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Re: [1village] Ideal ICT Devices for Open Digital Village?

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  • Pamela McLean
    Joy wrote: Change is inevitable. As the world becomes more connected each day, what are you ready to *contribute *instead of competing into the new world?
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2008

      Joy wrote:

      "Change is inevitable. As the world becomes more connected each day, what are you ready to contribute instead of competing into the new world?"

      Thank you Joy for asking that question.

      It reminds me that on a radio interview last year I heard some high-powered American economic analyst or businessman giving an excellent description of global changes and the impact of connectivity. In my heart I was saying "Yes, yes - he understands". I was rejoicing that he had influence and if people like him have such insight there is hope for us all.

      He went on to draw his conclusion . He said that therefore American business must "find new ways to .."
      I was convinced he was going to say "new ways to collaborate..." He even began to pronounce the word. I heard him say "new ways to co.... ".  I was sure he was on the way to saying "new ways to collaborate..." After his earlier description what else could he possibly conclude?

      Suddenly my hopes were dashed. He wasn't going to say "collaborate" after all. His conclusion was that American business must "find new ways to compete".  I had been elated by his initial descriptions and analysis. Suddenly I was deflated - and utterly bewildered by his conclusion. How could he still be set in such a traditional mindset of competition being the solution?

      Thank you Joy for challenging the idea of competition.

      For anyone interested in alternative approaches - collaboration instead of competition - I recommend  this book

      Pamela McLean

      On 30/01/2008, Joy Tang <joy@...> wrote:

      Dear Friends,

      I often think how I could be of useful to this world.

      How to make positive impact to people's life by what i do daily?

      In what way could I communicate what I need to share and learn?

      I thought to start with this forum as this is the very first public forum I joined and probably help started. I want to give it energy to support my own growth through sharing and learning from you all.

      I reviewed again [1village] group purpose: "Planning for sustainable future, integrating health, education, community, shared stories, economic opportunity, and much more, brought about by appropriate use of computers in villages in accordance with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development) program. Open to all."

      I will share with you about my work in oneVillage Initiative - our steps, our mistakes, our innovations, and our questions.

      Today's update is on
      Ideal ICT Devices for Open Digital Village? http://blog.onevillage.tv/wp/?p=588

      I am currently in Silicon Valley to engage with the ICT industry here about open source projects / products for Emerging Market. I am working the project called oneVillage Initiative: addressing the ecosystem for Internet infrastructure, ICT devices, power, content, finance and expertise when it comes to setting up a digital center whether it is for educational or entrepreneurial function. The deploying engine is Open Digital Village and our first site is in Ghana.

      The development roadmap and Open Digital Village is now part of the Digital World Consortium working with European Union to do research / workshop training for ICT roadmap in Africa for the next 18 months. We are currently investigating the following PCs / laptops for the Open Digital Villages across Africa (that is our vision and dream)

      Goolge PC (gOS)

      Stay tuned for upcoming analysis on those and more devices / technologies solutions we are evaluating!

      We are seeking for products / designs and technologies that are affordable, reliable, open source based and with high performance to empower the willing and emerging workforce!

      A surge of interest and energy is coming out of Taiwan Open Source community to address how the ICT industry in Taiwan could be working closely with the OS community. ICT industry in Taiwan for a long time has been focusing on the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) with large quantity for production. Over time, it loses touch with the perspectives of the end users, hence the MARKET! In the frenzy copy-cat mentality, INNVOVATION suffers - in all aspects. I am delighted to see that IMEC is creating research center in Taiwan - "."Taiwan is worldwide recognized as the core of semiconductor foundry manufacturing. Combined with its innovative power, the Taiwanese industry will also become a leading player in the development of new applications."

      Change is inevitable. As the world becomes more connected each day, what are you ready to contribute instead of competing into the new world?

      Joy Tang reports from Silicon (silly) Valley

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