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We embrace the Demonstrators!

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Rachel and I spoke today. Rachel Wambui Kungu +254 721 626 389 http://www.peace-caravan.org is Commander-of-Operations of the Pyramid of Peace
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2008
      Rachel and I spoke today. Rachel Wambui Kungu +254 721 626 389
      http://www.peace-caravan.org is Commander-of-Operations of the Pyramid
      of Peace http://www.pyramidofpeace.net She woke up early and had
      several conversations with those of the group that demonstrated in
      Nairobi yesterday as the Kenya National Youth Alliance. They agreed to
      have small meetings with her today so they can state what they want.

      As Commander-in-Chief, I gave Rachel full authority to engage them. I
      also gave my greetings. I remember with gratitude how we worked
      together to open the road at Naivasha.
      http://www.africanews.com/site/list_messages/15332 I am also impressed
      by their discipline as demonstrators, their ability to protest
      peacefully, in contrast to the unruly ODM rallies.

      Quite a few of the demonstrators were known as the Mungikis, a tribal
      militia responsible for many brutal killings and great sorrow. I am
      sad for their victims. I look forward to the day when we will be sad
      together and will seek redress. I encourage them as they find a new path.

      Rachel was supportive of my proposed strategy. I add a few thoughts:
      * We can try to find Kikuyu intellectuals who would work with them.
      * We can find activists from other tribes to work with them.
      * We can encourage other tribal militias to follow their example.
      * We can help them call to account the politicians who sponsored,
      manipulated and abused them.
      They are keen to do so. This would help bring lasting peace, especially
      if all of the tribal militias might do their part. But I alerted Rachel
      that this is extremely dangerous and we must do this gradually and take
      many small risks.

      Questionable politicians! Please help us! Do your best to understand
      your situation. You may quickly find yourself with nobody you can
      trust. As Jesus says, Give everything away! before you lose it all.
      Move your money to safe places. Buy vacation homes in Zimbabwe. I ask
      you to provide yourselves the early retirement where you might rest your
      bones and heal your wounds. Or help us all be merciful so that we might
      be merciful to you. You may call me. We want to understand you.

      Rachel, this is already a great victory! You have given hope to those
      who found themselves abandoned by all. We will hear their concerns and
      match their hope with deeds.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Pyramid of Peace
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      skype: minciusodas
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      CC: Tegi Obanda +1-647-208-1265 and Peter Kironyoh +254-722-685830
      (please Rachel, Dennis, Kennedy contact him) to alert you to our Pyramid
      of Peace http://www.pyramidofpeace.net to avert genocide by embracing
      enemies, see our many peacemakers
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?HelpKenyans and an outline of a
      Constitution for Humanity http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Constitution
      CC: Ian Bruk for your ideas on how our Minciu Sodas lab might analyze

      Janet Feldman,

      Thank you for alerting us! See also:

      We can respond and so we should.

      Rachel Wambui Kungu +254 721 626 389 is currently our

      Rachel, please appraise the situation and make a plan of action, and
      start to act on it, if you are confident, or wait to confer.

      What is the threat to peace that the demonstration poses?

      How can we "love our enemy" and "take up their point of view" so that we
      might lead them to fight peacefully?

      Here is my analysis and suggestion.

      The Mungikis are a tribal militia. They consider themselves advocates
      for the Kikuyu tribe, its ways, its strength and its rights. They are
      brutal because they are self-righteous. They have been manipulated by
      high level politicians who have alternately used them and also kept them
      under control by having them round up and killed by the thousands. They
      are now free to act because they have been cast off by their sponsors
      who have accepted the peace deal. They have now called themselves the
      Kenya National Youth Alliance.

      Rachel, I want to find within them "independent thinkers". We have much
      to offer them. I imagine that you are able to link with them, but you
      are also vulnerable to prosecution for that. Therefore you can be sure
      to speak and act under my authority as Commander-in-Chief, not your
      own. I will take direct responsibility for our relations with them
      overall. I suggest that we work through Lawrence Achami +254 720 613
      379 and Rono Richards +254 723 732 617 who are experienced peacemakers
      and Kikuyu and Kalenjin, respectively.

