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Re: ginger group needed to help rural teacher in Nigeria

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi Pamela, It was great to speak with you by phone! and to get your letter. I also started replying. But for now I will simply share my notes that I wrote as
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4, 2006
      Hi Pamela,
      It was great to speak with you by phone! and to get your letter.
      I also started replying. But for now I will simply share my notes that I
      wrote as we talked. I was trying to write how our response might unfold
      as we assist a learner who wishes to learn more and more.

      I have set up a page for the Ginger project at:
      The next step would be to reach out to some of our other groups
      including holistichelping@yahoogroups.com

      Benoit, thank you for writing! Andrius, http://www.ms.lt


      [16:07:50] minciusodas A) A list of contact people who are able to
      shepherd one through the process of fruitful learning
      [16:08:03] … where fruitful learning means that our learning experience
      builds public assets
      [16:08:19] … that we and others can build on further
      [16:08:37] … so others can learn from it and we can go back to it
      [16:08:46] … and we can assemble people who might be interested to take
      this all further
      [16:08:52] … and we can justify the help given to us
      [16:09:51] … B) The Shepherd forwards and/or writes a letter to an email
      group where there might be a response
      [16:10:16] … C) The letter and relevant responses get tagged for the
      future as at:
      [16:10:37] … http://del.icio.us/AndriusKulikauskas
      [16:13:59] … they get exposure to more people
      [16:14:02] … and we have them on reference
      [16:14:06] … and we can see them accumulate
      [16:14:19] … and the crucial thing is that it's public
      [16:14:35] … D) Then we create a wiki page
      [16:14:40] … which may grow into a subwiki
      [16:14:49] … So a Shepherd has to find a logical place for a wiki page.
      [16:15:33] … It starts, let's say, with a wiki page
      [16:15:42] … where there may be just a few links and they may accumulate.
      [16:15:53] … And maybe it stops there. Maybe that's all that's needed.
      [16:15:57] … But maybe...
      [16:16:16] … E) The single wiki page grows and there's a person who
      wants to make a subwiki based on it.
      [16:16:25] … So there's a person interested in the subject itself
      [16:16:30] … and is willing to help it grow
      [16:16:56] … and has online presence and skills
      [16:17:01] … which not everybody has
      [16:17:08] … As this grows....
      [16:25:19] … F) They find a host, a leader of a working group, who is
      willing to host their project so it can build momentum through emails,
      and so they can assemble people
      [16:25:59] … G) They might start to create materials or tools that
      people can use, which might include people who can't participate so
      intensely online
      [16:26:36] … H) They find a clear mature leader whose working group
      (perhaps a new group) is able to host the email discussions that are
      [16:26:56] … I) At that point, as the subwiki is growing, and projects
      are taking place, it makes sense to overview it all with a linear course
      [16:27:07] … So we use the wiki to develop a course
      [16:27:19] … J) We set up Moodle to deliver such a course
      [16:28:30] … Some novel things that you've done that we should learn how
      to do:
      [16:28:45] … 1) Have a group available for helping others as needed like
      Teachers Talking
      [16:28:51] … 2) Have on the ground courses.
      [16:29:01] … 3) Have online events where people help each other.
      [16:29:49] … And there is the challenge of how do we make this available
      to people who are mostly offline.
      [16:30:13] … Let's this might mean in practice.
      [16:30:19] … Yes, we could start with the Ginger project.
      [16:30:43] … Yes, send that to Learning From Each Other.
      [16:32:28] … http://www.findbetterways.info/wiki.cgi?FindBetterWays

      A draft of my letter that I started to write...

