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Re: [learningfromeachother] Live journey of democracy's health growth

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  • Benoit Couture
    Dear Andrius, Janet and all, Let me start by stating that... ...there is no lead, unless the leaders follow the live direction of Universal
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 6, 2008
      Dear Andrius, Janet and all,
      Let me start by stating that...
      "...there is no lead, unless the leaders follow the live direction of Universal Health-Education-Correction!!!..."  Such is the order of authority, no matter how much we cant agree on Who the authority is..."
      I am writing this in response to the idea of drafting a Constitution. 
      Andrius wrote: 
      "Janet has agreed to serve as Drafter of a Constitution for a Kenyan
      people. This document will structure our relationships for a positive
      Kenya, perhaps just amongst ourselves, but perhaps for all of the
      country, and even the whole world."
      To me, the way I understand the work that I am contributing to at this point, it is to draft the Minciu Sodas Constitution first, so that once mature amongst ourselves, we can then feed the PoP and then, we gradually become equipped to supply the planet's populations with the universal produce of a mature people of all people.   
      In the zone of  life's power, where constant human discoveries of pure science and pure art meet and feed off one another in the completion of the Faculty of Living's growth, there is no lead, unless the leaders follow the live direction of Universal Health-Education-Correction!!!...
      For the sake of insuring that such an exercise remains within the simplicity of the organic experience of spiritual unity that we have been spreading so far, I propose that we now move on from the core of people that is presently assembling, through our getting to know each other intimately from our key concepts, investigatory questions and works which are synergising one another's movement into the fusion of peace radiancy.  We then go on into the Constitution of Love and Truth 
      by cultivating and spreading life's apprenticeship of:
      "Who am I?"...until we see how we each become comfortable with each other...
      "What am I made of?"...until we settle where meet personal history and communal destiny...
      "What I am to do with such experience and knowledge?"...until appears the vision of human's spiritual and physical assembly in our midst...
      ...and then, let us find out how to serve one another in the discovery of...
      No matter who I am
      where I come from,
      what color I am born with,
      what language I speak...
      ...by being human, I am born TO BE WHOM I AM CREATED TO BE...
      ...That I may get to know what talent(s) and aspiration(s) I HAVE from BEING...
      ...that I may DO MY LIVING, according to whom I am Created to be with what I have!
      The containment of BEING HUMAN can never be manufactured into uniformity...
      ...but rather, unity can only be cultivated from the spirit's sanctity to the body's self-control....
      ,,,spreading dignity from the transforming convertion of the heart to the renewing regeneration of the soul...
      ...from micro to personal...
      ...from personal to communal...
      ...from communal to local...
      ...from local to global...
      ,,,from global to macro...
      ...to safely, secure in all the macro significance of all micro realities...
      ...amen to God's Yes in us all...
      ...may all blessings be with us all...
      SUCH IS

      Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      I spoke today for two hours with Janet Feldman +1 401 245 5520 and also
      with Rachel Wambui Kungu +254 721 626 389, Kennedy Owino +254 723 568
      251, Wesley Chirchir Chebii +254 722 992 107 and Henry Migingo.

      ------------ --------- -----
      Long term
      ------------ --------- -----

      Janet leads our Minciu Sodas working group based on her deepest value in
      life, Holistic Helping http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/holistiche lping/
      She is loved and esteemed by Kenyans for her work with KAIPPG, Act Alive
      and other organizations where many activists have found support for
      their projects. I also look to her for wisdom and I am glad for her
      concerns about my unchecked authority as Commander-in- Chief of our
      Pyramid of Peace http://www.pyramido fpeace.net

      Janet and I seem to agree about the vision which we'd like our Pyramid
      of Peace to lead to, although there's so much we don't know yet. I
      agreed that the Pyramid of Peace has a hierarchical/ fractal structure
      which is patriarchal or fatherly, even as we are blessed that Rachel is
      serving as our Commander-of- Operations. The Pyramid of Peace is
      effective at preventing the immediate "root cause" of genocide.
      However, we need something more that would create a positive peace, a
      justice. I imagine this growing with the matriarchal or motherly
      perspective that Janet offers. Her perspective is holistic, which is to
      say, includes and integrates all the dimensions of life, not just the
      problem of the day. I declare the ultimate goal of our Pyramid of Peace
      to be the flourishing of such a perspective.

