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Re: Grassroots Journey objectives and planned structures

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  • David mutua
    Dear P.O.P Members, Hope you are all ok, Ken, Rachel and I had a meeting today to plan our visits to Kerusoi, Eldoret, Nandi Hills and Nakuru, we came up with
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 11, 2008
      Dear P.O.P Members,
      Hope you are all ok, Ken, Rachel and I had a meeting today to plan our visits to Kerusoi, Eldoret, Nandi Hills and Nakuru, we came up with objectives of this visit which are: -
      1. We will be on a mission to develop or identify P.O.P local champions in these regions
      2. We would like to work with the local champions in: - (a) Formation of grass-root youth groups like we did in Naivasha, (b) Formulate information collection and dissemination/sharing channels.
      3. We will be in a mission of facts finding or sourcing of local information on the ground about the situation.
      4. It will be a familialisation tour for our P.O.P network in these regions
      5. Identify grass-root needs.
      I raised the issue of developing structures in Kenya for better communication, information sourcing and sharing, implementation of P.OP activities and accountability, evaluation and documentation of work done. Andrius, Janet, Ricardo, Maria and Pam this is the suggestion I had made before, these will be loose gras-root structures and information will be shared freely as we do it from different regions.
      We suggested a centralized P.O.P point that will be Nairobi due to access of most of facilities, other organizations and most of our initial leaders are based here, Nakuru was suggested for centralized meeting point for the local champions in the identified regions and also considering the effort Dennis has made for the group.
      We will develop local points and groups in the regions led by the identified local champions who will coordinate all local activities and he/she will be the voice of the groups to the P.O.P discussion flat-form.
      We will continue building a strong network of people on the grass-roots that will develop gradually through the existing links with help from these local champions, later we will find out how our existing ICT (phone) application will be developed to enable regions youth groups discussion forums may be through Teleconferencing that I suggested to the Kenya POP in a meeting on 1st February, Pam, Dan and Ricardo I can see the Peace centers now evolving from these teleconferencing forums because the forums can be used as a tool for identifying different needs in these regions that the peace centers will address and much later be used as the ICT for development points. What do you think?
      David Mutua

      ms@... wrote:
      I share news about our current strategy in Kenya. I spoke today with two
      leaders of our Pyramid of Peace, Kennedy Owino +254 723 568 251 who is
      currently serving as our Commander-of- Operations, and Rachel Wambui Kungu
      +254 721 626 389 who served previously.

      We agree about our current priorities which I call "journey" and "retreat"
      and I also add my own thoughts about "ambush". I will explain how I
      evaluate the situation as a chessplayer.

      Once again there seems to be a lull in the violence. I think it shows
      that Kenyans are a people of peace. Yes, there are many deep problems,
      but time and again the violence goes down. There do seem to be
      instigators who work hard to set people against each other. And they seem
      to be organized by local politicians, perhaps several members of
      parliament who lost in the elections. And now I imagine they have been
      reigned in as Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga are trying to show that they
      are negotiating. But I think neither is interested that the other win.
      Neither understands the logic of "love your enemy". Raila Odinga, the
      voice of reform, tells his supporters: "You cannot steal my cow, and I
      catch you red-handed, and then expect me to share the milk." Yet we have
      shown with the Pyramid of Peace that we can act counter to expectations.
      I myself believe that the negotiations will drag on for six months or even
      twelve. I also expect that the instigators of violence will not wait too
      long to play their role in this tussle for power.

      Kennedy and Rachel and I agree that our priority is now for our leadership
      to travel to the most recent areas of violence and show that we all care,
      check the reality, get to know our local leaders, and understand local
      priorities. Kennedy has $350 from before and this evening I sent $750
      more. This is less than requested and I am encouraging us to do with less
      as best we can.

      Tuesday they will travel to Kuresoi and meet with Laurence Achami +254 720
      613 379. Lawrence asked for $400 but I have provided only $200, perhaps
      that's enough for now. I have also provided $200 which Kennedy will send
      to Emmanuel Were +254 721 938 340 and/or Rono Richards +254 723 732 617
      to organize in Sotik and/or Nandi Hills.

      Thursday they will travel to Eldoret. I have sent Kennedy $200 for this
      meeting and Kennedy plans to meet with Wesley Chirchir Chebii in Nairobi
      on Monday and they will surely discuss this. Hi Wesley!

      We have also budgeted $50 for Kisumu (Tom Ochuka) and $50 for Charles
      Kilel's work this is to encourage your important work. Thank you for your
      dedication! We have also budgeted $50 for the woman who was sexually
      molested and who Laurence and Rachel are helping. We care very much to
      respond with all of our love.

