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Re: meeting with luo cultural king

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Kennedy, Thank you for this wonderful news. Please have and take full authority to discuss with the Luo cultural king, Ker ogalo, how our Pyramid of Peace
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2008

      Thank you for this wonderful news.

      Please have and take full authority to discuss with the Luo cultural
      king, Ker ogalo, how our Pyramid of Peace might be supportive of the Luo
      culture and all other cultures as well.

      Please greet him with our love from around the world. Thank him for
      helping the Lou culture flourish among the cultures of the world.

      How might we encourage Lou thinkers, activists, peacemakers, educators
      to actively, consciously foster the Lou culture, so the Lou children
      might choose to grow up as Lou elders? among the children and the elders
      of the world?

      How does he undertand his personal role? There are many examples of how
      symbolic roles are balanced with executive, legislative and judicial
      roles. There are countries with kings or queens, presidents and prime
      ministers. What functions are his to fulfill? and what might be
      invested in a new congress? What are and could be the ways of
      establishing, annuling and reforming traditions? What is the way of
      representing all who love the Lou culture so that their voice is clear
      and heard? How might people from other cultures also participate in the
      Lou culture and contribute to it?

      Thank you for leading us so that the cultureless, the tribeless, might
      cherish the cultureful, the tribeful, and join them. In this way, we
      might respond to globalization with culturation.

      My outline of our Constitution for Humanity is based on the right to
      love, to care and to cherish.
      - Our command structure allows independent peacemakers to wield as much
      authority, to exercise as much love as they can, notably to love their
      - Our Stewardship Councils for locations and bioregions will make sure
      to achieve consensus on any matter by all who care, especially to care
      about our surruonding.
      - We ask for help to understand what organ might help us cherish our
      upbringing, our culture, and draw all that is vital from it, preserve
      all of the good even as we get rid of the bad.

      Best wishes today!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      Kennedy Owino wrote:
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      > Subject: [mendenyo] meeting with luo cultural king
      > Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 20:37:47
      > From: Kennedy Owino <nafsiafricaacro@...>
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      > Hi ANDRIUS,
      > I would like to inform you that we have arranged a meeting with the luo cultural king (ker) and some members of the council of elders.
      > Also present will be some politicians who contested but later pulled out.
      > The chief elder (ker ogalo) travelled from his home to NAIROBI and has agreed to move away from his busy schedule to give us an audience.
      > This meeting will be preliminary to our planned Nyanza, lake region fact finding tour.
      > We will also discuss with him how to foster cultural diversity and cultivate a culture of good neighbourliness with other tribes.
      > A council of peacemakers that graduates to a congress would evolve from the points discussed with the chief.
      > The tribal chief is rich in historical, cultural, spiritual and even political information that will help us to frame work and weave in ideas into the fabric.
      > Sam, Dan and RONALD Omondi will be present.
      > I invite any people who would be willing to join us.
      > The meeting will be at chester house at 10 a.m
      > I had requested some resources that would enable this through Rachel wambui.
      > We will inquire about video bridging venue here in Nairobi and the costs involved.
      > I wish you all the best.
      > Ken owino
      > Nafsi Africa Acrobats
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