      This summer we started a new working group at our Minciu Sodas
      laboratory lead by Pamela McLean.
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/ Join by sending a
      blank message to learningfromeachother-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      "Learning From Each Other" is Pamela's key concept in life. Her
      investigatory question is "How do we use ICT to enable an educational
      system that lets self-directed learners be agents of their own
      learning?" Pamela is a school teacher in London with many years of
      experience with ICT for learning, notably in Nigeria. She is now
      traveling to Zambia. Helmut Leitner shares more about her at:

      We spoke today for about an hour and a half. Pamela is very happy to
      host Paolo Pumilia and his colleagues who want to have permanent
      committee for organizing conferences about Open Content. Much of this
      content is for distance learning and self-learning. I also told Pamela
      about Maria Agnese Giraudo. I stayed with Agnese in Santa Marinella, not
      far from Rome. She is interested in local publishing of textbooks for
      primary and secondary students.
      Pamela McLean wrote:

      >I am looking forward to learning from other people in this group and
      >from other groups connected to learningfromeachother. I hope to learn on
      >my own behalf and also on behalf of others - such as the teacher I
      >introduce below who needs to learn about ginger.
      >The teacher, Veronica Bahago, has turned to the Internet to seek
      >information, and I have been asekd to help. Meanwhile Andrius has begun
      >to gather people to join this group - so I now share Veronica's request
      >here, as I previously shared it with another group that I have been
      >active in for some time.(The UNESCO/IIEP Open Educational Resources
      >Community.To join, send a message to virtual.university@....)
      >The challenge is to learn various things in order to help Veronica. We
      >need to find relevant information, and find ways to present it in an
      >appropriate way, so that it is accessable for her and of practical use.
      >This could be our first real learningfromeachother project. Please read
      >the email below and consider getting actively involved.
      >-------- Original Message --------
      >(snip) I am forwarding a recent request for information from a
      >practicing teacher, in rural Africa (snip)
      ># The teacher
      >The teacher,Veronica Bahago, is working in rural Nigeria and is trying
      >to learn via the Internet. Teachers in rural Nigeria are the change
      >agents in their communities. They are information channels. This is
      >because they speak English (the national language for education and
      >administration) They also speak the language(s) that people use locally,
      >and they are literate. They serve on local committees; they write
      >letters for people; they explain things; they have tremendous influence.
      >In the long term we need to reach them with our e-learning initiatives.
      ># The teachers' action group
      >Veronica Bahago is a member of the Fantsuam Foundation "Teacher Talking
      >About ICT" action group.The action group have experiences that support
      >the idea that "Thanks to the Internet it is worth asking questions and
      >trying to find out new things because - now - there is a chance of
      >getting the information and knowledge that you need. Even if you can
      >only access the Internet very infrequently - even if you seldom see a
      >computer of any kind - just as long as you have vision and some
      >connection, you can be involved. You and your community can benefit from
      >these new ways of acquiring knowledge."
      ># The desire to learn via the Internet.
      >Now for the challenge of showing it is true. In a recent email from the
      >action group I am told "Veronica Bahago said she has planted ginger
      >which will be due by August this year. She will like to have information
      >about variety of gingers, how to process gingers into other project and
      >teach other people too"
      ># The implications
      >It is exciting that this teacher is turning to the Internet for
      >information - although she comes from a.community where electricity and
      >books are in short supply and computers are unknown to most people.
      >(Most of the teachers have to be small scale farmers, as well as
      >teachers, to supplement their diets and their incomes.) I have heard
      >from other people that ginger is an important crop - something worth
      >growing.Of course I know nothing about growing ginger and now I am faced
      >with the challenge of helping Veronica to learn what she has asked to
      >learn - to demonstrate the power of the Internet for acquiring
      >knowledge. . What is important is not just what she can learn and teach
      >about ginger, but what she, and the action group members, and their
      >communities will learn about learning via the Internet.
      ># Help?
      >(snip)I hope the request will influence longer term vision. And maybe
      >someone can point me in the direction of the knowledge this teacher is
      >Each letter sent to Learning From Each Other enters the PUBLIC DOMAIN unless it explicitly states otherwise http://www.ethicalpublicdomain.org Please be kind to our authors!
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