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Re:Re: Admistration andf Accounatbility of POP support and activities

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  • David mutua
    Dear Andrius,Maria, Janet,Pam and All Just a suggestion and may be for the rest of the Pyramid of Peace members in Kenya. It will be a wonderful idea if
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      Dear Andrius,Maria, Janet,Pam and All
      Just a suggestion and may be for the rest of the Pyramid of Peace
      members in Kenya.
      It will be a wonderful idea if donations for airtime and agreed
      activities be channeled to a central point (the POP leaders) for a
      good adminstration, accountability and reporting, we leaders in POP
      Kenya are working hard in finding and supporting the genuine efforts
      from the POP networks in kenya, we are the ones who can ONLY find
      and tell you who is doing what and if it for the best of our
      objective and NOT people who have taken the advantage of the
      situation to earn some money or get financial rewards.

      Warm regards,

      David Mutua

      Pamela McLean <pam54321@...> wrote:
      Asif Janet and Andrius

      Andrius mentions "learning how to work together and organize a shared culture." This is an issue very dear to my heart.

      I am intrigued by how much of our culture and assumptions we take into the "no man's land" of cyberspace.
      I am aware that my relationship to the Internet changes according to where I access it.  When I manage to get access in Nigeria or Kenya the experience is very different to when I access it from home in the UK.
      I am also a different person in different places.  At home I am "Pam". In Nigeria I am also "Madam Pamela" and "Ma".

      People talk about culture shock as they travel from one place to another. It always takes me time to adjust when I get back home from Africa. People ask me if it is because I am jet lagged. But the time difference is small (if anything). The problem is nothing to do with time - it is simply that the person I was when I got on the plane in Nigeria is not the right person to get off the plane in London. ( Back home I don't amble down the street any more, I scurry. I don't greet strangers any more and they don't greet me. We avoid eye contact. The list could go on.... ) My friends in Africa know the version of Pam that I am when I am in Africa. Who am I when I meet them online?

      It is said that the Internet is "the death of distance" ... ok.. but if there is no distance between me and my friends in Africa "Where are we" when we meet? How should we behave? What is the appropriate culture? Is it as if I have gone back to Africa to be with them? (Hard to imagine here on a winter evening) Or is it as if they have come to the UK to be with me?  (Harder still for them to imagine my reality as most of them have never been to the UK.....) Or is it that we meet "somewhere completely different"? Surely it it is "somewhere different" - somewhere that is comfortable for all our cultures - but what is that? 

      I hope that the chat room will become a place that is comfortable for all cultures (formal cultures and  informal cultures - somehow managing to combine appropriate respect for difference - but without favour related to gender, creed, race, tribe, age, etc - a new mixed culture). I like it for instance when people arrive and give their own local greeting.

      I would like to know how I would address people if I met them in their own country. Then I can do the politeness of addressing them correctly for where they are. In Nigeria I often heard David called "Mister David". In Kenya he is often called "Mutua". In Nigeria I have learned to call Chief Adejumo "Chief", but if he came to stay in my country for some weeks or months, and was often with me and my friends and family, then it would be different. We call each other by our first names. I think we would not feel Chief was being included as our friend unless we called him "Gbade".

      If these ideas interest you, come and "rub minds"  through emails at LearningFromEachOth er, or by coming to LearnByDoing e-meetings in the chat room, or at Trainerspod, or Skype, or any place we happen to be e-meeting. Let us all offer what is good about our own cultures and gradually drop what is not favoured.


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      Asif, Janet,
      Thank you for your letters.
      I look forward to reflecting and ongoing learning how to work together
      and organize a shared culture.

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