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Please support the Jumuiya Women Group in Eldoret

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  • ricardoolpc
    Dear All We re trying to help the Jumuiya Women Group in Eldoret that support the women and girls there. You can read about them at
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2008

      Dear All

      We're trying to help the Jumuiya Women Group in Eldoret that support the women and girls there.  You can read about them at http://jumuiyawomengroup.blogspot.com/ 

      I'd like to ask for your help in two ways :-

      1. If  you're able to donate to the cause, that would be great. There's more info about them, and a link to a credit-card donation page at http://jumuiyawomengroup.blogspot.com/  Pam McLean's CAWD UK charity is accepting and processing donations for them.

      2. You can also help by setting up your email account, such as Yahoo Mail, to add automatic 'Email Signatures' to out-going emails, to help promote the cause to other people that you know. In that way, if even 10 people add signatures, and their emails each go out to 10 other people, then that publicises the cause to 100 people, without much effort.

      The email signature looks like this example below. We have published instructions for setting up automatic email signatures at http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dcnkw5vd_928c46gzggr 

      Please support the Jumuiya Women's Group, helping women and girls in Eldoret, Kenya displaced and struggling in the wake of election violence. They provide food, school uniforms, books, sanitary products, and hope for traumatized girls, many of whom have lost one or more parents.

      To donate, please click
      http://jumuiyawomengroup.blogspot.com/ for details of the cause, and click the 'CAWD on-line Donations' link, top-right. In the 'Personal Message' box, please enter 'JWG'.

      If you think any friends and supporters would be prepared to add the signatures too, then please write to them and include the links in this message.

      The signatures will then act as a permanent way to publicise the donation page, every time you send out an email, for months or years ahead.
      If this mechanism works well for Jumuiya Women Group, then it could be used to promote other things, like PoP, the Pyramid of Peace. If you want to publicise several causes, then you can change the signature every month or so, so that your emails send different messages to the people you regularly correspond with by email.
      Please note, we are just assisting Jumuiya Women Group with their own fundraising campaign, by providing a donation page and mechanism. We are not organizing the campaign ourselves at Minciu Sodas.
      Thanks you for your support.
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