      As they travel, Kennedy and Rachel will also think who might practice as
      peacemakers for all of Kenya and prove themselves able to serve as
      Commanders. We want to be able to rotate our leaders so we represent a
      variety of backgrounds, tribes, women and men, young and old. A Commander
      must be able to think in terms of all of us, not just the situation before
      them. A Commander must lead us all in many small risks and prefer them to
      big ones, yet must also be able to function with integrity even when faced
      by the threat of death. A Commander is a person who would make a good
      President of Kenya. Our impact may continue to grow and thus I am
      concerned that we have many Commanders to choose from so that it would be
      pointless for anybody to scare, hurt or kill any one of them. Also, I
      think that we are discovering that the natural way to organize ourselves
      may be very different than what we have been taught. Why can't we have a
      new "President" every week rather than one every four or five years? By
      the time they figure out who will be President we may have gone through
      twenty or more of them. And we can choose Commanders/Presiden ts to
      respond to circumstances as they change.

      Kennedy has a remaining $350 that will serve for their travels at least up
      to Eldoret and then we will see if they should travel further, if more
      money is needed and if we have it. However, I ask us to realize that
      currently we have few funds left and I have not yet been successful in
      raising more.

      We are therefore preparing a tactical "retreat", which is to say, instead
      of "advancing" and engaging our enemies, we will focus to organize
      ourselves locally at each of our locations, and stay in touch by phone and
      Internet rather than by traveling. At each location we want to have a
      clear leader and a clear "peace center" for developing our ICT skills and
      for organizing the beginnings of a "global village". I agree with Janet
      Feldman and Pamela McLean that we focus on what we can do now with the
      people we have and the ICT we have available. We want to get permission
      and publicly post lists of our local participants names, phones, deepest
      values, investigatory questions, endeavors, and make sure they have an
      email and are signed up for at least one of our groups. I spoke with
      Franz Nahrada in Austria and he will help us develop a vision for all the
      dimensions that our peace centers / unity centers / urgency centers can
      and should include. I want us to develop a Global Village Index that
      helps us self-rate ourselves and be alert to what we are accomplishing in
      these many different dimensions. We will turn attention to work with
      refugees, to organizing local committees to lead work programs and work
      with John Rogers to design community currencies. We will do many such
      experiments and also try out some simple businesses, such as Sneakernets
      or solar recharging. We will vigorously pursue the sister city idea to
      make sure that each location in Kenya has a partner in the world who might
      provide an independent source of funding for short term needs and long
      term projects. We will also think of ways that we can help our sister
      cities around the world to gain from us, for example, we can help their
      citizens learn to make excellent use of the web, we can exchange
      peacemakers and train each other, and we can organize small research
      projects that can lead to business ideas. I ask Joy Tang and Jeff
      Burderer of One Village Foundation to help us work openly on the general
      "unity center" idea, perhaps at our worknets wiki, so that we might apply
      that in the many particular locations.

      I myself will be reaching out globally to make connections. The sister
      city relations could provide us with local resources. Corporate
      sponsorships could pay for our leaders and peacemakers. Safaricom could
      donate airtime that we might use as a community currency for providing
      relief. I ask Henry Migingo and all to help us think through a program
      for a new economy. I am also looking for customers for our Includer. And
      I will be dedicating much of my time to organizing our COMMUNIA workshop
      on March 31 as part of a four day series in Vilnius, Lithuania on
      "Co-creators" :
      * March 29: Pyramid of Peace
      * March 30: (likely) Creative Commons Europe
      * March 31: COMMUNIA "Ethical Public Domain: Debate of Questionable
      * April 1: with the Republic of Uzupis: visions of global villages
      Please consider coming and we'll celebrate the 10th anniversary of Minciu
      Sodas. I will be engaging businesses to support an "inclusion fund" that
      would help more of us to come.

