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Re: [holistichelping] Thursday session in the chat room

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Pam and All, Fantastic questions and potentially invaluable answers! I am not able to participate but I will take time this weekend to give my own
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 5, 2008
      Dear Pam and All,
      Fantastic questions and potentially invaluable answers!  I am not able to participate but I will take time this weekend to give my own feedback, as so much of what you bring up is crucial for us to discuss, and--at least with some of these entries--"decide".  Others may be a work in progress for some time to come.
      It will be very interesting and informative to see the responses, and I hope a number of people will be able to attend. With greatest thanks for holding these sessions and blessings to all, Janet
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      Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 9:58 AM
      Subject: [holistichelping] Thursday session in the chat room

      This Thursday is the first Thursday of the month and the regular LearningFromEachOther session in the chat room at 13.00 GMT (I have to leave around 15.30 to go to a teaching job).  I suggest we chat about some of the issues raised in the thread Kofi Annan: Negligence of Corporations, Tribes, States and related issues such as:

      • Where are we now regarding PoP?
      • Where are we going?
      • How long a breathing space might we have now the politicians have agreed the power sharing agreement?
      • Can we move from Peace making to Prosperity building?
      • How can we maintain and build PoP communication network?
      • People have invested heavily in setting up the PoP network taking risks; giving time, skill, knowledge, ideas, direction, analysis, money and other resources.  What information do we have about this?  Is it in a form that can be shared?
      • What are the visible and invisible assets of PoP?
      • Could we do an audit?
      • Is it possible to put a value on our assets - or are they priceless?  (i.e. so valuable it is impossible to put a price on them?)
      • What are the financial assets and liabilities of PoP?
      • How can we service and repay the debts Andrius incurred?
      • How does PoP relate to Minciu  Sodas?
      • What are the objectives of PoP?  (Short, medium and long term)
      • How does PoP relate to other organisations and systems with similar or complementary objectives?

       Many years ago I heard a keynote speaker say that to do anything you needed ideas, skills, networks and money - and that the easiest of those was the money - that seems hard to believe because we haven't got money but when you look at how much money is wasted on big schemes that achieve very little it seems that money is certainly around - but not connecting up with good ideas, skill and networks.  So how do we promote our ideas, skills and networks in order to link up with money.

      • What do we need money for?
      • Could we buy those things more cheaply?
      • Could others buy some of those things more cheaply?
      • Could anyone give away some of those things?
      • What about the advertising and endorsement of products and services that we could offer?

       Imagine if Mamamikes, and Celtel and Safaricom has seen the crisis looming and had decided to try to intervene .... what great advertising it would have been for them if they had succeeded....

      • Could we approach their advertising people or their social responsibility people with our PoP story and invite them to become sponsors of PoP?
      • Could we do some retrospective negotiations with them regarding discounts or free services during the turmoil (and get returned payments) so they can take some of the credit for what we have already achieved? (The quicker we could do this the better - the story losses value as time passes).

      Other thoughts

      •  What about the companies who sell handsets, how can we make it beneficial for them to give us their handsets cheaply or freely? - Can we help them to advertise, or discover new markets for instance?
      • Do we have any minimalist PoP centres yet - i.e. a place with a sign of some kind (even if its handwritten on a peace of A4 paper) and ICT connection (even if it is a single simple headset) and at least two people meeting regularly (even if its only once a month)?
      • How do we raise the visibility of PoP?
      • What companies benefit (or have benefited) from PoP's peacekeeping and would they support us though their social responsibility programmes?
      •  In the longer term how can PoPs become self funding?
      • Has anyone read Mohammed Yunus' book "Creating a World Without Poverty, Social Business and the future of Capitalism?
      • Any thoughts in how PoPs relate to ideas of social business?

      HOpe to e-meet you tomorrow

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