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Pyramid of Peace is ready for peace in Kenya!

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Congratulations to all in Kenya and around the world with this great day for peace! Today President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga signed on national television
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2008
      Congratulations to all in Kenya and around the world with this great day
      for peace! Today President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga signed on
      national television an agreement that shows they have found the heart to
      work together. Kenyans on all sides are celebrating jubilantly. This
      is a step forward that is hard to take back.

      Early on I was told that all of the conflict could end in one day if
      there was simply a call for a recount. Today is the day that shows this
      is true. Many Kenyans have been hurt these two months. But there has
      been a great yearning for peace that has spoken today.

      We are all Kenyans today: Janet Feldman, Samwel Kongere, Sasha Mrkailo,
      Kennedy Owino, Pamela McLean, David Mutua, Meadowlea, Dennis Kimambo,
      Asif Daya, Rachel Wambui Kungu, Fred Kayiwa, Wesley Chirchir Chebii,
      Maria Agnese Giraudo, Kiyavilo Msekwa, John Rogers, Lawrence Achami, Joy
      Tang, Kenneth Chelimo, Franz Nahrada, Tom Ochuka, Ricardo, Josephat
      Ndibalema, Benoit Couture, Collins Odour, Dan Otedo, Peter Burgess,
      Wendi Loshe Bernadette, Greg Wolff, Davis Wedii, Sabrina Jung, Hamimu
      Byabato, Theresa Bakalarz, Edmundas Kulikauskas, Ron Odhiambo, Jerry
      Michalski, Emmanuel Were, Brian Behlendorf, Charles Kilel, Nancy White,
      Eric Wanjamah, Chris Ouma, Felix Kipruto, Raimundas Vaitkevicius,
      Masimba Biriwasha, Alexander Nikolic, Dorcas Koskey, Tania Palacios,
      Edwine Nyandisi, Samuel Rose, Steve Bosserman, Robert Othieno, Ciru,
      John Barbieri, Perpetua Warutere, Edward Damal, Joe Damal, Alice
      Wathika, Jeff Buderer, Patrick Bunyali Kamoyani, Eluned Hurn, Rono
      Richards, Algis Cibulskis, God and many hundreds more who have worked
      together as peacemakers.

      Thank you to all of our independent peacemakers who have risen to love
      our enemy. Thank you even more to the contagious Spirit which has leapt
      from heart to heart so that we care for each other. I confess that all
      that I myself have done these last two months was triggered on January
      1, 2008 by four letters from Sasha Mrkailo, Janet Feldman, Maria Agnese
      Giraudo and Asif Daya, all concerned that we do something. You have
      changed my life with your Spirit. I have grown and I know that we have
      grown as we have taken and fulfilled responsibilities to help each other
      care for people we know or don't even know. We have applied ourselves
      in ways that give new meaning to our many skills and talents, including
      theater, acrobatics, computers, motorbikes, chess, art, song, video and
      countless more. We have worked effortlessly because we have engaged
      each other as independent thinkers who are woven together by a caring
      that is deeper than thinking.

      I spoke today with Dennis Kimambo +254 722 388 275, Rachel Wambui Kungu
      +254 721 626 389, Kennedy Owino +254 723 568 251, Kenneth Chelimo +254
      722 809 690, Wesley Chirchir Chebii +254 722 992 107, David Mutua +254
      720 462 559 and congratulated all. I tried to call more people but I
      think the phone lines were jammed! We are one with millions of people
      hoping and acting. Yet we do stand out, too. If you Google on "help
      Kenyans" you will see that our work together, as documented at
      worknets.org, is ranked Nr.1 !

      Our priority now is to embrace peace and to add our good will to that
      shown by President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga. Certainly, we can rest
      and celebrate. Rachel notes that we will enter a long period of peace
      making. We can't ignore the deep wounds and we need to reconstruct our
      relationships. Starting Monday, March 3, she will serve as
      Commander-of-Operations to lead our peacemakers in Kenya so that we can
      quickly learn, apply and share skills for healing and reconciliation.
      Rachel is asking Beatrice Nzobu to prepare such a manual. Dennis notes
      that there will be many requests for help now. Diversity Councils can
      help us respond fairly and inclusively and foster community. Wesley
      alerts us that the great enthusiasm can make it easier to attract
      volunteers. Indeed, we may help people get involved so that today's joy
      may be the seed for a lifetime of work and play.

