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Janet! Rachel, Kennedy, priorities

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Janet, Please send me your phone number. Yes I will call you at 10:30 am your time or please call me +370 699 30003. Rachel, Kennedy, please send me your
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2008
      Janet, Please send me your phone number. Yes I will call you at 10:30 am your time or please call me +370 699 30003. Rachel, Kennedy, please send me your thoughts as a request below. I am sorry that I sent this out yesterday but am resending today and catching up. Rachel, Kennedy, it's urgent that we think of our priorities now. I am back in Vilnius. Andrius

      Janet Feldman,

      Please send me your phone number to ms@... so that I may call you. Or
      better yet, please call me at +370 699 30003. I am not sure that I can
      get Skype working here. I am in the Lithuanian countryside and have
      "marginal Internet access" and thus have only read some of our letters.
      Also, there are small children here so it would be much better to call now
      rather than later, there is a seven hour difference with the East Coast
      and they go to bed about 9:00 pm which would be 2:00 pm your time.

      Rachel, thank you for your great encouragement. This is enough for me to
      continue as I am able, leading the Pyramid of Peace as one project among
      the many projects that we are each and all sharing.

      Pamela and Benoit, thank you for your suggestion. Leader is a good word.
      I dare to take the title Global Leader of Pyramid of Peace and there can
      be many. I also give the title of National Leader to Rachel, Kennedy and
      Dennis and we hope to have many more people who are able to serve all
      Kenyans just as a President should. We will keep the Commander titles as
      well, as they are very important for clarity of authority, but often not
      the relevant word.

      Henry, how great to hear from you! Please let us know how you might best
      like to participate. Also, Greg Wolff has personally sent 500 USD for us
      to self-audit ourselves as we discussed, and I will work on that this
      week, and perhaps you can advise.

      David Mutua +254 720 462 559, Thank you for calling me. I am sorry that I
      can't call today, I will try to call you tomorrow. Yes we need more
      structure and please share your ideas. I have had bad experiences with
      just about every kind of structure because they tend to block initiative,
      and in particular, they tend to block change in structure, which is why I
      acted quickly to ask for authority and to keep us from sinking into a
      traditional structure. Partly, this is my own self-interest as an
      investor, because whatever structure we end up with is what we will have
      left to work with. I want to be able to invest so that I might
      participate as I am. In a sense, we are all investors.

      I have reflected about the hierarchical nature of our Pyramid of Peace.
      Partly it is a practical purpose of apportioning authority. But we have
      made a pyramid of this by making it "fractal" which is to say that we
      encourage each leader to share their authority and resources further.
      Thus we have perhaps the most liberating structure that I have ever seen,
      judging from the amazing reports from the field. We also have oversight
      through the transparency of the pyramid as given by the requirement that
      phone numbers be made public as we reach out. The fractality and the
      transparency go hand and hand and keep the pyramid free so that people can
      support any part of it.

      Janet, I reflected on your letter. I ask that you and I work together in
      two ways:
      A) Develop an oversight for the Pyramid of Peace
      B) Set up another structure that would pursue your holistic vision.

      The Pyramid of Peace is a structure that addresses the root problem and
      solves it. It is a structure for addressing a negative. But it doesn't
      offer a positive. I think your holistic vision offers that positive.
      Therefore I think that we need to develop a structure that would pursue
      that and link that up with the Pyramid of Peace.

      For example, we need song, dance, play, we need children, we need love.
      We need things that are good for their own sake. We need long term
      projects and funding for that. We need to clarify our deepest values, to
      investigate our questions, to pursue our endeavors. We have shown with
      Minciu Sodas a lot of positive culture, and so has ActAlive and Peace
      Tiles and many other networks. We need a structure that allows people to
      pull together their visions and present them. We need a way for them to
      decide their priorities and organize long term funding for that. This
      could also be a treasury that could release money for the Pyramid of Peace
      as emergency dictates. We need a way to be sure to include everybody,
      especially the most vulnerable or isolated. Tom Ochuka's Deaf Impact with
      the deaf is a great example. We also have the sick, the elderly, women,
      children, youth.

      I also pray to God. I look for a new way that I and all of us might
      engage God because this for me is a new level of leadership that we're
      aspiring to and so it is important to learn how to include him. I
      listened to him this morning and I understood him to day, "Listen to me.
      Don't want power, but rather want to apply my power. I will lead and
      choose my leaders. And you serve with all your heart. I understand you and
      you are correct. So let me speak for you by my deeds and words and my Son
      and my Spirit. And so we will be all together. I love you."

      Lord God, thank you and I ask, bless us all with your Peace and Love.

      Benoit, yes, I believe that Love is a command.

      Kennedy, excellent report! please let us know if you are ready to serve as
      Commander-of-Operations. That would be good so that we rotate. Rachel,
      thank you for your excellent report and please speak with Kennedy and
      suggest a day for rotation. I ask you both to make a list of the greatest
      threats to peace in Kenya and then lets confer as chess players.

      I will be acting globally in many ways. I will write letters to encourage
      "peacemaker exchanges" where we invite people to train as peacemakers in
      Kenya and also, when we are free, to invite peacemakers from Kenya, for
      example, a hundred or so in the South Side of Chicago.

      We do need money. I am accepting donations by PayPal at ms@... and it
      is also possible to donate by credit card or simply contact me and I will
      gladly honor your check, too.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Global Leader, Pyramid of Peace http://www.pyramidofpeace.net
      Direktorius, Minciu Sodas http://www.ms.lt
      +370 699 30003
      Marcinkonys, Lithuania
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