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Fundraising for the Jumuiya Women Group, Eldoret, Kenya.

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  • ricardoolpc
    Dear all this is an email that I just sent to Dorcas Koskey, chairlady of the Jumuiya Women Group, Eldoret, who help women and girls there. We have set up a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2008

      Dear all

      this is an email that I just sent to Dorcas Koskey, chairlady of the Jumuiya Women Group, Eldoret, who help women and girls there. We have set up a Blog page to help publicise their fundraising campaign, and accept donations via CAWD, Pam McLean's UK Charity.

      We're also trying to publicise the cause via automatic email signatures.


      Hi Dorcas
      Dorcas, you can now add email signatures to your own out-going emails by following the instructions at http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dcnkw5vd_928c46gzggr

      For your own signature only, you may want to add a line at the beginning :-

      Dorcas Koskey, Chairlady of Jumuiya Women, Eldoret, Kenya.

      You can test it, by sending an email to yourself, at your own email address, and check it looks okay.

      Updating the instructions
      Lorraine, thanks for publishing the instructions page, that's great. Many thanks. If I need to do any updates to the instructions on Google Docs, do I need a password? If so, could you send it to me in an email addressed to just me please.

      Friends and Supporters
      Dorcas, you now need to publicise the instructions to everyone that you know, who might support the cause (perhaps everyone in your email contact list, friends-of-friends, NGOs, etc).

      Just send them an email like the text below. Change it as you like. If you send it to a list of people, please add them to the BCC (blind carbon copy) list, to keep each person's email address private, so everyone doesn't see all the email addresses.

      With some email services, you can set up a named group of addresses, such as 'JWG Supporters', then use that to send this message, and any later email newsletters. I'll find the details of this later. For now, just add the email addresses one at a time, to the BCC list.

      So, just Compose a new email, and cut and paste a message like this into it :-

          we're trying to raise funds for the Jumuiya Women Group. We have a fund-raising page at http://jumuiyawomengroup.blogspot.com and we want to publicise it to as many people as possible. One way to do that is if all our friends and supporters set up their email accounts to automatically add an 'email signature' to all out-going emails, with an appeal message like this :-

      Please support the Jumuiya Women's Group, helping women and girls in Eldoret, Kenya displaced and struggling in the wake of election violence. They provide food, school uniforms, books, sanitary products, and hope for traumatized girls, many of whom have lost one or more parents.

      To donate, please click http://jumuiyawomengroup.blogspot.com/ for details of the cause, and click the 'CAWD on-line Donations' link, top-right. In the 'Personal Message' box, please enter 'JWG'.

      It allows people to click on the link, read about the Jumuiya Women Group, and make a donation online.

      Even if you can't donate to the cause yourself, you can still help to publicise the cause, and invite other people to donate, by adding an 'Email Signature' to your out-going emails automatically. You can set up your email account to do this for all outgoing emails, by following the instructions at http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dcnkw5vd_928c46gzggr

      Once it is set up, you don't have to do anything more. It can provide free publicity for the cause for months or years ahead. If you can do that, it would be a great help to us.

      To read about Jumuiya Women Group and our fundraising, please go to http://jumuiyawomengroup.blogspot.com/

      Many thanks.

      Dorcas Koskey, Chairlady of Jumuiya Women, Eldoret, Kenya.

      Note - this particular message doesn't actually ask them to make a donation themselves, just to help publicise the cause via email signatures. It may be better to ask for donations in a separate email, or a monthly newsletter.

      Email Regulations
      For most European countries, USA, etc, it's illegal to send unsolicited (or 'junk') emails to whole lists of people that you don't already know. This is to stop people getting thousands of email advertisements from companies, etc. So you should only send emails to people that you already know, or 'friends of friends'. Partner NGOs may be able to send email for you, to their existing supporter list.

      Yahoo Groups
      I will publicise it in the Yahoo groups that we all use for discussing Kenyan issues (Holistic Helping, Mendenyo, etc).

      Dorcas, I think you need quite a large amount of money for your work, so it may be a good idea to talk to any partner organizations that you work with already, or any NGOs working in the Eldoret area, and see whether they can help to publicise the cause. You can send them a copy of the above email with the Blog link and Instructions link, for adding email signatures.

      I'm interested to see how this campaign goes. Could you let me know in a few weeks how many people you've been able to recruit, to add email signatures, and how easy or difficult they found it. It could help with our own Pyramid of Peace fundraising.

      If people get any problems with adding signatures, please don't give them my email address to contact me directly. Just tell me about it by email, and I will reply to you.

      I'll reply to the other points in your email in a few days.

      Best wishes.


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