      I have learned to be ready to change our plans every few days. I worked
      all day on a letter to prepare for civil war. And just before I sent it
      out, the good news came from Tom Ochuka! I did not expect that today
      would end this way. I am happy to be wrong. I believe the words
      "Humanity before Politics" have been taken to heart. Yet I share my
      sober letter. We came to this day well prepared to be surprised. Let
      us now rest, sleep, dream and plan anew.



      Pyramid of Peace is ready for civil war in Kenya

      Are you afraid of civil war in Kenya? Do not panic. Join the Pyramid of
      Peace http://www.pyramidofpeace.net I share my thoughts on how the
      future will unfold in March and the roles that our Commanders and
      Peacemakers are playing.

      Our Commanders, Dennis Kimambo +254 722 388 275 http://www.repacted.org,
      Rachel Wambui Kungu +254 721 626 389 http://www.peace-caravan.org,
      Kennedy Owino +254 723 568 251 http://www.nafsiafrica.org and I are
      agreed that Kenya is moving towards civil war. Kofi Annan has acted
      brilliantly as a statesman. I ask us to pray for him to persevere. Mwai
      Kibaki and Raila Odinga have made evident they have no care for each
      other, let alone the rest of Kenya. The recent call for "mass action"
      was alarming because without a discipline of nonviolence it can only
      spark violence. Such unruly demonstrations would bring the worst out of
      people. They can settle nothing except by storming the government. Yet
      such a battle is the alternative that both politicians are thinking in
      terms of, and I believe they have plenty of cronies who are giving them
      every reason to do so. Civil war is the only change that they are
      accepting. We are therefore urging all peacemakers to make the most of
      the civil war which they so badly want.

      We are having an impact. Raila Odinga called off the demonstrations.
      This is a flash of humanity in his heart, a sober look at the mood of
      the people, and a sign of the glory of God. We are also present and
      wearing our white armbands. Thank you to all who mobilized on Tuesday
      * Tom Ochuka +254 712 929 029 in Kisumu
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/message/2642 where the men
      voted 27 to 3 not to demonstrate,
      * Kenneth Chelimo +254 722 809 690 and Joseph Chumba +254 722 479 069,
      who brought white armbands for the volunteer security organized by Singh
      Kisa +254 710 774 841 and Michael Kipkoech in a mixed-tribe slum of
      Eldoret http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/message/2664
      * Douglas Arege +254 720 466 340 on the Borabu(Kisii)/Sotik border
      Kenya is a big country. Yet a few bold signals by independent
      peacemakers can tip the many conversations that make their way to Raila
      Odinga, Mwai Kibaki and Kofi Annan.

      We are not resting because there is no alternative to the
      demonstrations, there is no alternative to civil war. There is simply
      the waiting by the many and the working by the few, and we as
      peacemakers are doing our work even as warmakers do theirs. Dennis
      Kimambo, our current Commander-of-Operations, has with few resources
      coordinated many missions to bring peace to neglected areas. Lawrence
      Achami +254 720 613 379 showed outstanding initiative and won a great
      victory. He opened the roads for the Kalenjins in Molo so they are
      accessible now. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/message/2653
      Indeed, the Daily Nation reported on a large meeting of church leaders
      that Lawrence organized.
      Lawrence, you have made clear your great character and we are now asking
      for help so that you might have an Internet enabled phone and be able to
      serve as a Commander even from the remote rural areas where you live and go.

      Dennis Kimambo, thank you for your able leadership. Thank you to our
      peacemakers for your reports:
      * Emmanuel Were in Nandi Hills on Sunday
      * Ron Odhiambo +254 722 240 088 in Naivasha
      And while we still can we are advancing further:
      * Collins Odour +254 721 637 457 in Narok
      Wesley Chirchir Chebii +254 722 992 107 in Eldoret, you note how we can
      Emmanuel Were is traveling today (actually, next week) to Eldoret to
      join you for the television peace program there. We are planting seeds
      far and wide with our vigorous outreach and our wonderful victories.