      Janet has agreed to serve as Drafter of a Constitution for a Kenyan
      people. This document will structure our relationships for a positive
      Kenya, perhaps just amongst ourselves, but perhaps for all of the
      country, and even the whole world. Janet and I and our Kenyan leaders
      agree that we are not simply helping Kenyans, but rather we are
      addressing the concerns of all people, whether to prevent genocide or to
      discover a new way to live together. Janet has agreed to my wish that
      she draw up a decidedly motherly Constitution for nurturing, integrating
      positive endeavors, just as I have organized our Pyramid of Peace to
      isolate, disarm negative endeavors. We then hope to mesh the two
      approaches. What are motherly structures? Janet seeks to foster
      * Consensus based structures
      * where everyone can be a potential leader
      * and we reach out to the marginalized
      * so that as many voices as possible speak in a situation
      * and they can sanction those decision making structures and capacities
      that speak to an immediate need.

      I agree to cede my authority to people living under such a motherly
      Constitution as its features become clear. Janet will organize all who
      would like to contribute, but especially I ask her to start from what
      Kenyan women have to say. I will be harsh with Kenyan men - and all men
      - and say that the plight of Kenyan women, even before the elections, is
      very unfair, they are at the mercy of men. We men need to think how we
      might create a world where women are at the center, then we will enjoy a
      positive peace. Let us accept this challenge. I wish for us a balance
      where our structures can swing from fatherly to motherly, from authority
      to relevance, from causal to integral, from peace to justice.

      I also will seek corporate sponsorship for Janet as for myself, 5,000
      USD per month.

      Henry Migingo is an accountant with a background in economics as well.
      Henry has agreed to develop a plan for Kenya's bottom-up economy, what
      we might achieve. One idea is to ask Safaricom to grant the Pyramid of
      Peace 100,000 USD of airtime every month to support our efforts as
      peacemakers. I think for them this adds little cost, and doesn't
      compete much with their existing services because we are helping enemies
      talk to enemies or we are serving the poor. We can encourage airtime to
      be accepted as money, and also that forces our participants to think
      more entrepreneurially. And we can use it as backing for a script, a
      community currency, which might expand its value even further. Henry
      will work at our Cyfranogi working group led by John Rogers
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/cyfranogi/

      ------------ --------- --------- --
      Short term
      ------------ --------- --------- --

      I spoke separately with Rachel, Kennedy and Wesley about our short-term
      strategy. I asked them, What are the threats to peace? What plan do
      they propose?

      Various parts of the Rift Valley are experiencing violence. Kalenjin
      fighters are reported to be gathering in the forests near Kuresoi to
      prepare for an attack. Wesley says that Eldoret is comparatively calm
      and so are the surrounding roads, where youth on the road are no longer
      killing but simply collecting money from cars, and there are police
      escorts but generally they are not safe for people from other tribes.
      In Kapsabet near the border of Kisii and Kericho the Kalenjin are
      burning houses of the Kisii to avenge the assassination of a Kalenjin
      peacemaker elected to parliament. Rono Richards is in this area and I
      will try to call him and send him at least 100 USD.

      Wesley says that the opposition party ODM is planning mass action
      protests around the country which may provoke more violence. He liked
      the idea that we help organize volunteer unarmed security with white
      armbands at these protests.

