      a) GPRS mobile-phone packet-data service, for internet access
      (publishing details on how to enable GPRS internet-access on their

      b) Connection between laptop and phone (publishing details of how to
      'pair' Bluetooth devices together, and set up a Dial Up Networking
      connection in Windows XP.

      Layer 4 - Internet-services - The internet is just a network for
      transporting packets of data from computer to computer. People often
      wrongly use the word 'internet' when they are talking about the World
      Wide Web. Services include the most popular ones, such as :-

      The World Wide Web (websites)
      Email + attachments, using an email client-program like Outlook
      Instant Messenger
      FTP File Transfer Protocol
      VOIP telephony services like Skype

      Most people in Africa seem to use web-based email, such as Yahoo Mail,
      because they may have to use PCs at cyber-cafes, so they can't download
      email to the PC Hard Drive in Outlook.

      Layer 5 - These services require Communication Software, and you have to
      choose particular programs (standard programs like Internet Explorer,
      Skype, etc).

      Layer 6 - General-Purpose Human-to-Human Communication. At this level,
      you can now talk to other people about any subject you like, and share
      documents, photos, videos, etc, on any topic.

      Layer 7 - Virtual Communities. You use the general purpose communication
      system, to talk to people about specific interests, and for specific
      purposes. This is where the Minciu Sodas idea of 'Independent Thinkers'
      comes in. You can form Virtual Communities for anything you like; Peace
      Work, Health, Education, Income-Raising, Hobbies and Interests,
      Agriculture, Beekeeping, Sport, Music, Video-editing, Online Computer
      Work, etc.

      I've spent a lot of time recently on computer-hardware, phones,
      financial issues, etc, but they weren't an end in themselves, just a
      means to an end. I've been putting in place the Communication
      Infrastructure that lets people and groups within Minciue Sodas talk to
      each other electronically about anything. There's still more work to do
      in the coming months.

      As I said, this sounds like I started with a plan, when in fact I did a
      few things that were needed and I'm just turning it into a strategy or
      roadmap now. I hope this gives a clearer idea of the way ahead.


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