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Re: Wild youg men.....say no to Demos in kisumu

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Tom, Fantastic work. Kisumu will now become a priority because Kennedy Owino has agreed to serve as our Leader of the Lou tribe for our Pyramid of Peace. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2008
      Tom, Fantastic work. Kisumu will now become a priority because Kennedy
      Owino has agreed to serve as our Leader of the Lou tribe for our Pyramid
      of Peace. We will organize the Lou tribe and have a Congress in Kisumu
      in March made of those Independent Thinkers who love the Lou tribe.
      Please help us find them: dancers, singers, artists, actors, musicians,
      athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, priests, activists, ecologists...
      The Congress will be the voice of the Lou tribe and declare the vision
      for the tribe, set and reset the traditions, and be able to come to
      agreement with whoever is in government. We will also send our
      peacemakers to the many villages to address their elders and ask them if
      they would like to give allegiance to the Pyramid of Peace or not.
      Those who do will appoint a Messenger, typically a youth with ICT skills
      who we will train and further support so we can stay in touch with the
      elders. The village will organize a volunteer security team with white
      armbands who will keep order in the village and keep the villagers from
      participating in the civil war which we are expecting. They will also
      be ready to participate in Pyramid of Peace operations.

      Asif, Yes. Who might lead with your idea to collect and send used cell


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      asif.daya@... wrote:
      > Looks like they need cell phones???
      > Asif
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      > *From:* tom ochuka [mailto:tomochuka@...]
      > *Sent:* Tuesday, February 26, 2008 11:14 AM
      > *To:* ANDRIUS
      > *Subject:* [holistichelping] Wiled youg men.....say no to Demos in kisumu
      > Dear Dennis,
      > We are done with the most difficult meetingsin
      > kisumu..this youg men are stillbreathing threats..by
      > 9.00ocklock..they were ready for action.
      > We had ameeting chaired by martin
      > obuya..+254721405939..this is man born in kisumu..and
      > hashisgrandfathers home....where we have the
      > current..G.P.O.
      > These men totaling to 30..came fromthree regions..in
      > the city..Nyalenda..chiga..bandani.
      > We later divided theminto discussion groups at YWCA..
      > Among the touchy isues..were
      > 1 How to PARALISE..Demonstaration
      > 2 Can webe free with kikuyusin kisumu.
      > 3 Benefits and Loses in Demos.
      > Demonstration..got..3 votes out of 30 voters..so NO
      > Demonstratin won.
      > We have made astep..to recruit over 1,000more in less
      > than..2 weeks i kisumu.
      > Fundings.
      > Thanksto all....who surported..thiswasthe first...very
      > expensive because of last minute rush.
      > Hall KSH 500
      > Air time 500
      > Transport 1000
      > Bottled water and sodas 1250 to participants
      > Writing materials...300
      > seats 300
      > Ribonns 200
      > Total 4150ksh.
      > Iused my camerafor pictures ..that ..I Will..soon
      > send ..to all.
      > Astory of Maurice moved allhe was adriver with Bata
      > but was sent away becauese he was not ...of the
      > comunity around..hisfriend..was killed...he isreally
      > ..discouraged..he leads nyalenda base..Nownhe rides
      > boda bodatransport.
      > leaders ...names..many did not have Cellphones.
      > Maurice onyango Tel 0727873077 chiga
      > Maurice oloo....0710554885 bandani
      > Vincent otieno..
      > George odhiambo...0735398028 Nyalenda.
      > Parties/accusations.
      > 1 Police blamed for demos also..as inciters.
      > 2 Redcross..seen aspartisans..giving surport toonly
      > membersof certain parties.
      > 3 agaoverment....only surpoting Idpsof certain
      > parties.
      > Demontration..lost votes today..they said
      > We arecontinuing tomorrow..we..need more
      > fundsthisgroupisso wiled anytime we meet them..they
      > want food and some helpto carry fish home.
      > Thanksto all
      > TOMOCHUKA.
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