      Our focus is on their "independent thinkers" which should not be too
      hard because at this point they are showing their independence. Please
      let them know that Minciu Sodas is a laboratory which brings together
      and supports independent thinkers around the world. During this Kenyan
      crisis we have mobilized the Pyramid of Peace, which is a command
      structure that allows independent peacemakers to wield as much authority
      as they wish to. I am thinking of the Pyramid of Peace as a labor union
      for independent thinkers, much as there are for teachers or fire
      fighters or bakers. We are able to love our enemy, adversary, opponent,
      competitor, obstructor, persecutor, victim and stranger. As Jesus
      taught, everybody loves their (supposed) friends, but the children of
      God stand apart, for they love their enemies. We are looking for
      genuine enemies, those independent thinkers with whom we might have a
      good long term relationship, a deep friendship, with whom we might
      ultimately and truly agree. We want to grow with them as independent

      Mass action underutilizes independent thinkers who are capable of
      self-directed action. We provide an alternative. We are a labor
      explosion rather than a labor union. Or labor blossom, if you prefer,
      the unfolding of labor in all directions.

      I invite their independent thinkers to work with us in many ways:
      * We can train them in ICT so they can work openly in our laboratory.
      * We can host their websites in the Public Domain.
      * We can work together to organize a voice for the Kikuyu culture, a
      council of thirty literate people who love Kikuyu culture.
      * We can help them develop contacts within all of the tribes.
      * We can train them in nonviolent ways of engaging the violent.
      * We can hear their grievances and help them be heard.
      * We can help them make peace with others and reconcile with them.
      * We can help their members transition out of membership if they wish to.
      * We can pursue their endeavors through our Stewardship Councils for
      locations and bioregions.
      * We can help them gain a sound legal foundation for some of their
      * We can include in our Pyramid of Peace their individuals who would
      like to act as peacemakers.
      * We can include them or their ideas through a council (Constitutional
      Youth Authority is the name I propose) which would care for the future
      of Kenya, and make sure the Kenyan Constitution is in harmony with a
      Constitution for Humanity, and thereby provide a vigilant opposition as
      Rachel proposes and as Janet terms a watchdog.

      Rachel, I look to your guidance and leaderhip. Please share your
      analysis, suggest a strategy and draw up a budget, what might we do? and
      where do we start?

      I note that Lawrence Achami was successful in his recent mission in
      Kuresoi. I have sent about 310 USD for Rachel to have for our work
      together (we will confer) and she is providing some for Rono Richards so
      he can go as a peacemaker to Mile Heights (?), I believe, where there
      has been more violence. Rachel will write. I also sent about 110 USD to
      Kennedy Owino for Samwel Kongere's visa. Samwel is in Nairobi and I
      think they are going today (Thursday) to the Austrian embassy.

      Benoit, Janet, Edward and all, I have been pondering on how our command
      structure might stay relevant in a time of calm. We have such a great
      capacity for action. What might we do?

      We can invest ourselves in a company we like, such as Safaricom, and get
      to know them like the friends we wish to be. We can alert them to new
      services they might provide, or if they don't work with us, we can
      pursue them ourselves. We can investigate their activities for
      corruption, cheating, mismanagement, incompetence. (Note, for example,
      that 5% of Safaricom is owned by mystery owners, presumably corrupt
      officials.) If they support us, we can report our findings to them. If
      they don't support us, we can report our findings to the press. We can
      make their stock go up or down in response to how they treat us and what
      we write about them. If they don't support us, we can ask the
      government to increase their taxes. If they do support us, we can ask
      the government to reduce their taxes. We must ourselves be careful to
      focus on those enterprises which are truly relevant to our interests.
      We can experiment. Overall, we can raise a company's stock price and
      value by holding it to a higher level of scrutiny. I would like to
      develop such a symbiosis.

      So, for example, imagine the effect of 100 peacemakers analyzing a
      company for corruption and opportunity by engaging its stakeholders. I
      think there's great business potential. For 100,000 USD we might help a
      company focus on its long term integrity and raise its stock price by
      perhaps 100,000,000 USD. My real concern is to choose a company for
      which the knowledge gained would be meaningful for us so that we don't
      waste our lives, whatever the outcome. This is very much Ian Bruk's
      vision for us in 2003 when he provided 3,000 USD for our lab to develop
      such a possibility. (I used it to write our first proposal for social
      software optimized for marginal Internet access.)

      John Rogers, Terry Mace, I am moved by your letters and agree that the
      value of our work could be the basis for a community currency and we
      would gain much by understanding the logic. Note this example of a
      "voucher system":

      Finally, I encourage us all to be active in the Kenya Citizens Assembly
      http://www.ccr-kenya.com/Mandate/28.html and its teleforum Saturday,
      March 8th, (9:30am Eastern US, 5:30pm Kenya Time) Thank you, John
      Balbieri! http://www.madaraka.com


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Pyramid of Peace
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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