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Rachel is ready to lead our Pyramid of Peace

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Dennis Kimambo called me today. Then I also spoke with Rachel Wambui Kungu and Kennedy Owino. We have much to do for peace. I agree that we now call
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2008
      Dennis Kimambo called me today. Then I also spoke with Rachel Wambui
      Kungu and Kennedy Owino. We have much to do for peace. I agree that we
      now call ourselves Coordinators, and organize accordingly, but we will
      also keep our authority as Commanders, as needed. Dennis, thank you for
      your able leadership as Coordinator-of-Activities. Rachel starts
      tomorrow, Monday, as our new Coordinator-of-Activities.

      Rachel is the youth representative for Kenya for the UNDP. Yesterday
      she organized a meeting of more than 40 youth leaders with Kofi Annan.
      Dennis and Kennedy were also there. She also spoke with Kofi Annan for
      a few minutes. He is aware of our peace initiatives. He asked and she
      will prepare a Youth position statement from that group.

      I continue as the leader for our Pyramid of Peace. The nature of my
      leadership will shift. My concern is to encourage our work at this time
      so that we evoke structures which might serve all of humanity.

      I encourage us to rest.

      Lawrence Achami will respond to recent violence in Kuresoi and Molo.
      Dennis has 100 USD to send him and I am adding another 100 USD as they
      requested. Janet, Thank you for dedicating funds for a phone. I will
      send now 200 USD for him to purchase the phone so that he might have
      that soon. Lawrence, as you work as a peacemaker, please also train
      others, especially independent peacemakers you might find among the

      Our priority now is for all of our champions to organize locally the
      Stewardship Councils whose purpose is to include all those who care. We
      want these councils to make decisions by consensus and so they should
      have no more than twelve people. If there are more than twelve people,
      then they should be encouraged to create additional councils and to send
      representatives. The councils will send representatives for the Pyramid
      of Peace meeting on Saturday, March 15 in Nakuru. How can we make sure
      that the meeting is diverse? One mechanism would be to have each
      council submit three candidates of different sexes and backgrounds with
      their statements and then let the meeting organizer select from them.

      Kennedy Owino is interested to go on a fact-finding mission to Kisumu
      and meet with Tom Ochuka and help organize a Stewardship Council for
      that bioregion which might then send representatives for the March 15
      meeting. Rachel suggested that Hannington Onyango (Tonny) travel with
      him. Kennedy will also explore how we might have healthy tribes with
      responsible leadership. The concept of tribe is so painful now that
      Kennedy impressed upon me the need to find another term, even another
      concept, and we agreed that could be culture. So we can speak of the
      Luo culture and our wish for responsible leadership of the Luo culture.
      We can also focus on virtual culture because I think such leadership
      should be literate in one way or another, which is to say, it shouldn't
      depend on territory. The word "culture" also allows opens us to include
      all variety of cultures including "Kenyans", "fishermen", "punk rockers"
      and insist that they be responsible and inclusive.

      I will send out invitations for Samwel Kongere, Fred Kayiwa and Kennedy
      Owino to come to Lithuania, but also Dennis Kimambo, Rachel Wambui
      Kungu, David Mutua in case we get extra funds. Kennedy will apply first
      for a visa and then we will see what luck he has and decide what we can
      do. I will also be working intensely to organize the March 31, 2008
      workshop of the COMMUNIA thematic network for the Public Domain, here in
      Vilnius, Lithuania.

      I plan to spend more energy to engage corporations if they might provide
      us support or paid work.

      I encourage us to think of peace as an opportunity to share our
      projects, our endeavors with those around us and learn about theirs. We
      may be able to make great progress for a global village movement where
      we all have wonderful local possibilities. I also invite our online
      participants to consider how you might like to participate in such local
      groups even from far away. Rachel and I considered the principal that
      councils can have participants who live far away, but their
      representatives should live locally.

      I also encourage our Kenyan leaders to include participants from around
      the world who may happen to be in Kenya, such as Theresa Bakalarz of
      Austria. I think that the March 15 meeting could be a "Special meeting
      of bioregions" for coordinating response to the national crisis and for
      providing input for a Constitution for Humanity. By calling it a
      "special meeting" we can address the national crisis without implying a
      national organ. Each local council or bioregion council would I imagine
      at its own meeting accept or reject such a Constitution or some version
      of it. Minciu Sodas could be the steward for this Constitution, much as
      if it were an open source software license and an operating system, and
      it would evolve through versions, and it could be locally ammended. I
      think, in principle, there could be other stewards and Constitutions.

      Dennis Kimambo leads our newest Minciu Sodas working group on his
      deepest value "Community work", especially reaching out and working with
      those on-the-ground, in the non-virtual world, as with community
      theater. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/communitywork/ Join us! send a
      blank message to communitywork-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      We welcome donations by PayPal or credit card at



      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Global Coordinator
      Pyramid of Peace
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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