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Using ICT4D and peace biulding .

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  • dotedo
    Hello All, Today i had opportunity to meet Ken Owino in Nairobi.I had flown in from Nyanza province since I couldnt use road transport due to the violence
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2008
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      Hello All,
      Today i had opportunity to meet Ken Owino in Nairobi.I had flown in
      from Nyanza province since I couldnt use road transport due to the
      violence .I have also kept abreas with the efforts to try restore
      peace and sanity in our beloved Kenya , which alas, we are
      destroying .
      To you actively involved in the pyramid of peace, i sa God Bless.
      We are set to have a meeting with David Mutua and Ken Owino this
      evening .Our first ever meeting with Dave and my second with Ken .

      I am in Nairobi upon invitation by The Africa Centre for Women ,
      Informations Communications Technology (ACWICT), to help jumptsart a
      Telecentre they are establishing in Baringo Koibatek.This is
      because of the sucesses me and Sam Kongere have had in the
      establishment and running Tom Mboya Community Technology Learning
      Centre in Mbita -Nyanza Province .

      my terms are helping the management of the Saboti farmers
      Cooperative Society,which is partnering with ACWICT manage the
      Telecentre on behalf of the community on a social enterprise
      This will involve localising the digital literacy course (the
      centre should also provide training ),reviewing of the ICT
      appreciation manual,develop a business plan for the
      Telecentre.Planing the logistics and recruitment of a community
      content developer etc.
      Already we have the challange of violence and peace
      buildingprocess which i think will be part of the curriculum when
      developing the digital literacy powerpoint slides. the training
      will be on task based approach with the view of the critical mass,
      while we must work to have the beneficiaries feel secure in belief
      that not only will the services continue to be available, but also
      relevant and reliable .

      Baringo is one of the trouble spots.Luckily,the Telecentre has not
      been vandalised,perhaps due to the fact that it is owned by local
      farmers(a milk cooling point)This is a good entry point to provide
      civic education, infuse peace messages while using ICT.

      Lucikly, the communications commissions of Kenya provided a V-Sat
      as part of the ict infrastructure ,But alas with only 4
      computers for training and browsing. my business idea is to have
      the facility have adequate telecommunication infrastructure,provide
      relevant ICT skills ,and have someone to professionally run the
      Now can anyone out there help develop some content that is peace
      sensitive ,may be using the rwanda genocide and even some of
      the pictures the POP leaders have.This could go a long way in
      pacifying the people .
      I also have an idea of using Radio by forming listening groups
      form among the youth who are most active in these skirmishes, to
      carry out civic education. The thing is to purchase some Radios
      to various youth groups,get some programme aired in the Radio
      station and have people meet 'on air' at group level. so as to
      reach out to each other. This would require some Airtime to the
      peace Groups(POP listening Groups) to call the Radio stations which
      would act as moderators, but the call would have not to be real
      time since some censorship would be necessary so that a group
      does not scuttle the process.
      Tell me what you feel?
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