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Re: [learningfromeachother] THE DEAF CAN...KEEP CICKEN ..FOR EGGS AND OTHERS

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  • tom ochuka
    Dear Janet and Lucas, There is achool in oyugis about 50km ..out of kisumu city ..in this instution the deaf occasionally come to learn agriculture..but the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 7, 2006
      Dear Janet and Lucas,
      There is achool in oyugis about 50km ..out of kisumu
      city ..in this instution the deaf occasionally come to
      learn agriculture..but the challenge is now to be
      empowered for practice many abruptly chnge and we
      loose proffesionals so they end up on odd jobs.
      In one survey I interviwed aman who was looking fo
      apoultry keeper and many prefered the deaf to tis
      1 They handle this birs with zeal.
      2 They love to keep their proffesion and show
      3 They have great love for what they see producing.
      In kisumu ..whree eggs are on demand we can have an im
      proved way of helping this deaf so that thier
      potential is not wasted..
      We can empowe them to begin with ust few birds even
      the locals to begin with..are you able to give us new
      ways of dong this to this group of people.

      --- ms@... wrote:

      > Lucas,
      > Thank you for updating us at your blog:
      > I share with our Mejores Vias and Learning From Each
      > Other groups. I also
      > share my reply. I'll be encouraging us to organize
      > poultry farmers in
      > Nigeria and around the world as people who might be
      > most interested to share
      > helpful information regarding a pandemic flu that we
      > want to be prepared for.
      > This would be great for our
      > http://www.myfoodstory.com project
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > ms@...
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > -----------------------
      > It feels like it's been a very long time since I
      > don't come around this page.
      > Since then I've been:
      > * awaiting http://www.worldchanging.com/book and
      > some other books on
      > permaculture and stuff.
      > * helping some local permaculturers (as time
      > allows).
      > * watching the translation of Dr Woodson's
      > Good Home
      > Treatment] manual. The first product will be his
      > "Flu Treatment Kit".
      > * learning lots about flu and
      > how to minimise waves]. Actually, the global
      > community of flu warriors is
      > co-learning]
      > a lot] - so much we
      > don't know and need to know!
      > My current summary about pandemic flu:
      > *
      > More
      > cases] and
      > visibly more clusters] of bird-flu in humans. At
      > least one of the clusters
      > was h2h2h (April 2006). "It could start at any
      > time" - Dr Nabarro (UN).
      > No-one knows when or how hard, but it could be H5N1,
      > and there's no
      > biological reason for H5N1 to give us a much lower
      > Case-Fatality Ratio.
      > * Aims: Make peak(s) lower and longer, so that at
      > any one time more healthy
      > people will be able to keep society running and will
      > also be able to treat a
      > smaller number of ill people.
      > * What will work: social distance (tricky in
      > Calcutta and Kibera, will need
      > lots of creative thinking), simple masks and
      > hand-washing (not sure which
      > will have more effect, but both need some
      > resources), good home care (this
      > needs stocking up on some simple things and some
      > simple knowledge), community
      > self-reliance (food, water, energy, communications,
      > care). Maybe statins
      > (used to lower cholesterol levels, hence
      > unexpensive, generic, stockable)
      > will help treat cytokine storm, even at home.
      > Andrius, sorry I haven't responded to your
      > invitation; lately, my plate is
      > more than full. Best wishes for the Lab and
      > Networks!
      > '''Comments'''
      > AndriusKulikauskas: Lucas, thank you for your
      > update! I will assume that the
      > poultry farmers (for example, in Nigeria) are a
      > logical network for sharing
      > pandemic flu information (due to their self-interest
      > that people be correctly
      > informed and to regulate themselves). As we develop
      > this, we will keep you in
      > mind! Thank you for your important work! and for
      > remembering us!
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      > the PUBLIC DOMAIN unless it explicitly states
      > otherwise http://www.ethicalpublicdomain.org Please
      > be kind to our authors!
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