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direction, what you care about, what's on your mind.

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  • Pamela McLean
    Andrius said to me: I m just wondering if you might write about your direction, what you care about, what s on your mind. I need that invitation. I need to
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 10, 2006
      Andrius said to me: I'm just wondering if you might write about your
      direction, what you care about, what's on your mind.

      I need that invitation. I need to gather my thoughts. As usual when I
      come home from Nigeria I feel a bit disorientated.- it is a kind of
      reverse culture shock.. I think I adapt more quickly to my situation
      in Nigeria than I do to coming back home again - things like the lack of
      water and electricity - the pressure of intrusions into "my personal
      space", the bad roads and chaotic, anarchic traffic systems, living with
      more natural rhythms - waking at cock-crow - rising around dawn, going
      to bed fairly early (because the hurricane lamp or candles give little
      light) etc. Then I leave my friends still struggling with those everyday
      problems, and I come home to life as it is over here - flushing drinking
      water down the toilet, hardly aware of dawn or dusk, switching on lights
      as soon as it gets a bit gloomy - and of course using the Internet as
      effortlessly and I turn on a tap. And there is no more of the endless
      quizzing about how everyone slept, how everyone is in their health, how
      everyone's family is and so on. All those greetings can get a bit much
      - but I kind of miss them when they are gone.

      So - I was asked about direction.. I often say that I more or less know
      where I am trying to get to - but that getting there is rather like
      tacking across the wind.- something which can look, to casual
      spectators, like complete changes of direction, not purposeful progress.
      Every time I come back from a "reality check" visit it's like the wind
      and currents have changed and I have to get my bearings again and reset
      the course.

      So - I'll just touch on a few of the people and places and what I want
      to help to happen next. I won't try to explain how and why - or how come
      we are at this particular point. It would be too complicated. I can
      fill in such details later if anyone needs them in order to act.

      Bode - helping him with TT. I need to keep in contact with him now, so
      that he continues to develop his own positive experience of being part
      of an online community. He was very impressed when we were at the cyber
      cafe together and I was able to introduce him to Lorraine for a chat,
      and she was helping him to find web links that he needed. . Previously
      he had only seen chat used by other people at the cyber cafe for
      trivial purposes. usually involving a lot of lies and trying to impress
      people. He was delighted to discover it could be used usefully.

      It would be good if we could present a TT course together - or at least
      go over things in more detail together before he has a go on his own.
      I'm trying to get all the resources that I gave him easily available at
      Cawdnet Campus - with a view to sharing them with others too, and also
      gradually improving them. At present they are just as I used them myself
      when I was training teachers. I'd really like to do additional notes
      that would make the resources more useful to other trainers who have not
      been involved in their development.

      Bode is only going to do the "No-Computer Computer Course" part of
      Teachers Talking with his teachers at first, because he hasn't got any
      computers at his office/training centre.. He's hoping I might be able to
      get him a a second hand laptop from somewhere so he can also do some of
      the Hands-On Computers practical work. As far as TT-Online goes,
      anything he does of that will have to be at the cyber cafe.- so it is
      only likely to be possible for the most enthusiastic, because of the cost.

      I'm glad Bode and my OCDN friends are getting to know each other and are
      interested in how they might work together. Chief Adejumo (chairman of
      OCDN) has a long time concern with tackling corruption in local
      government. He was particularly interested to hear about some training
      that Bode is doing with various church groups, in the Lagos area, to
      help people be more aware of how local government should work, and about
      issues of accountability.

      I'll write about other people and places later.

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