      As we work on our long term local grassroots development we will use less
      resources, we will develop more local resources, and we will also "lay
      low" to see "who is who". I encourage us to keep our eyes open and see
      who are the people locally (in the community, the police, the government,
      the opposition) who "work for free" and who are the people who seek
      control or are selfish. I don't think I have discussed this with Kennedy,
      Rachel or our other leaders, but my feeling is that we should prepare for
      the next outbreak of violence. Let's keep practicing our skills as
      peacemakers, engaging people different from ourselves, and also talking
      with others what the next outbreak might be and trying to think creatively
      with each other how we might respond to "love our enemy". When the
      outbreak happens, perhaps in two or three weeks, I plan us to "ambush" the
      instigators with the love that we will prepare for them in our hearts. We
      will try to have money and resources and contacts ready on-the-ground so
      that we can act swiftly. And please know in each location that you can
      take authority to act, but confer and coordinate with your local leader.
      And then we will coordinate further across the nation as events unfold.
      So this is what I mean by our "ambush" that we can start preparing in our
      hearts and organize with others who can be ready to act with us to "love
      our enemy". And at this point there may be quite a few surprised Kenyans
      who wonder, Where have they all come from, these peacemakers?

      After such an event that brings us to a new level of activity, and after
      we have made clear the nature of our "unity centers" in each location, and
      after we have the first thoughts about our Motherly Constitution, and
      after we have attracted some new resources, then will be a good time to
      come together in a meeting of the Pyramid of Peace. I suggest that Nakuru
      would be a good headquarters for our movement because it was and is a
      natural peace haven and because it is apart from the politics of Nairobi.
      Let's think about this. I suppose that the meeting might happen in
      mid-March before our Africans leave for Lithuania, assuming I can organize
      our visas.

      You see that I believe that we can make good progress in remaking Kenyan
      society and pioneer the remaking of all of our world. We're focusing on
      what the government is not able to do. I think we're finding it is the
      more interesting sphere of life. Note also that Kenya seems to be
      functioning to a degree even without a clear President at the helm. We
      may discover that the traditional government finds itself irrelevant. Of
      course, I will be rudely awakened, and yet this dream will keep returning
      until it is undeniable, even if ten years from now.

      We don't attract nearly the attention that would match our joy in our
      achievements. Yet some day we might and the attention may be negative,
      which is to say, our leaders may not be welcome. I think that it would
      not be difficult to hire a Russian mafia gunman to kill me, should our
      network cause that much grief. Or more simply, I like my role in our
      network, but I don't think it's good if my death or illness disrupted our
      work in Kenya or around the world. We have outstanding leaders at our
      lab, but not everybody has even the health to pull everything together.
      As regards Kenya, I think (and may be wrong) there are several advantages
      to having an outsider serve as Commander-in- Chief as they do not belong to
      any tribe and also they can suggest visions or strategies that speak to
      the human condition in general, and are not primarily the integration of
      emotions for one's own land. Anyways, I ask our leaders in Kenya to
      discuss and consider options should I be out of the picture, and they may
      include a Kenyan solution or a global solution. Your thoughts are also
      helpful as we think through the Motherly Constitution. Also, please
      consider who might have the spirit needed for a Commander-in- Chief, but as
      I reflect on our leaders I must say that Pamela McLean has the spunk of a
      commander, I think of her direction to the demonstrators shown by the BBC,
      and Franz concurs, and he notes how well she describes the point of Minciu
      Sodas. More generally, if we think of our culture of independent thinkers
      as layers, there are participants who as visionaries speak clearly
      regarding certain layers, such as Benoit Couture regarding God, or Pamela
      or Samwel Kongere regarding Independent thinkers, or Franz himself
      regarding Global villages, or John Rogers or Lucas Gonzalez might
      regarding Circuits of Traveling Learners. All of this to say that as our
      vision grows real we can draw on our participants for leadership and think
      how we each might substitute for each other. Franz himself has pondered,
      in going through his heart surgery, what would happen to his Global
      Villages vision without him? And so we might think of the visionaries who
      keep alive our visions.

      Rachel, I am very heartened that the Naivasha youth have received our
      sincere efforts to meet their demands. Kennedy, my thanks and
      encouragement to all you meet in your travels. I note also that we have
      agreed that it would be good for us, Dennis Kimambo +254 722 388 275, if
      you might serve as Commander-of- Operations upon your return from Zambia.
      And then we will seek if we might find a new Commander that we might
      rotate in.

      Thank you to Sasha, Meadowlea, Theresa, Kiyavilo, all of Uyoga and our
      online team! you have worked so helpfully! Thank you, Janet, for your
      wonderful heart and mind.

      We accept donations for the Pyramid of Peace by PayPal to ms@... or at
      the link at http://www.pyramido fpeace.net or please write.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Pyramid of Peace, Commander-in- Chief
      http://www.pyramido fpeace.net
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      David N. Mutua
      CAWD - Kenya/ Returned VSO Volunteer,
      ICT4D and Education Consultant.
      Tel: +254 720 462 559
      E-mail: david@... or davenzainga@...

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