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Kenya: POP member notes on the ground/ proposals

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Rachel Wambui Kungu +254721626389, http://www.peace-caravan.org Thank you for your excellent report from our peacemakers in all of Kenya which I share below.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2008
      Rachel Wambui Kungu +254721626389, http://www.peace-caravan.org Thank you for your excellent report from our peacemakers in all of Kenya which I share below.

      I can send you 400 USD and perhaps a bit more, I have to calculate the money I received and how much we have spent so far. Also, it is very good that you have found funds for our Nakuru meeting by linking that with the Volunteer Youth Philanthropists one day training. Are any more funds required for that meeting? We should make a list of our projects and the budget required. Also, please we need phone numbers for some of the people below, who might provide them? Thank you! Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@..., +370 699 30003

      Dear Janet, Andrius and all,

      Thanks for your support and being part of peace building in Kenya,
      though miles away very close in efforts of building a peaceful
      coexistence in Kenya. I look at all in the network and especially
      those away from us as our mentors, we volunteer and walk the talk

      This morning I spoke to Achami, Rono, Kilel, Edwin, Muturi, Wilson,
      Tonny, Beatrice, Kirathe, Chelimo, Wesley and Kihara all from
      different areas of the country called Kenya and from different
      culture, communities, tribe etc

      The general response and feeling is that there is peace in most parts
      of our country and that those who had moved from various area and
      regions are going back to where they call home. This to me is a sign
      of peace in whatever perspective we look at it.

      ACHAMI-Kuresoi +254720613379
      Reported to me that on Wednesday there were killings in a place near
      Molo (total) and several people have been admitted in hospital. On
      Sunday Rono and Achami traveled to total to speak with elders in that
      area of which the Kalenjin and Kikuyu live in the area. Achami says
      "we had a dialogue meeting and we were able to negotiate on how to
      stop the violence in order for him to be able to continue opening up
      Molo to all the communities and for the negotiation to be successful,
      it is a must for both community to maintain peace." He says that Rono
      has played a major role in calming the situation and as we speak now
      one of the worriors who was very much involed in the conflict has now
      changed position and he is flexible and open for dialogue. Thanks Rono
      and Achami, you compliment each other. Achami is still engaging the
      community in Molo. Though he is in Kuresoi, he reported an attempted
      attack at Baringo B but police intervened.

      RONO Richard +254723732617
      As I spoke to him this morning he was heading to a burial of a person
      killed in the area and he said that he has a good platform to discuss
      the peace talks going on at the community level and why the youth
      should turn away from the violence thus, it was a mobilized group
      despite the death, they can speak peace, Rono proposed that he would
      like to go to Kitale to speak to the kalenjin, but after our
      discussion we agreed that Kuresoi is still a hot spot and violence is
      still continuing, thus he should work on building peace in ones
      community before going to the next community. We agreed and then he
      says he would like 50USD for his travel reimbursement and
      communication for the talks he has had near total, which has changed
      position of a worrior. For sometime Rono will be concentrating on
      engaging Kalenjin in peace talks within Kuresoi to stop violence.

      He is organizing meetings and dialogue in secondary and University in
      the area, taking advantage of his well connected network to work for
      peace. Kihara says he would like to organize an open day forum with a
      start of a road show stating the objective of the forum and the venue
      to round Eldoret for effective mobilization and a start off forum for
      all the communities for relationship building. I requested him to come
      up with a budget for that, but I also mentioned to him that the
      caravan is a road show and is being prepared to cme in May but he says
      that's too far and the road show is a form of advertising for the
      forum for mobilization purposes. Thus am waiting for the budget and
      then I will discuss further with him to realize his dream. I call upon
      Cheliomo Wesley and Joseph to be part of the noble cause.

      Wesley –Eldoret +254722992107
      He was one of the person I met in Eldoret on 18th of January 2008 ,
      when I started taking risks to go and carry out fact finding and build
      friends around me advocating for active non violence among the youth,
      when I called him and I had him laugh on the other end, I knew it is
      the dawn of the new beginning. He told me that there is peace
      inEldoret and that they are looking forward to International women's
      day and asked if I will be joining them. I was happy to heart to hear
      the good news, however he requested for some credit if available and
      that was all.

      Chelimo +254722809690
      Welcomed me to Eldoret and he said there is peace and people are going
      back to there so called homes. He asked me whether I will be
      participating in the women's day event in Eldoret as Andrius had
      promised to send one of us but told him , I have no idea but I will
      think about it. I joked that he will send me away but he said a big
      NO, there is peace and war is over, as a peace builder, those were
      veery encouraging words to me especially that early morning. I have a
      reason to sleep a little longer and a smile if not laughter. Ken also
      requested for airtime. That was all.

      Charles Kilel +254 727 281 419
      I always smile but too bad he cannot see it through the cell phone,
      reason being, when we met for the first time, after knowing him for a
      while over the phone, I requested him to describe the Rachel he had in
      mind, sorry I will not describe because of those who haven't seen me
      yet I live them to think about it. He was happy to hear from me after
      sometime and I told him not to be breaking the silence, as
      communication is power and we learn from each other. He didn't have
      something in mind then as he said the victims are now coming back home
      and he is thinking of how to hold a dialogue meeting with the victims
      and perpetrators to build relationship again. He says he has noted
      some fear from both communities and he would like them to address the
      fears to avoid negative outcomes. However, he says he will wait for
      sometime for more people to come back. We also discussed my then
      proposal of building a group of 10s from several homestead nearing
      each other and encourage them to be each others keeper. I was happy
      too that he has started identifying the representatives. Mr. Kile, am
      definitely coming to Kericho to see you and the team, I have postponed
      it for long but with a reason and to address urgent matters, I felt
      you could handle Kericho from the discussion we had and with the
      introduction of the young man Henry. Kindly ask him to give me a
      shout. I will get back to Kilel for further discussion on my visit
      which should be soon. I proposed to him a training/dialogue in Kericho
      with participants from Sotik which he says its near and Kisii. This is
      to try and connect Edwin who has interest in Sotik so that they can
      work togther.