      I asked who is instigating the genocidal activity and it seems that it
      is several known politicians, members of parliament among the Kalenjins
      and Kikuyus who lost their seats in the election. They are spreading
      their violent thinking to the youth. I encouraged our leaders to think
      how we might love our enemy and take up their point of view? One idea
      is to engage them as "independent thinkers" and to help them present
      their views. This would let people see their views for what they are so
      all might think twice and also pull them into the limelight. Wesley
      liked this idea and can help me interview one or more such people. Many
      of their views have to do with recovering "Kalenjin land" or "Kikuyu
      land". Another idea is to collect views from Kalenjin and Kikiyu
      elders, what is their vision for their land?

      Rachel is working very actively as Commander-of- Operations and reports
      that the Naivasha youth are very happy with our work together. We have
      paid 1100 USD for a quarter page advertisement in a national Kenyan
      newspaper which will contain the press release with the phone numbers of
      our Kenyan leaders. She has also organized a meeting on Thursday with
      the Naivasha youth which will be attended by international and national

      Wesley asks that we support the creation of a Peace Corner in the
      municipal court of Eldoret. Their plan is to organize a public meeting
      for this including with the Catholic Bishop of Eldoret, a hero who gave
      refuge to thousands of Kikuyus. This would be a chance to include
      people from different tribes, and also be a chance to embrace some of
      the losing politicians, give them a chance to make themselves public as
      to who they are. Wesley would also like Kennedy Owino to come. Wesley
      asks for 200 USD for an organizer and other expenses. This could
      possibly be a good follow-up to Thursday's meeting but Wesley we need
      reports! with phone numbers and expenses, too.

      Kennedy and Rachel agreed that starting Thursday night, Kennedy Owino
      +254 723 568 251 will serve as our Commander-of- Operations. We will
      confer tomorrow regarding our strategy.

      ------------ --------- ---
      Loose Ends
      ------------ --------- ---

      We are finding a need for structure for Oversight. Thank you to Benoit
      Couture, Janet Feldman, Maria Agnese Giraudo, Pamela McLean and Ricardo
      for helping with this. I don't want to block our freedom to act, but I
      do want to correct for our failings. Here are some typical examples
      that we should be sure to investigate and/or clear from otherwise
      outstanding records:

      * Emmanuel advocated killing looters and I passed on his letter without
      correcting him. Thank you, Benoit for alerting us and afterwards I
      wrote a text message to Emmanuel that it is wrong to advocate violence,
      but especially such killings.
      * Kennedy took the risk to travel with Rachel to Naivasha. Rachel
      questioned the safety of his traveling there, and then let him go, but
      in any event, it is a fair question to ask, whether he should have.
      * Kiyavilo crossed the border into Kenya. Should he have done that?
      * Rachel rushed to purchase a laptop with 800 USD of our money and 200
      USD more of her own. Janet and I had expected to confer with Rachel
      regarding this, and also, we have participants who might have advised
      her on the purchase. Rachel, Janet, Kennedy and I have agreed that 500
      USD of this money will come from the Pyramid of Peace and 300 USD will
      come from the Minciu Sodas laboratory and Rachel will do some work to
      earn that money later in the future. Thank you, Ricardo, for your
      helpful letters.
      * Wesley, please send us reports with names, phone numbers, locations
      and expenses!
      * I also did not respond actively enough to several grave requests for

      We do need more money in order to continue our operations. I didn't
      realize that the newspaper advertisement itself was 1100 USD (we should
      get a receipt), but it will be good to see the impact. The Pyramid of
      Peace owes Rachel 500 USD and so I will cover for that. And then we
      need to think what next. But for now we need to be very slow and
      careful with our spending.

      We accept donations by PayPal to ms@... or at
      http://www.pyramido fpeace.net

      Thank you all for our work together and special thank you to all new
      participants at our working groups http://www.ms. lt/news.php and also at
      our chat room http://www.worknets .org/chat/ and thank you Theresa!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Commander-in- Chief, Pyramid of Peace, http://www.pyramido fpeace.net
      Direktorius, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms. lt
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

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