      Rachel Wambui Kungu +254 721 626 389 now serves again as our
      Commander-of-Operations starting Monday, March 3, 2008. Rachel will
      take on the challenge of civil war, visible or not. Peacemakers, please
      know that if demonstrations take place, if violence erupts, then we will
      stay out of the way. Instead, we will organize emergency services to
      help those who need to be evacuated, who are surrounded, who fear for
      their lives. We will work with the Red Cross and the local
      authorities. Please alert local authorities to any signs of firearms
      entering the country. We encourage peacemakers to join us, to wear
      white armbands, to organize themselves in groups of about seven or
      eight, and to have a Coordinator who lets us post their name and
      telephone number and stays in touch with our Pyramid of Peace. We
      should keep practicing how to love our enemy and think from their point
      of view. We will also send out peacemakers to the village elders to
      learn if they would give allegiance to the Pyramid of Peace. They would
      appoint a Messenger from their village who would help us stay in touch
      with them by phone. We would help them develop their ICT skills and
      resources. They would organize volunteer security with white armbands
      to keep order in the village and to keep villagers from participating in
      violence and civil war. They would be able to work with us on larger
      actions. We will commit to apply ourselves nonviolently to defend them
      from genocide, which is a grave but vital responsibility. We will also
      make contact with tribal militias to embrace them as our enemies and
      help them consider all options that would keep them from participating
      in civil war.

      Kennedy Owino +254 723 568 251 will serve after Rachel as
      Commander-of-Operations. He is organizing long term structures for all
      people to participate to the fullest. I have outlined a Constitution
      for Humanity that we will apply as we evolve.
      We already have a Command Structure by which peacemakers wield as much
      authority as they possibly can. Additionally, we need each tribe to be
      able to speak with a clear voice, a Congress of about thirty creative
      people who love their tribe and can establish, annul and reform the
      tribe's traditions, who can annul oaths and establish counteroaths
      (which is important for helping people to leave militias), who can hold
      tribal militias accountable, who can speak on the tribe's behalf, and
      who can represent the tribe in any agreements with powers, governmental
      or otherwise. Kennedy Owino is a Luo and will take initiative as the
      Luo Commander for the Pyramid of Peace. He will organize such a
      Congress in March so that it can speak for the Luo tribe. They can
      help Raila Odinga stick to peace and not war and they can make their own
      agreement with the government as they might choose. If Raila Odinga
      works with the Luo Congress, he will be stronger because of it.

      Kennedy and Rachel will also organize Diversity Councils for each
      location and bioregion so that we might include the widest variety of
      people. We are currently operating in three bioregions: Lake Bioregion,
      Rift Valley Bioregion, Nairobi Bioregion. Each has a very different
      dynamic. By organizing a Diversity Council in each bioregion we will
      have in each case a mixed group of twelve people who by consensus can
      let us know what people want, what are the priorities, and manage a
      treasury for projects. We will be able to focus on the real issues in
      each bioregion (such as land issues in the Rift Valley) and disentangle
      ourselves from contrived issues, for example, the politics of Nairobi.

      The Lake Bioregion Diversity Council will be able to make clear to Raila
      Odinga and Mwai Kibaki the steps that are truly relevant so that the
      Lake Bioregion is treated fairly. We can ask Ukraine's Orange movement,
      which inspired Kenya's Orange movement, to investigate and separate
      peacemakers and troublemakers. We also offer to Raila Odinga and the
      ODM to organize peaceful, nonviolent actions that would help
      participants grow thoughtful, disciplined to persevere for justice.
      Rachel will also work so that Mwai Kibaki shows heart, for example, by
      allowing others in the government to stake out positions that allow for

      I ask David Mutua +254 720 462 559 in Nairobi, Kenneth Chelimo +254 722
      809 690 and Wesley Chirchir Chebii +254 722 992 107 in Eldoret, Tom
      Ochuka +254 712 929 029 in Kisumu and all to share your visions for the
      Diversity Councils in your area and reach out to learn who might
      participate, both locally and regionally. Please, reach out to include

      We are encouraged that genocide is not a national problem, but a human
      problem. We are drawn together by our love for life. We are able to
      remake our world so that we listen to God in the hearts of the
      peacemakers, in wisdom of the cultures, and in the balance of nature.
      We have been separated from each other by national and economic walls.
      We are ready to make the most of war and peace. Join us to embrace
      enemies! As our world falls apart, our love will pull us back together.

      We share our love.



      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Pyramid of Peace
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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