      Edwin Nyandisi +254-722587836
      Having worked with him for several years, it was not hard to get what
      I wanted from Edwin, He has already written and proposed for the
      follow up meeting in Sotik. Kindly outline how many people will
      participate in the meeting. I would also like to know if the team you
      met have a formal group or not and if not during your next meeting we
      would like to here what they have to say about registering a group for
      easy follow up and networking in Sotik. I personally have a special
      interest in Sotik Kisii and Kericho, I would also like to know if you
      have managed to get intouch with some of the youth we met last year
      during the caravan. Still think of proposing a security team as you
      reported that you met the administration (areas chief) and a councilor
      could you build on that in order to have flow of communication on the
      ground. I would like to join you, if possible we leave on Friday
      morning and find out on Saturday what the women will be doing. Just a
      thought Kindly quote your budget again and we can discuss.

      Beatrice Nzovu
      She called me this morning requesting for the reports we have
      submitted at WIKI on views and happenings on the ground and
      recommendation. This is in line with the Curriculum she is trying to
      produce for POP peacebuilding healing and reconciliation. Also she
      confirmed her facilitation of the 15-16 training in nakuru, despite
      her tight schedule she has time for POP. Also she would like to get
      the reports in order to have an idea of our expectation as POP
      leaders. All in all Beatrice has worked with women *elite* as I may
      call them but she is now concentrating with the young woman at the
      grassroot level and in that case, she is organising young women for
      the march on Saturday and requested me to join her but it is
      unfortunate I am living for either Eldoret or Sotik to organize some
      forum. I would like to request for 250USD for Beatrice to organize and
      facilitate young women meeting after the March and gather some ideas
      on the motherly constitution. Beatrice kindly elaborate on how you
      plan to go about the above and the number of young women you intend to
      mobilize and possible outcome. I always look at forming groups on the
      ground and if this can be a starting point I am ready to follow up the
      group. Together we can make it.

      He is looking forward to meeting the Luo elder soon a trip he is
      joining Ken for fact finding and empowerment of youth in Kisumu to be
      able to participate fully in POP and also identify the champions down
      there or is it up there Ken O and Tonny?

      Ken Owino +254723568251
      He was occupied trying to keep his house in order for his preparation
      for a trip soon. He has several events and he will be at the National
      Theatre tomorrow afternoon, actually today (Thursday) and He has
      invited me at the cultural center where they are performing on
      Sarturday. All the best young man, you have the potential you will
      make it. Come back with a smile as always. I haven't heard from you
      the budget for your trip kindly forward it as well.

      Dennis Kimambo +254722388275
      He was facilitating so we didn't talk. Dennis, I hope we can talk soon
      need your advice on some few things about the Nakuru training on 15th
      and 16th.

      Kirathe & Wilson -Naivasha
      After the unblocking of the roads, and my personal visit and a follow
      up meeting with the Naivasha youth and forming a Naivasha Youth Peace
      Initiative, Kirate says we are forgetting them. He was the first
      together with Thuo to report that the Luo's who had been evicted from
      Naivasha are now coming back and taking over there jobs after a long
      forced leave. He told me that Naivasha people are welcoming them and
      life is going on well. No tension or incidences and since the TWO
      agreed to work together they are ready to restore the lost
      relationship. He was asking if I will be visiting them soon but I
      didn't have answer since I am abit held up in other areas. However,
      Naivasha being very near Nairobi, I promised I can have technical
      appearance every now and then as we fundraise for a training in the
      area. I miss you friend in Naivasha, I will see you soon.

      Robert Muturi Nairobi +254 722 555 302 and Wilson Naivasha
      They are young men with positive thinking about the future of the
      country. Through them I was able to get connections in Naivasha. I am
      happy to have you around and the information you share with me is and
      has always been helpful. They were both collegues in High School and
      as I learn now they are tied up organising themselves either to join
      University or College for further education. Robert is also helping
      me with VYP theatre group. He has interacted with most of you in the
      chat. Young me when you join another institution move on with the
      peace handle and build circle of friends for a positive thinking. You
      can change the world.

      Nakuru Training
      This will be a joint effort of Pyramid of Peace and Voluntary Youth
      Philanthropists who have secured some little funding to facilitate one
      day training and POP can facilitate one day. This saves on travel cost
      and maximizing of the resources for a greater impact. VYP will also be
      having student teachers leadership training either in Nakuru or
      Eldoret, we are yet to confirm.

      I have also invited Kinyanjui who will give a motivational talk on
      Youth leadership in peace building. Find out more about him when you meet.

      I will be sending credit to those organizing an activity or event for
      communication purpose.

      Emmanuel Were +254721938340, Tom Ochuka +254 712 929 029 and others I hope we can chat in the morning. It
      is 3am, I wish to go and sleep for now.

      A youth steward council or what… for the countries future (watchdogs)
      thanks Janet and Andrius and Gachara for you contributions.

      Great to know you all.
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