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Re: [nafsiafrikasaana] Kofi Annan: Negligence of Corporations, Tribes, States

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  • Peter Burgess
    Dear Colleagues There is a significant challenge ahead, and we all need to stay engaged to the best of our abilities. An enduring peace is not automatic. There
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 4, 2008
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      Dear Colleagues

      There is a significant challenge ahead, and we all need to stay
      engaged to the best of our abilities. An enduring peace is not
      automatic. There is a lot of work that needs to be done.

      I am very impressed by the efforts of ordinary ... actually,
      extraordinary ... people who have helped to keep the recent crisis
      from getting completely out of hand. Yes ... there was too much
      killing, looting, and other anti-social behavior ... but compared to
      what there might have been ... the peacemaking / peacekeeping efforts
      were a huge success.

      Several times during the last two months there have been comments
      about the need for employment for youth. This is not the only thing
      that was a critical element, but I would certainly agree that it is an
      important one. And I believe that Dr. Muhammad Yunus and his work with
      the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh is a useful foundation for thinking
      about ways forward.

      Unlike most "top down" planners, Dr. Yunus sees people as an asset
      with potential ... and sees the economic (and political) system as the
      problem. His question is simply "What can be done so that a human
      being work hard and accomplish something useful."

      I have a similar version of the same thing ... that derives from my
      work with community development in Africa. "What can be done in the
      community to make the community better ... and how can people in the
      community do what needs to be done?".

      And a first follow up question "What is it that stops people in the
      community from doing this?"

      And a second "How can this stoppage be removed?'

      This is very similar to how I perceive Dr. Yunus to be working
      successfully in Bangladesh. Except he has developed over the past 30
      plus years a major microcredit institution to help with people level
      funding ... and now, increasinly bigger funding needed for bigger

      My goal with Tr-Ac-Net is to help with community level development by
      helping to get community level planning done better ... and then,
      hopefully to be able to attract support to help communities move
      forward with their plans. It is first step in my attempt to initiate a
      Grameen like program.

      Dr. Yunus has defined a social business as a vehicle for development
      support ... and like the Grameen microcredit programs ... this is not
      grant funding but loan funding. It is a business proposition and not a
      subsidy program. But it is a business proposition that ends up with
      social good in the community rather than maximized profit extracted
      from the community.

      I am not sure how clear this is ... but I wanted to make a start in
      trying to explain. Maybe the next step is to handle clarifying


      Peter Burgess
      The Transparency and Accountability Network: Tr-Ac-Net in New York
      IMMC - The Integrated Malaria Management Consortium Inc.
      The Tr-Ac-Net blogs ... start at http://tracnetagenda.blogspot.com
      917 432 1191 or 212 772 6918 peterbnyc@...

      On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 11:23 AM, Kennedy Owino
      <nafsiafricaacro@...> wrote:
      > Hi Andrius,
      > I would like to make some lines of comment on Your idea below on
      > "co-operations to Pay peace makers for the work they did"
      > I shared it with some of my friends, saying that it's just a figment of my
      > imagination.
      > Some laughed it off and said it is ridiculous.This is not a crazy idea, at
      > least not at any level.
      > It carries more sense, while we were risking our lives, and stepping in to
      > cool the flames, most Organisations (even those started with high objectives
      > of addressing Peace issues) , just rested and discussed proposals from the
      > comforts of their Board rooms.
      > Peace makers who actively participated in the ground, opening up barricades,
      > pacifying fighters and deeply praying for the restoration of peace, honestly
      > deserve a reward, an award if not a pat on their backs.
      > My idea is instead of imploring on Kenyan co-operations to directly reward
      > the Peace makers, why not push them towards contributing to a created fund.
      > Andrius's statement can be forwarded to Koffi Anan requesting him to
      > initiate a Koffi Annan foundation here in Kenya.
      > The Foundation would basically operate as the other foundations we have in
      > the country (e.g Agha Khan foundation, or Nation media foundation).
      > Can we build more on this idea?
      > Wishing you all the best,
      > Ken Owino
      > Nafsi africa Acrobats.
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